Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Cheats, Exploits and Secrets

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The tradition of cheating in games to progress further has dissipated over the past 10 years, simply because there are no more of those nearly impossible first-person shooters, those painstakingly difficult levels, and the encouragement to throw your console into infernal fire and watch it burn into a crisp.

That’s why many games don’t actually come with formal cheats now, but those that do only do for the fun of it.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is like that, with a few fun cheats that can give you godly abilities. However, you can’t save while these cheats are active, so you know quite well that the developers added them just for the fun of it.

Of course, there are exploits as well, which are discover and (even sometimes invented) as a result of the genius tendencies that we gamers possess.

Following is the list of all the cheats known to us so far that can be accessed in AC4. But first, let’s talk about a little exploit:

The Last Guardian
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Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Cheats, Exploits and Secrets

You can unlock various cheats to use in the singleplayer campaign by participating in the Abstergo Challenges. These extra goals not only unlock cheats in the campaign mode, but also unlock various items in the multiplayer as well.

The following are the so far known cheats, sorted in the order of number of Abstergo Challenges required:

Celestial Navigation
Number of Challenges to Unlock: 10
Effect: Controls the day/night cycle

Arrr Matey!
Number of Challenges to Unlock: 20
Effect: Makes Edward speak only in pirate clichés

No Quarter
Number of Challenges to Unlock: 30
Effect: Turns off health regeneration for Edward and the Jackdaw

Scourge of the Seven Seas
Number of Challenges to Unlock: 40
Effect: Brings your wanted level to max, and keeps it there

Loaded to the Gunwale
Number of Challenges to Unlock: 50
Effect: Makes Edward continuously drunk

Poseidon’s Will
Number of Challenges to Unlock: 60
Effect: Can eliminate waves, or make permanent huge waves

Dead Men Tell No Tales
Number of Challenges to Unlock: 70
Effect: Makes Edward and the Jackdaw invincible

Shiver me Timbers
Number of Challenges to Unlock: 80
Effect: Turns enemies into Rabbids

Armed to the Teeth
Number of Challenges to Unlock: 90
Effect: Both Edward and the Jackdraw have unlimited Ammunition

Deceased Crew
Number of Challenges to Unlock: 100
Effect: Gives the Jackdraw a skeleton crew

Naval Battle Exploit
So you want to capture and loot an enemy ship, eh? Well, the game says it’s customary for you to shoot at them, weaken them significantly, board them, and then kill off their crews.

There’s a simple work around if you, like most of us, find this a rather longish procedure. AC4 gives you the advantage with the fact that transition from being on-foot to being in the ship is as seamless as mounting on a horse.

What you can do is approach the target ship you wish to board, get off your ship, swim to the enemy boat, kill off the crew, swim back to the Jackdaw, and shoot the enemy ship once or twice and win the boarding sequence.

It’s actually easier said than done, but if you can manage to practice it properly, most of them ships will be a cakewalk to take over.

If you have discovered any additional cheats or exploits, do let us know by commenting below!

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