Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Vault Symbols Locations Guide

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Cult of the Vault is a challenge that can earn you extra Badass Points in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. In order to complete the challenge you will need to collect all the Vault Symbols in any given map, doing so gets you the reward.

Not only that, collecting all the Vault Symbols (and completing the challenges) also counts in the percentage of game you have completed – so they are a must-find if you intend to achieve 100 percent completion.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Seqeul Vault Symbols Locations

Vault Symbols in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel are spread across different maps which is why we have divided our guide into underlined maps.

For each underlined map, look for specific Vault Symbol using the location description provided.

Serenity’s Waste

Vault Symbol #1
Location: When you are inside Springs’ Base take the stairs down to the lower level and walk around to locate the trash bin.

Go behind the trash bin, under the stairs, and you will find the Vault Symbol on the wall in front of you.

Vault Symbol #2
Location: Close to Springs’ Outpost, get out of the building and walk to the western side of the outpost where Kraggons are. Keep going until you are close to the cliff and then look for the remains of a crashed ship.

Jump on top of the ship and look for the symbol on it.

Vault Symbol #3
Location: There is a building wedged between cliffs on the northeastern side of Springs’ outpost. Get to the top of it by boost jumping off of the nearby cliff wall.

The Vault Symbol is on one of the two generators you see on the roof.

Regolith Range

Vault Symbol #4
Location: There is a major scav base on the southern side of Regolith Range. Observe the structures on the side as you are walking close to the cliff edge.

You should find a large support structure, a buttress, look up on it and you will see the Vault Symbol high above your head.

Vault Symbol #5
Location: Go to the northeastern side of the Regolith Range map and get to the top of the main building. You can do so by first jumping onto the grey machine and then boost jumping to a recess on the main building.

You will find the Vault Symbol hidden intricately on a wall.

Vault Symbol #6
Location: After first boss fight, go left and you will come across a building. Look for a grey metal wall for this Vault Symbol.


Vault Symbol #7
Location: In Concordia, get to Springs’ shop and find your way to it’s roof. There, survey the walkways and you explore the place and you will find the Vault Symbol carved on the ground.

Vault Symbol #8
Location: This one is also on a rooftop. Go up higher in the floor levels until you are at the highest rooftop. The place you are looking for is where you get an expansive view of the building and the area.

You should also be able to see a board with ‘Welcome to Concordia’ written on it. There, the Vault Symbol will be on the ground.

Vault Symbol #9
Location: From the Meriff’s office go across the city, and locate the building with Turrets that you have destroyed (or will destroy). Once you are in the upper section, go to the back side of the building.

The Vault Symbol will be on one off the higher sections, you can jump up to locate it.

Triton Flats

Vault Symbol #10
Location: On the north western side of the map is Lunar Junction. Get there and to the north of the building. The far edge of the building will have the Vault Symbol on the outer wall.

Vault Symbol #11
Location: For this one you have to go south on the map close to the cliff edge. There is a building there, inspect the outer walls of the building on the southern side to find the Vault Symbol.

Vault Symbol #12
Location: Go north of the map to find Shimmer Island, a huge darksider compound in the centre of the area. Find the building east of the compound then ogle through the western walls of the building to locate the Vault Symbol.

Crisis Scar

Vault Symbol #13
Location: The first Vault Symbol in Crisis Star is on the eastern island. Go to the southern edge of the island and walk along the cliffs until you find a turn that leads you away from the main path.

Take that route and search for the Vault Symbol on the ground close to the place where you can clearly see lava on the ground.

Vault Symbol #14
Location: This one is easy to find, just look for a chunk of land in the lava between the two islands. The section of land will have a chest on it, you will find the Vault Symbol etches on the ground there.

Vault Symbol #15
Location: Get to the western island and then the heavy scav area on that region of the map. Reach the rooftops on the far west of the island.

You will find the Vault Symbol by inspecting the structures on the rooftops; it will be on a side with yellow stripes.

Outlands Canyon

Vault Symbol #16
Location: There is an island on the north western side of the Outlands Canyon map. Reach the island and find your way down to the underground.

When you have come down walk around to the underside of the ramp that brought you down to find the Vault Symbol.

Vault Symbol #17
Location: Go to the eastern side of the map and locate a building with cylinders – it will not be too big. Get down to the ground and go to the back of the building through the narrow cliff.

Inspect the wall to find the Vault Symbol.

Vault Symbol #18
Location: There is a tower in the western region of the map. It is located atop a small scav outpost. Reach the tower by jumping up and then inspect the wall of the tower around its base t find your Vault Symbol.

Outlands Spur

Vault Symbol #19
Location: You will find the first Vault Symbol in Outlands Spur inside a built up region on the northern end of the map. After locating the region get on the metal walkways and reach the extreme end of the map where the complex ends in a straight line.

Search the walls and you will find the Vault Symbol on one of the small structures.

Vault Symbol #20
Location: Reach the very end of the cave complex on the south eastern side of the map. Locate a single building at the end, it will be close to a broken walkway. You will find your Vault Symbol on the southern wall of the building.

Vault Symbol #21
Location: Locate a green shed in the centre of the map and search the sides of the shed on the ground level to find the Vault Symbol.

Vault Symbol #22
Location: There is an open building in the south west side of the map, a large one with numerous floors. Get to the upper level of the building and from there to the top of the building through a walkway.

Once you are there, look for a ledge on the right side of the building, the Vault Symbol will be on the wall connected to the ledge.

Abandoned Training Facility

Vault Symbol #23
Location: This one is a little tricky. Coming to Abandoned Training Facility from Outlands Canyon, you should first locate the lava river in the centre left of the map.

There are cliffs flanking the river that you can jump down from, then you should go straight to the end of the route until you find the Vault Symbol beneath a ledge.

Vault Symbol #24
Location: At the end of the level, at the eastern island there is a cliff on your east side.

The Vault Symbol is there but you will need to jump down to the rocks below in order to see it.

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