Dead Island Riptide Legendary Orange Weapons Farming Guide

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Weapons in Dead Island: Riptide are very varied, but one of the most important things about a weapon is its quality. There are five tiers of quality, and from most common to rarest are; White (Common), Green (Uncommon), Blue (Rare), Purple (Unique) and Orange (Legendary).

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It’s important to note that a high quality weapon is usually only better than its counterparts in the same type on the same level. So for example, if you find an orange gun, it might get out scaled in only a few levels by a white weapon of the same type. Nevertheless, they’re valuable to find and hoard, so here’s an exploit-ish method that a Youtube user named Deathmule has revealed.

This process allows your entire party to get an unlimited number of Orange weapons through a process that’s only 10 minutes long.

First of all, you need to go Mataka Village and sit inside the shack near the fast travel location for 10 minutes (5 hours game-time). After your vigil, use the travel station to go to Henderson Ferry Station.

As soon as you arrive, turn around and use the fast travel to go to Halai Village. Once you’re finally there, look at the metal shelves to your right. On the second row of shelves, there will be a crate that you can open. At the end of this process this crate will contain a random Orange Weapon. Repeat this process as many times as you like to outfit your entire group with the best weaponry available.

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  • Adam

    It worked for me the first try, the crate is on the bottom shelf of the 2nd set of shelves to your right. I only waited 10 minutes.

  • Johnny

    It do work u have to sit for 5 hours real time and the crate is on the bottom shelf

  • Steve

    Does not work, and I am thinking it’s 5 hours real time not game time. There is no way in hell I am sitting in there for 5 hours.

  • Dave

    ^Uhh, it means the second set of shelves, only crate there. And yes it is the bottom one.

  • MorganFR

    it’s 5 hours time (5 hours), not 5 hours game time (10 mins)

  • Patrick Kays

    bullshit dont work tried it 4 times just to make sure

  • StreetNinjaZX6

    There isn’t a crate on the second shelf anywhere on the base in Halai. There is one on the bottom shelf, and I followed this to the lettter, with no result. I pretty much hate you, and my friend is making fun of me for sitting in a shack for ten minutes looking like a douche.