Dragon Age 2 – Armor Sets Guide

By   /   Apr 4, 2011

You can collect three unique armor sets in each act of Dragon Age 2, one for each class that Hawke may play. Additional points are awarded if the suite is completed for the main character. These armor pieces are class specific.

Dragon Age 2 Armor Sets

You can find all these armor pieces in our Dragon Age 2 Unique Armor Guide.

Armor Set
ActClassPiece #1 Peice #2 Piece #3
Fallen1WarriorGaunlets of the FallenBoots of the FallenWarplate of the Fallen
Last Descent1RogueLast Descent GaunletsLast Descent BootsLast Descent Armor
Spiral Eye1MageGloves of the Spiral EyeBoots of the Spiral EyeRobes of the Spiral Eye
Stonehammer2WarriorStonehammer GaunletsStonehammer BootsStonehammer Plate
Enasalin2RogueGloves of EnasalinBoots of EnasalinGuardian of Enasalin
Overseer2MageGloves of the OverseerBoots of the OverseerRobes of  the Overseer
Champoin3WarriorGloves of the ChampionBoots of the ChampionWarplate of the Champion
Champion3RogueGloves of the ChampionBoots of the ChampionArms of the Champion
Champion3MageGloves of the ChampionBoots of the ChampionRobes of the Champion

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