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Mass Effect 3 Romance – Same Sex Relationships

Bioware has come again to reiterate their stance on same sex relationships in video games. Mass Effect 3, the next game in line by the RPG king will allow users to pursue same-sex relationships, regardless of whether they play as a male or female character.

Mass Effect 3’s executive producer, Casy Hudson confirmed on his twitter account that Mass Effect 3 will allow same sex relationships.

Hudson said:

Happy to confirm #ME3 supports wider options for love interests incl. same-sex for m&f chars, reactive to how you interact w/them in-game.

Previous games in the series have had sex-sex encounters limited to characters, but this time it’s all go!. You can happily be gay or lesbian in Mass Effect 3 but the experience is optional like in all Mass Effect games. Mass Effect 3 is scheduled for release in early 2012.