Dead Island Riptide Blueprints Weapon Mods Locations Guide

There are a whole bunch of weapons and mods in the new Dead Island: Riptide game that the player can craft for even more zombie slaying madness. To craft or upgrade a weapon, you need to search for and locate that particular weapon’s blueprint. Once you have it, you need to gather up the necessary parts and components and craft it.

Dead Island Riptide Blueprints Weapon Mods Locations

There are dozens of ways to upgrade weapons, from simply sticking nails in bats for more damage to endowing the bullets in your gun with electrical energy. In this guide I will show you the components needed for a particular mod, where to find the blueprints and what the mod does. Of course, as there are so any goddamn mods, I’m only going to list some of the more notable ones.

In the first section of this guide, you will find the best blueprint weapon mods followed by the rest of the mods if you aren’t content with these bad boys.

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Dead Island Riptide Blueprints Weapon Mods – Bladed Weapons

Deathstalker ModAdds Toxicity to weapon
Parts needed: 3 Oleander, 3 Bleach, 2 Floater Meat, 2 Soap, 2 Flexible Hose and 1 Stingray Tail
This is a pretty powerful poison mod that can be applied to a huge number of bladed weapons. The Stingray Tail is one of the rarest materials in the game so make sure that you apply the mod to your most important weapon if you find one.

To find the blueprint, go north just before you cross the bridge into the military base. Go up a ladder that takes you to Damien and the mod is behind him.

Hot Rod ModAdds Fire damage to weapon
Parts Needed: 2 Steel Rods, 2 Wires, 2 Large Batteries, 1 Belt, 1 Large Battery and 1 LP4000 Battery
The Hot Rod mod is an amazing mod for a machete but is limited by the number of weapons it can be applied to.

You can add it to a machete, a Tijuana machete and a Bushmaster. The ingredients aren’t too difficult to find and you can get this from Miya in the Flooded Jungle after you do her quests.

Saw Disk AxeA Pole with a Circular blade at the end
Parts Needed: 2 Circular Blades, 2 Bolts, 2 Steel Rods and 2 Clamps
A strange, yet effective weapon, the saw disk blade is basically an unholy union between a pole and an industrial power saw. The ingredients are easy to find (though it’s confusing that you need 2 poles and 2 saws for one weapon), so if you get a better shovel or baseball bat you can just recreate it with no problem.

You’ll find the blueprint in the shop that everyone gathers in, in the starting area of Henderson.

Dead Island Riptide Blueprints Weapon Mods – Blunt Weapons

Bloody Mary ModHefty Damage Boost
Parts Needed: 3 Duct Tape, 3 Wires, 2 Large Batteries, 2 Phones, 2 Electronic Scraps, 2 Glue and 3 Rags
This mod is only applicable to the Police Baton, Metal Baton and Heavy Baton. However, once you have it on one of those, you’re going to have a ball of a time exploding enemies into showers of blood.

You can find this mod on some crates, just to the east of the Infected Apartments in Henderson.

Old Smokey ModAdds Electricity to weapon
Parts Needed: 3 Duct Tape, 3 Engine Parts, 1 LP4000 Battery, 2 Magnets, 2 Belts and 2 Blades
This mod essentially gives you Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer. Take a regular, everyday club or bat and supercharge it to shock enemies with each swing.

The mod can be found in the large basement room, at the back wall of Joel Chubalba’s Motel Dead Zone on the southern west side of Henderson.

Slash ModHefty Damage Boost
Parts Needed: 3 Blades, 2 Bolts and 2 Gears
The Slash Mod is (in my opinion) a better version of the Bloody Mary mod. It can be applied to a much larger range of weapons, from baseball bats, to sticks to knuckledusters. And with such easy to find parts, why wouldn’t you apply this to all your blunt weapons?

You’ll find the blueprint in Metzger Sloat’s Dead Zone which is located on the east side of Henderson, south of the cinema.

Dead Island Riptide Blueprints Weapon Mods – Guns

Shock GunAdds Electricity to weapon
Parts Needed: 2 Batteries, 2 Metal Scraps and 2 Magnets
The classic electrically charged bullet shooter mod. This will allow you to shoot bullets that shock enemies, and is one of the few mods that effect harpoons and nail guns. The parts are pretty easily found as well.

To find the blueprint, go to the westernmost side after entering the military base until you see a bunch of white tents. Search around the tent to the far right and you should see it.

