FFXIV Online: ARR Level 30 Guildhests Guide – More than a Feeler and Annoy the Void

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At level 30, the trend of unlocking a new pair of guildhests every five levels continue. When you have hit level 30 and have completed each of the previous guildhests, you can access the level 30 guildhests.

For more help on FFXIV Online: ARR, read our Level 10, Level 15, Level 20 and Level 25 Guildhests Guide.

FFXIV Online: ARR Level 30 Guildhests

As with any previous guildhest, you will need a party consisting of four players, a healer, a tank, and two DPS classes. These guildhests, like any other guildhest are accessed through the Duty Finder, who will assign you to a party if you are a solo member.

If you already have a fully formed party, your leader will have to queue up and the remaining party members will accept. The level 30 guildhests emphasize target prioritization and group responsibility checks and are much more difficult than the previous guildhests and as always; you are given a time frame to complete the guildhest.

More than a Feeler

In this guildhest, your party will be fighting Toxic Tamlyn amidst a swamp. She will be on her own and you can easily pull her in to engage her. The initial stage of the fight is quite easy as lot of her attacks are avoidable and can be easily dodged with some good timing so you’ll be able to breeze through the first stage of this fight.

After engaging the Toxic Tamlyn, you’ll notice that the area where she initially was starts to pop out bubbles. These bubbles are of two types:

Purple Bubble
These bubbles are poisonous and you need to avoid them at all costs so that you don’t take a lot of damage.

Blue Bubbles
These bubbles need to be dealt with as soon as possible because they will spawn Rotten Jam adds and obviously you wouldn’t want to deal with even more mobs during a boss fight.

The spawn point will produce a hefty amount of bubbles at the same time so your DPS will need to react quickly to take the blue ones out. Keep in mind that the Limit Break of your DPS can come quite handy during this fight. The intense fight can be ended pretty quickly with good target prioritization and positioning.

Annoy the Void

In the second level 30 guildhest, your party will face off against the demon “Buso.” Along with the annoying boss, you will also be faced with sets of void hounds and blue flames.

The fight is extremely intense and fast paced as you need to deal with the hounds as soon as possible while countering the annoying blue flames and dealing with Buso’s rather insane damage output, all at the same time.

As the blue flames are up, you cannot damage Buso as he becomes pretty much invulnerable. You will need to extinguish the flames by interacting with them, but they can take a few seconds to be extinguished.

Buso keeps calling in void hounds who need to be dealt with quickly because when they die, they leave behind blue flames, which make Buso invulnerable again unless extinguished.

Keep in mind that he doesn’t simply spawn one or two hounds. He spawns a whole lot of them in different places of the arena. They will converge on the healer so your DPS needs to react quickly to them and then extinguish the fire which follows up.

You will rinse and repeat the same process as above until the fight ends. It can be a long and tedious fight so your healer needs to be conservative with his mana pool. Coordination is the key to success in this fight.

Your DPS should work together in bringing targeted hounds down as soon as possible for a much more efficient fighting experience.

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