10 Best Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Mods to Try Out

Since Wolcen Lords of Mayhem is now out and on PC, we've got ten of what we think are the best Wolcen Lords of Mayhem mods for you to try out.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is a new dungeon-crawling hack and slash game from WOLCEN Studio that released to the PC back in February. And, as everyone knows, mods are a big part of PC gaming. And we’ve got some of the ten best Wolcen Lords of Mayhem mods for you to try out.

Many Uniques

The Many Uniques mod by Zypre is a loot-seeker’s dream, even if it takes out all of the fun from going up through the tiers of gear and finding stuff for yourself. The mod causes every chest in the game to drop a lot of Unique quality items, increases gold drops, makes enemies drop more legendary and unique gear, makes named mobs drop maps and better gear, and also makes the merchant sell legendary gear.

While the game doesn’t let unique weaponry drop at anything below level 10, the mod creator has also made a few unique weapons that were originally Level 1 in the game’s beta return to that level, so that they’ll drop when you’re still below Level 10.

Dual Wield Two-Handed Weapons

There’s not really all that much to say about this one. The mod, by EdZero-Darkvirii, allows you to wield two different two-handed weapons at the same time. Along with looking stupidly cool this will also probably make your damage go up because, come on, you’ve got two big weapons out at the same time.

Enhanced Character Options

As with many games with customizable characters, Wolcen allows you to create a character before you start playing. This mod from AlanaSP adds a number of new character options, such as three new female haircuts, four eye options, and three additional skintones. There are also 140 different new hair hues.

While most of these are for your actual offline character, there are a few options, like the skin tones and eye options, that work online too so you can vary up your own character a bit too.

Any Skill With Any Weapon

This particular skill is, much like the dual-wielding two handed weapons mod mentioned above, a mod that allows you to play around with weapons more. Created by EdZero-Darkvirii (who is also the actual creator of the Dual Wield Two-Handed weapons mod), the mod is just what it says, allowing you to use absolutely any skill with any weapon, rather than having them be limited.

Enhanced Difficulty

Is dungeon-crawling in Wolcen too easy for you? The fifth of the Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem mods is an Enhanced Difficulty mod. Created by gladias9, the mod is inspired by Diablo’s own difficulty setting, which conversely gives you better rewards in return for more challenge.

This challenge mainly results in enemies having more health and doing more damage (75 percent on easy mode and 125 percent on normal mode). The mod also increases item rarity and experience gain.

Visual Spell Effects

This isn’t very much of a change mod unless you like the flashiness of the spells you can make. The Visual Spell Effects mod by madmanator2 increases the size of the visual spell effects, making the game more visually spectacular.

Spells that are affected by the mod include Annihilation, Arctic Spear, Consuming Embers, Solarflare, Tears of Etheliel, and Thunderstrike.

Infinite Potions

Do you love using potions? Do you really want to use every potion you have but can’t because you have a finite amount? Dreais’s Infinite Potions mod takes away the charges for potions, meaning that you can use them as much as you want without having to worry about running out.

Wolcenshade FX – True HDR

Since Wolcen Lords of Mayhem is a PC game, of course some people are going to want to make it look even better on PC than it does already. This mod, developed by Vanguard1776, adds more depth, color, and visual effects to the original game.

Through a complex array of effects, the mod is able to mimic true high-dynamic ranging, along with color grading techniques. So if you don’t think the game looks good enough, try it with this mod and see for yourself.

Begone Skill Modifier Cost

This mod by VoidExile gets rid of the cost that you need to pay to upgrade skill modifiers, taking it down to zero. Considering there are 16 different skill modifiers, that’s a lot of different skills that you can use all at once.

2X Monsters

If you’re one of those kinds of dungeon crawling players that enjoys killing as many enemies as possible, then this mod from madmanator2, creator of the Visual Spell Effects mod, is perfect. The mod is simple, doubling the amount of enemies, bosses, and minibosses.

The mod also includes a tool that allows you to create your own doubly-spawned enemy.

All of these Wolcen Lords of Mayhem mods can be downloaded for free on Nexusmods.com, so if any of them interest you, you can follow this link to download them. Wolcan: Lords of Mayhem is available exclusively on the PC.

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