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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Weapons Guide

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood features weapons ranging from a small hidden blade to a large axe. You even can use your fists for some deadly blows. Each weapon has certain attributes like the damage it can cause, its speed and the deflection power to defend your opponent’s attacks.

Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Weapons Guide

Hidden Blade
The hidden blade is a ‘The Weapon’ of an assassin. You need to hit the target 4 times for a kill with this weapon. It is hidden under the sleeves and can be used in various ways. Hidden blade can counter almost all the weapons. There are different upgrades like the poison darts and pistol that can further enhance its effectiveness.

Note. The weapons listed below are rated out of 15 points. 5 points for each ability (Damage, Speed and Deflecting ability).

Small Weapons

You can use them in quick succession but they have less damage and range. 3 hits are required for execution.

Knives (6/15)
They have same damage as “Stiletto with better speed and deflection ability.

Stiletto is similar to a knife except for the sharp pointed end. Has less deflection ability as well as the speed.

It’s a double edged blade with impressive speed and damage.

Bone Dagger of Romulus (10/15)
Can deflect better as compared to a simple dagger.

Butcher Knife (13/15)
Cut your enemy like a butcher with better speed and damage.

Notched Cinquedea (10/15)
Can’t deflect much but the damage is pretty good paired with speed.

Dagger of Brutus (15/15)
It has maximum damage speed and deflection ability among all the small weapons.

Maria’s Dagger (12/15)
Almost parallels the “Dagger of Brutus”.

Medium Weapons

You can use these weapons effectively for chain kills. They are light enough that can be carried by one hand. Most of them have a typical sword like appearance. Follow is the list of these weapons organized as per the damage they inflict.

Common Sword (5/15)
A typical sword with mediocre damage, range and deflection.

Roman Longsword (7/15)
It is slightly better than the Common Sword regarding speed and deflection.

Sicilian Rapier (8/15)
Same damage as above 2 swords but has better speed and deflection ability.

Mercenario War Hammer (9/15)
Same damage but since it’s a hammer like sword, it has better deflection ability.

Venetian Falchion(11/15)
Better speed and deflection ability but the damage is similar to the weapons above.

Cavalieri Mace (4/15)
Better damage but lesser speed and deflection ability.

Lucerne Hammer (6/15)
Same damage, better speed and deflection ability.

Captain’s Sword (9/15)
A typical leader’s sword with improved deflecting ability and range.

Old Syrian Sword (8/15)
Although the sword is not good at deflecting attacks. It has improved damage and speed.

10 Condottiero Mace (11/15)
Almost has the same effectiveness as the above sword but is better at deflecting attacks.

La Volpe’s Bite (13/15)
Same damage but has maximum speed and deflecting ability.

Schiavona (8/15)
Improved damage with mediocre speed and damage capacity.

Milanese Sword (10/15)
Same damage with better speed and intermediate deflection ability.

Condottiero War Hammer (12/15)
It has the maximum damage with descent deflection ability and speed.

Sword of Altaïr (15/15)
The name says it all. Better in every aspect than all other weapons of the this class.

Two Handed Weapons – Large Weapons

These weapons require both the hands. they can cause more damage and their attacks can either be deflected by the hidden blades or the weapons of the same class.

Spear (11/15)
Typical spear that can easily pierce through your opponent’s body.

Halberd (11/15)
It’s a modified form of original spear. It has a slight edge regarding damage.

Other Weapons

One shot is sufficient for a kill. The longer you aim your target, the more accurate will be your shot. There are 3 upgrades available to this weapon. So all you need to do is find a good hidden spot and shoot your enemy through the shadows from a distant place.

Smoke Bomb
It’s a pretty effective tool for instantaneous kills. You can stun your opponent and then kill him in any style. You can also use it to escape from the pursuers. The noise of the smoke will cause a chaos in the crowd, which can be used in both offensive and defensive tactics. In team battles, your friends are not affected by the smoke which makes it a useful tool. The smoke bomb can be upgraded up to three levels.

Yes, assassins can use gunpowder. Basic functionality of the Pistol is same as crossbow. It’s a mid range weapon. It’s sound and flash can alert the surrounding people. So you better think before you shoot.

Throwing Knives
You can use these knives to slow down enemy movement. 2 or 3 accurate strikes can even kill one. These knives are kept in a special belt which can be upgraded with other upgrades.

You can intoxicate your enemy with Poison. Poison darts can be used as silent killers. Various upgrades are available which makes these more effective and more lethal.