Dark Souls Character Class Guide

By   /   Oct 4, 2011

Like in any other action RPG, there are different classes to start with in Dark Souls. Each class has its own attributes and skills but by no means, it restricts you to use any sort of equipment. You can upgrade your skills/stats to use any weapon, armor, or magic but that will a tough and time-consuming task.

For example, if you start with a warrior and want to do tricks like a sorcerer then it might be a far cry. Anyhow, following stats about each character can help you decide the class for Dark Souls. For more help on Dark Souls, read our Magic, Weapons Reinforcements, Armor, and Items guide.

Dark Souls – Warrior Class
Warriors are made to fight. The resistance and fighting skills are the defining attributes of this class. As a starter, you can opt for heater shield which renders the warrior 100% ability to block the physical attacks.


Dark Souls – Knight Class
Kinghts have the highest vitality and hence can play the role of a tank. They are slow but can afford to sustain a considerate amount of damage. The faith is good enough to for healing. Increase their strength a bit and you will have a good time with them.


Dark Souls – Thief Class
What a thief naturally does? He comes fast and after doing the damage, leaves you in shock. Although thieves have high agility, they can’t endure much damage and have quite a limited number of weapons they can wield at the start.


Dark Souls – Wanderer Class
Wanderers are almost as quick as the thieves but they have improved level of endurance. They serve the all around purpose and can fight both up close using different combos and from range using the bow.


Dark Souls – Bandit Class
Bandit is a good combination of strength and endurance. They can execute the hard hitting physical attacks effectively. Swords and axes are their primary weapons of choice. Although they are good fighters but magic is their least favorite and you will have to put a lot of effort to teach them some magical tricks.


Dark Souls – Hunter Class
Using some quick attacks and retreating is a good option while playing as hunters. They have good dexterity and average strength/endurance stats. Hunters can use a wide rage of weapons but like bandits, they suck at magic.



Dark Souls – Pyromancer Class
They can use physical weapons as well as do some magic tricks. This is the only class that starts from level so you can plan things the way you want to. Try to maintain a balance between magic and physical attacking ability to deal with the wide range of enemies.


Dark Souls – Cleric Class
Impressive faith make Clerics pretty effective healers. They can wield weapons but you will have to do some leveling up for that due to low dexterity. Since Clerics are healing specialist, you can’t expect to be the “Thor” of the battlefield.


Dark Souls – Deprived Class
This can be a tough class to handle especially in the first stages of the game. Since it has same stats for each attribute, you can mold this class into anything you want. But for that of course, due to lack of initial equipment, you will have to bear with them in the early stages first.


Dark Souls – Sorcerer Class
Sorcerers are known for their magic. If you don’t want to be a hard-hitting Warrior, Knight or a Bandit then this class may suite your taste. To make them physically strong, you will have to spend some points before they can use those heavy weapons. Till then, you can rely on the spear.


So, which class are you playing with?

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