Nioh Guardian Spirits Guide – How to Unlock, Best Guardian Spirits, Living Weapons

By   /   Feb 8, 2017
Nioh Guardian Spirits Guide

Nioh Guardian Spirits Guide to teach you how to unlock all available Guardian Spirits in the game, which are the best Guardian Spirits, and the stats for each one of them.

As the name signifies, Nioh Guardian Spirits are basically spirit animals that can be imbued to receive a number of bonuses and buffs. After you fire up the game for the first time, you’re asked to choose a Guardian Spirit.

This initial Nioh Guardian Spirit stays with you until you unlock others and decide to change the initial one. There are quite a lot of Guardian Spirits in Nioh so make sure to kick back and read to catch ‘em all.

One important thing that you need to know is that you need to have at least 11 points added in ‘Spirit’ stat to reap all the benefits offered by all the Guardian Spirits in the game. Once you’ve found all Nioh Guardian Spirits, you’ll unlock the ‘Friend of Guardians’ Trophy.

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Nioh Guardian Spirits Guide

Guardians Spirits in Nioh also allow you to launch a powered-up attack called Living Weapon. We’ll have more details on Nioh Living Weapons a little late into the guide.

In our Nioh Guardian Spirits Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about Guardian Spirits, best Guardian Spirits, Living Weapons, and stats offered by the Guardian Spirits.

Nioh Guardian Spirits

Nioh Daiba-Washi Guardian Spirit
This is one of the Nioh Guardian Spirits which is available right from the beginning of the game.

  • ATK Enhance: 0%
  • Element: Wind
  • Duration: 18.6 seconds
  • Might: 680
  • Action: C-
  • Recovery: C-
  • Tenacity: D
  • Amrita Gauge Rate: A+

Nioh Isonade Guardian Spirit
This is one of the Nioh Guardian Spirits which is available right from the beginning of the game.

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  • ATK Enhance: 5%
  • Water: 30
  • Duration: 21.6 seconds
  • Might: 1400
  • Action: A
  • Recovery: C+
  • Tenacity: C
  • Amrita Gauge Rate: D

Nioh Kato Guardian Spirit
This is one of the Nioh Guardian Spirits which is available right from the beginning of the game.

  • ATK Enhance: 20%
  • Fire: 30
  • Duration: 14.8 seconds
  • Might: 1280
  • Action: C
  • Recovery: A
  • Tenacity: A-
  • Amrita Gauge Rate: C+

Nioh Fuse-Ushi Guardian Spirit
In order to unlock Fuse-Ushi, you need to complete the game’s ‘Deep in the Shadows’ main mission.

  • ATK Enhance: 15%
  • Earth: 30
  • Duration: 20.4 seconds
  • Might: 1870
  • Action: B+
  • Recovery: B
  • Tenacity: C-
  • Amrita Gauge Rate: D

Nioh Mizuchi Guardian Spirit
After you’ve successfully completed the game’s ‘Kanbei and the Overlord’ sub-mission, you’ll automatically unlock Mizuchi Guardian Spirit.

  • ATK Enhance: 7%
  • Water: 30
  • Useable Time: 18 Seconds
  • Might: 700
  • Action: B-
  • Recovery: B
  • Tenacity: B
  • Amrita Gauge Rate: C+

Nioh Raiken Guardian Spirit
In order to unlock Raiken, you need to complete the game’s ‘The Spirit Stone Slumbers’ main mission.

  • ATK Enhance: 15.0%
  • Lightning: 42
  • Duration: 21.8 seconds
  • Might: 1500
  • Action: C+
  • Recovery: B
  • Tenacity: A+
  • Amrita Gauge Rate: A-

Nioh Paired Raiken Guardian Spirit
This Nioh Guardian Spirit is basically an upgrade of the original Raiken Guardian Spirit and replaces it. You can unlock it after you manage to complete ‘Invitational from the Warrior of the West’ sub-mission.

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Nioh Living Weapons

Living Weapon in Nioh can simply be considered as a powered-up attack that can be executed once you manage to fill up your Guardian Spirit meter. The Living Weapon at your disposal entirely depends upon the Guardian Spirit you have.

Guardian Spirit meter automatically fills up during battle – the more damage you deal, the faster it fills. After you execute your Living Weapon, you become immune to all types of damage until the effect wears off. Due to this, you should always use your Living Weapon while fighting enemies and bosses.

This is all we’ve on our Nioh Guardian Spirits Guide. If there is anything you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!