Detox ShotgunAdds Toxicity to weapon
Parts Needed: 2 Oleander, 2 Metal Scraps, 2 Bleach and 1 Flexible Hose
While this mod can only be added to a shotgun, it is definitely one of the best for that weapon. Adding toxic damage to enemies caught in the blast of a shotgun will usually finish them off after just one shell.

You’ll find the blueprints up the ladder in the small room where the workbench is to the west of the Infected Apartments in Henderson.

Pride RifleAdds Electricity to weapon
Parts Needed: 2 Deodorants, 2 Metal Scraps, 2 Wires and 2 Gas for Lighter
Similar to the Shock Gun mod, this mod can be applied to automatic rifles, making it one of the more devastating yet easily made mods.

The blueprint for the mod can be found in the Tower at Fort of Henderson.

Dead Island Riptide Blueprints Weapon Mods – Grenades

Sonic Pulse GrenadeMakes affected zombies’ heads explode
Parts Needed: 2 Duct Tape, 1 Wire, 2 Electronic Scraps, 1 Phone and 2 Large Batteries
Probably 90% of you ran off to your consoles to craft this bomb right after reading the last two lines, so for the remaining readers I’ll try and make this short. Yes, it does make zombie heads explode.

You can find the blueprint for the grenade behind the stage of the Town Hall in Henderson, and grenades don’t require a base weapon to upgrade.

Poison Bomb GrenadePretty Self-Explanatory
Parts Needed: 1 Duct Tape, 1 Wire, 1 Soap, 2 Deodorants and 2 Wristwatches
Not quite as flashy as the Sonic Pulse Grenade the poison bomb grenade is nevertheless a very potent weapon for eliminating large hordes of enemies in one go.

This mod can be found in the in the circular fenced in room above the huge spill of green ooze within the tunnels.

Dead Island Riptide Blueprints Weapon Mods

Want the rest of the blueprint mods? You can find them in the locations specified below:
Assassin Poison Mod
Location. You’ll find this mod if you go to the flooded area that is north of the church. They’re on the lower northern roof of the church.

Barbed Wire Mod
Location. Search for this blueprint in the workshop that is in Marik’s Marina where you can also find the motor for the boat.

Blunt Shock Mod
Location. In Henderson, go up the ladder near the café to the far south. You’ll find this blueprint on the terrace.

Bodily Harm Mod
Location. This blueprint can be located in the oil storage are near the back of James Nisira’s bungalow southeast of Paradise Survival camp.

Location. This blueprint can be located under the TV table in Stan’s house during the ER side quest.

Detox Rifle Mod
Location. You can only get this one by buying it from Alex in Henderson after you rescue him. He’s just south of the bridge entrance to Henderson. Search around outside of Geoffrey Nape’s warehouse.

Devastating Homerun Mod
Location. This blueprint can be located in Sylvia’s parents’ home in the Family Ties side mission. It’s sitting on a table along with a plant.

Diamond Edge Mod
Location. In Zimakani, this mod blueprint is sitting in a comfy chair in a bungalow. This is close to the place where you get the Science mission.

Electric Storm
Location. Go to the northwest corner of Henderson Military base and you’ll find this next to a workbench and storage shed.

Electrotherapy Mod
Location. Complete the Memories side mission and you’ll get this as a reward.

Exploding Meat
Location. In the center of the city, you want to cross the bridge and move towards the south of the riverbank. You’ll find the blueprint at the end.

Glazen Mod
Location. Traverse the pier that is found outside the tunnels in the Panai ferry station and you’ll find the mod at the end of it.

Heavy Mod
Location. To find this blueprint, go to the Panai ferry station and search the table inside the back office.

High Voltage Mod
Location. Enter the tunnels in Chapter 6. Search around for a vault door past some rubble. Inside you will find a storage room and in that is the mod blueprint on a shelf.

Hooligan Gun
Location. This blueprint is on a shelf in the same room where you find Screamer in Henderson. Head to the infected Apartments to find it.

Hooligan Rifle
Location. You’ll find this is in the Dead Zone of George ‘Flesheater’ Serero.

Hooligan Shotgun
Location. You’ll find this blueprint in chapter 11, when you’re looking for the wounded pilot. It’s near the entrance of the old Henderson fort.

Impact Mod
Location. This blueprint is given as a reward for the Harlow level 1 mission where you give her 6 metal scraps.

Justice Mod
Location. Outside the tunnels, in chapter 7, there is a lifeguard shack on the shore past the warehouse. Inside it is the blueprint.

Lightning Mod
Location. This blueprint is received as a reward for completing the Electrifying side mission from Zoey.

