Black Ops 2 Origins Zombies Little Lost Girl Easter Egg Guide

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In the latest downloadable content pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, Treyarch continues the story that is being told about the struggle between Maxis and Richtofen.

This time however, we return as the four original characters once again; Tank Dempsey, Dr. Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski and Takeo Masaki.

This time, we need to free Samantha, and there are a lot of steps to doing this. I have to say that this really is one of the cooler Easter eggs I’ve seen in zombies mode so far.

Black Ops 2 Origins Little Lost Girl Easter Egg Walkthrough

Origins, also known as Excavation Site 64, explores how it all began, being chronologically the first level. There is an achievement for completing the Easter egg called Little Lost Girl, and it requires you to release Samantha.

Step #1 – Secure the Keys
For the first step of the Easter Egg you need to complete two tasks. Firstly, you need to activate the generators. This is pretty much staple for all the Easter Eggs, since we can’t do much without power.

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You probably already know how to do this but in case you don’t you can check out our ‘How to Activate All Generators’ guide.

The second task involves you building four staffs of power. These are very useful weapons that can take care of the zombie hordes that attack you quite efficiently. In order to build the staffs you need their components and you need to collect a gramophone and a vinyl record.

For a more detailed guide on building the staffs check out this ‘How To Get All 4 Elemental Staffs’ guide.

Step #2 – Ascend From Darkness
For this step, you need to complete three tasks. Firstly, you need to upgrade all four of the staffs. This will not only make them stronger but is necessary for the next part.

To upgrade the staffs you need to complete a total of eight challenges revolving around the staffs. There are two challenges per staff, one which takes place in the Chamber of the Ancients (aka the ‘Crazy Place’) and the other which takes place on the normal map.

You’ll first need to complete the Crazy place challenge for a staff before the other challenge becomes available.

If you need detailed instructions about the challenges, check out our ‘How to Build Ultimate Staffs’ guide.

After you’ve upgraded the staffs, you need to place them in specific locations. Three of these locations are inside the heads of the giant robots stomping across the battlefield, while the fourth is near the staff pedestals at the excavation site.

You need to take the Lightning staff into the head of the robot named Thor, which is the one on the right. The Wind staff needs to be planted in the head of the robot named Odin, which is the one in the middle, and the Ice staff needs to be in the head of Freya, which is the robot to the left.

Once you’ve planted these staffs, go to the excavation site and place the fire staff in the new pedestal that appeared here. Samantha should say something now and the pedestal will disappear, with the four elemental staffs appearing in the pedestals behind, ready for you to take them again.

Step #3 – Rain Fire
For this step you need to unlock the G-Strike Beacon. This is a kind of monkey bomb which acts as a beacon and draws the fire of the three giant robots. You need this firepower to break some sort of seal that lies outside the map.

First you’re going to need the thunder fists, for this you need to find the soul chests and fill them up. Three of these are near Odin footprints and the last is near a Freya footprint near the church.

When you have the thunder fists, find a bunch of stone slabs in the Tank Station on the far table. You need to take these to a white basin full of water in the church.

If you kill zombies with the thunder fists near these they will become ‘purified’. Now you need to take them back to the table in the Tank station, but this time be careful not to touch any mud, or the slabs will become dirty again.

Once all the slabs are on the table and purified, kill some more zombies near them with the thunder fists to spawn the G-Strike Beacon.

This next step is much easier if you have four players instead of just the one.

Take the beacon through to the trenches just south of the Stamin-Up and look out over the edge of the map to see a weird looking circular white patch of ground near a tree, some crates and a crashed airplane.

Now have your partner enter one of the robots as it comes around and press a big red button that replaces the staff pedestal that was there previously. As soon as he presses the button, you need to throw the Beacon onto the patch of ground we discussed earlier.

The Robots will fire their weapons at the beacon and break the seal.

Step #4 – Unleash the Horde
Now, you need to use the Maxis drone. Release it into the now open seal to unleash a horde of Big Daddy-esque enemies that land on the map and go to town on you and your team. Survive the onslaught and take down the enemies (the fire staff helps a lot here).

There will be two enemies for every players in the game, so if you’re soloing this then there will be two of them to take down, and if you have a full team of four you will face eight foes. Remember that the drone will now be unavailable after this step.

Step #5 – Skewer the Winged Beast
Now for this step you need to pick up a Zombie blood pack. There is an invisible glowing biplane that’s patrolling the skies above the map that you can only see if you use the zombie blood. Use appropriate weaponry and bring it down.

Now what will happen is that an invisible zombie will be running around the excavation site in a clockwise pattern. You need another packet of zombie blood for this. Make sure you have the fire staff because the zombie is really fast and tough, so if you don’t get him on the first pass he’ll just get away.

Kill it and it will drop the Maxis Drone. Pick it up.

Step #6 – Wield a Fist of Iron
Now you need to head down to where the staff pedestals are in the excavation site and kill lots of zombies here using the thunder fists.

All of your players must do this and just keep on killing zombies near the pedestals until they start dropping the Iron Fists power-up. Now each player must pick one of these up to upgrade their Thunderfists to become even more powerful.

Step #7 – Raise Hell
Now you need to go into the crazy place and stick all the staffs into their respective pedestals. Stand in the middle on the blue circle and start killing the zombies.

You’ll notice that as the zombies die their souls are going up to the roof. Kill enough zombies and you free Samantha and a portal appears above you. You also get the achievement.

Step #8 – Freedom
This last step is sort of a bonus, since we’ve already obtained the achievement. Keep in mind that completing this step causes a cutscene and ends the game. So if you’re interested in going forward and getting to higher rounds make sure not to do this.

If you’ve completed the last step there will be a portal in the ceiling of the crazy place now. Bring the maxis drone here and release it so that it flies up into the portal.

There will be a light now that you and your team can step into to end the game and see the cut scene.

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