Ion Storm Reveals Deus Ex Human Revolution

After the success of Deus Ex (2000), Ion Storm Inc disappointed Deus Ex fans and critics with Deus Ex: Invisible War (2003). Dues Ex found its place in PC Gamer’s Top 100 PC games with a score of 94% while PC Gamer gave Invisible war a score of 83%.

This time game’s director Jean-Francois Dugas promised improvement in the gameplay and showed a teaser trailer and some screenshots of the new game. In a talk with Gamespot he said “the development team is dedicated to re-build the Deus Ex experience that missed out in Invisible War”.

He also said that for the new game, one must not be an old Deus Ex fan as the game have all new main and supporting characters. According to him Human Revolution will also carry the uniqueness of the Deus Ex games, which is its non linear and multipath approach to levels.

He said player will have choice with how he wants to build his character and complete his missions, he can pass through dangers silently or rush in to find some fights. Every mission have more than one way to be completed and it depends on player, how he navigate to the given location with every route having challenges of its own.

All these talks of the director are leading to high expectations but after watching the trailer (released yesterday) and these in-game shots, you may think they are right about what they are saying.

Update #1. Check out this preview of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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