Lightning Storm Mod
Location. This mid is found in the same room where you find the keys to exit the tunnel. Head to the waypoint, defeat the chief smuggler, grab the key and take the blueprint.

Liquid Fire Mod
Location. During the Where the Dead Live side mission, where Marcus Villa sends you to get some provisions, you’ll find this in the same room on a metal shelf.

Magic Wad Mod
Location. You get this as a reward for finishing the Henry Boyle team quest.

Meat Bait
Location. Southwest of George Serero’s apartment is a small barricaded area where you can find a crate (near the NPC Gianna) the blueprint is in the crate.

Medieval Mod
Location. In Chapter 6, enter the tunnels and take out the first set if enemies. Now turn left and proceed down the path to the dead end. There is a crate here where you can find a blueprint.

Location. You can only get this blueprint by buying it from Wayne in Paradise survival camp.

Nail’d Mod
Location. You’ll find this one on top of a table near the entrance of Paradise Survival camp.

Paralyzing Strike Mod
Location. Search for a workbench in Halai Village’s safehouse. You’ll be able to enter the area after doing the Saving Holy Man quest.

Phoenix Mod
Location. In Henderson is a shop with a barricaded door. Enter the office inside the shop and you’ll find the blueprint on the desk.

Piranha Mod
Location. This blueprint is found on a shelf in the Geoffrey ‘Walking Carcass’ Nape Dead Zone.

Pistol Ammo
Location. This one is found in Panai Ferry Station. Search the front seat of the pink/red truck here to find it.

Pride Gun
Location. You can buy this mod once you’ve rescues Alex in Henderson.

Pride Shotgun
Location. The pride shotgun blueprint is found in ‘The Tunnels’. After you find the secret imperial Japanese base and obtain the sample for Dr. Kessler, go down from the upper part of the tunnel, turn right and head down the stairs. There is a small room here near a workbench and the blueprint is sitting on the ground past the metal bars.

Razor Mod
Location. During Chapter 11, you’ll find this at the bottom of the first set of stairs to the flooded cellar in the old fort.

Rending Claws Mod
Location. Enter the pump building in Marik’s Marina to find a couple of boxes. The blueprint is on top of these.

Rifle Ammo
Location. This one is in the Military Base. In the room where you fight the second grenadier, you’ll find this on the desk.

Ripper Mod
Location. In the flooded jungle, enter the first tree house you find during the Safe Haven side quest. It’s inside a crate.

Shock Mod
Location. In Halai, enter the Ocean View Bungalows, where you will find this Mod on a shelf.

Shock Rifle Mod
Location. This one is found on a wood platform in the military outpost to the northeast of the map.

Shock Shotgun Mod
Location. This blueprint is lying on the balcony of Villa Henderson on top of a crate. You can rescue Eva from the same balcony.

Shocking Crowbar Mod
Location. This blueprint is on the wooden scaffolding to the west of the quarantine zone and southeast of the bulldozer.

Shocking Sledge Mod
Location. Go to the Motel Safe Haven Dead Zone and you’ll find the blueprint inside, in the room between the large laundry room and first room just before breaching the door.

Short-Circuit Mod
Location. During the City Newcomer quest, find this in the workshop south of the marina.

Solar Flare Mod
Location. South of the dead zone in the southwest corner of the map, go past Motel Safe Haven. The blueprints are found in a warehouse here.

Sticky Bomb
Location. For this blueprint you need to do a side quest in chapter 9 which involves you going to a makeshift hospital. When you go to the hospital, the blueprint will be found in a room near the power box.

Stun Bomb
Location. East of the Infested apartments in Henderson, locate two workbench icons. Use the balcony ladder here to access the eastern workbench and the blueprint.

Tesla Knife Bomb
Location. This blueprint can be found in the Biosphere Lab in the ruined Japanese bunker. It’s underneath the bed.

Toxic Mod
Location. This one is in a pail next to a workbench south of the Dr. J.J. Evans Dead Zone. It’s close to the area where you rescue the NPC Eva.

Venom Mod
Location. During the Pathfinder mission, go to the western part of the Biosphere, at the end of cave marking the Dead Zone at the north corner of the island.

Weighted Mod
Location. Southwest of the chopper crash site is an NPC called Alfred you can rescue. He is standing on top of a caravan and you can find the mod inside this caravan.

Found a blueprint missing? Share with us in the comments and we will add it up. If you find a location confusing, let us know and we will try to help you out!

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