Diablo 3 Best Demon Hunter Builds For Inferno, Nightmare and Hell

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The second-most important passive is Tactical Advantage – you are using two skills (Smoke Screen, Vault) that trigger the speed boost from the passive, and you will certainly need it if you’re trying to escape.

Last but not least is Perfectionist. Notice that 4 of your 6 active skills cost Discipline. If you spam all of them at the same time, you’ll be out of Discipline before you can even say hi. It’s not just the 10% cost reduction that is important though – you’re also getting a 10% increase to your Life, Armor, and resistance. Why would you ever think of ignoring that?

Weapons and Armor
During my Normal difficulty playthrough I was really enjoying the fact that I had two Handbows equipped on my Demon Hunter. Let me tell you that I was stupid. The duel handbow setup gives the DH a cool gunslinger aspect, but it’s actually just eating up a lot that you could be utilizing in a much better way with Quivers.

Yes, Quivers will always indirectly be more superior to an off-hand handbow. The only time I would actually use handbows is when I know I’ve gotten my hands on the some insane gear that gives me huge crit chance, lots of dexterity, and a terribly large amount of DPS.

I’ve even seen many people play with a crossbow. Sure, the idea of utilizing the 50% damage increase from Archery is a good idea, but it’s not good if you’re attacking at the speed of a German Howitzer, without actually having that kind of power.

I’ve always preferred high DPS bows instead, with Quivers equipped on the off-hand. This setup will give you a nice balance of utility and good attack-speed.

Remember though that you are not looking for attack-speed primarily. Instead, you want to look for items that increase your Discipline, increase your DPS, and/or increase your Critical Damage and crit chance.

Attack Speed will always be decent with a standard bow, so you should always look for it when you already have tons of damage and ridiculous crit.

For armor, I would take something that gives me critical damage on my helms, shoulders, bracers, rings, and belts, while looking for a mix of vitality, maximized Discipline, and dexterity on my chest armor and pants. With boots, I would hunt for Movement Speed – you need as much of it as you can get.

In case you haven’t managed to make your way to Inferno yet, here are some builds that will definitely help you in your Nightmare and Hell play-through:

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Nightmare Builds

Build #1, Build #2                                                                                                              
By the time you finish Normal difficulty, you should be around level 31-35. Shame on you if you’re not.

Anyways, these two builds are very similar, save a couple of skill differences. This is basically how I played the Demon Hunter, and let me tell you again that I struggled a lot. It wasn’t because of the skills or runes that I selected that was making me die again and again, it was simply my approach. I had made the mistake of using duel handbows, and average armor.

For these builds you want to ensure you have a Bow and Quiver, with the latter giving you plenty of bonus stats such as crit and crit damage, dexterity, Discipline, etc.

You should know that skills from the Archery tree are OP in Nightmare and the halfway through Hell. They do an insane amount of burst damage, and that’s why I found myself often initiating with Rain of Vengeance and/o Multishot, as in the case of Build 2.

Yes, they suck your Hatred faster than a kid sucking on a Popsicle (another analogy comes to my mind but I’d rather not use it), but it’s pretty fun to see so many enemies take so much damage at once.

If you’re not using such skills, then consider Build 1, which uses Cluster Arrows instead. This is a very Hatred hungry skill, but it can do lots of damage to enemies, I enjoyed using it with Fan of Knives (Retaliate Rune) for some big-ass AoE damage.

Fine burst, but make sure you can get out of that crowd with a well-timed, accurate Vault

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Hell Builds

Build #1, Build #2
Welcome to Hell, you should have a level of around 45-50 by the time you enter this difficulty. Now in Hell mode things start to get a little serious, and you’ll notice you can’t one-shot everything. This is just the beginning my friend; consider it as a learning process for all the things you’ll face in Inferno.

Now in Hell my build started looking more like that Inferno one. You still don’t have access to some superior runes, but you’ll understand that many abilities start becoming shitty after the first half of hell.

The main ones that take the hit are from Archery. Multishot is still a pretty good ‘poke’ AoE for some part of Hell thanks to its Full Broadside rune, but that’s about as far as it will get.

I enjoyed using Rapid Fire during this time, which is why I put it in Build 1. It’s a nice channeling ability that can do lots of damage, and since you won’t have too much stuff that uses Hatred, you can spam it from a distance before getting into the serious mode. In order to assist your Hatred consuming skills, we’ll summon a Bat Companion to grant you 3 Hatred per second.

I honestly dislike the summons from any class other than the Witch Doctor, which is why I’d prefer Build 2. Apart from Rain of Vengeance and its insane Dark Cloud rune, the rest of the build looks very similar to the final Inferno build.

Elemental Arrow is your main Hatred spender, with RoV present just to give you enough AoE against large uncontrollable crowds. Don’t forget to Vault!

If you wish to share your builds with us, feel free to do so in the comment section below.

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