Far Cry 3 Letters of the Lost Locations Guide – Dead Letter Achievement / Trophy

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Far Cry 3’s mystifying island is more than just an ordinary piece of rock filled with pirates and rebels. A casual observation and some careful listening easily depict that the place is full of rich history, be it ancient legends or historical events.

One of these is the attempt of the Japanese to occupy these lands during World War II, and though the effort failed with plenty of consequences, it left behind a lot of mysteries. One of these comes in the form of the Letters of the Lost, remnants of the Japanese occupants.

These undelivered letters still rest with their now-deceased owners, who are scattered all over the island. This guide will help you get the letters and unravel the enigmas that surround the occupation.

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Far Cry 3 Letters of the Lost Locations

Swinji’s Letter
This letter is located east of Badtown, north of a pirate camp. There is an entrance to a bunker, hidden in the rock wall off to the side of the road. Walk into the bunker, and you should find the corpse and letter in the second lookout room.

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Hayato’s First Letter
This is also located east of Badtown, though a little further east. There is a road bridge there, and next to it is a cave with a bit of water running into it. Go into the cave and swim through the water. At the end of it you will find a corpse and the letter.

Mori’s Letter
Go northeast of the Amanaki Town, beyond the radio tower. You should come across a lowly situated cave in field just near a downhill-going side road that goes off the main road. Head inside the cave and get the letter.

Ren’s Letter
Ren’s letter can be found on an almost island-like peninsula on the northwestern part of the map. The area has a Cassowary icon on it when zoomed in, so it shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

Head over there, and you’ll find several ruins. You have to go to the southernmost ruin there and check its eastern side. In the left chamber are the corpse and the letter.

Hyogo’s Letter
This letter is located in an area southwest of the peninsula on which Ren’s letter is found. It is north of the radio tower located there.

There is a large artillery gun near the bay. Follow the path with it to get to the bunker. Inside the first room is the letter.

Mogi’s First Letter
This letter is quite difficult to find. It is located east of the Amanaki Outpost. What makes this letter difficult to find is the fact that it is in a cave located on the underside of a road.

The only visible thing from above is the tip of an artillery gun located near the entrance of the cave. The road there is on top of the eastern hill. Once you spot the barrel tip of the artillery gun, jump down and go inside the cave. You can find the letter on the right.

Sato’s Letter
This letter is found near a canon, which is located between the Mosquito Yard encampment and the Northview Gas encampment, relatively closer (and hence slightly southeast) to the Northview Gas.

The canon is facing the waters and is in a large, exposed field. Check the canon’s base to find the letter.

Mogi’s Third Letter
Mogi’s Third Letter is found on the northernmost tip of the island. It is located in a hut-like bunker with a couple of guards near it.

Go inside the bunker and down the stairs. Then enter in the first doorway to the left. You can find the letter in this room.

Mogi’s Fourth Letter
This letter is located between the Hubert Shore Power encampment and the Hubris Farm encampment. The place is overlooking the road.

You should look for planks sticking out of the hill while on the road.  Go to the plank area and look under it to see some boxes and also the letter.

For the visual aid, watch this video that walks you through all the locations where you can find these letters:

Following are the exact coordinates for all these letters:

Map Location
Coordinates: (X,Y)

Letter #1

  • North Island
  • Coordinates: X: 435, Y: 646

Letter #2

  • North Island
  • Coordinates: X: 363, Y: 710

Letter #3

  • North Island
  • Coordinates: X: 460, Y: 767

Letter #4

  • North Island
  • Coordinates: X: 380, Y: 741

Letter #5

  • North Island
  • Coordinates: X: 530, Y: 742

Letter #6

  • North Island
  • Coordinates: X:601, Y:621

Letter #7

  • North Island
  • Coordinates: X: 682, Y: 811

Letter #8

  • North Island
  • Coordinates: X: 630, Y: 646

Letter #9

  • North Island
  • Coordinates: X: 633, Y: 602

Letter #10

  • North Island
  • Coordinates: X: 703, Y: 575

Letter #11

  • North Island
  • Coordinates: X: 799, Y: 750

Letter #12

  • North Island
  • Coordinates: X: 801, Y: 756

Letter #13

  • North Island
  • Coordinates: X: 778, Y: 619

Letter #14

  • North Island
  • Coordinates: X: 603, Y: 458

Letter #15

  • South Island
  • Coordinates: X: 471, Y: 418

Letter #16

  • South Island
  • Coordinates: X: 529, Y: 400

Letter #17

  • South Island
  • Coordinates: X: 408, Y: 499

Letter #18

  • South Island
  • Coordinates: X: 375, Y: 315

Letter #19

  • South Island
  • Coordinates: X: 237, Y: 426

Letter #20

  • South Island
  • Coordinates: X: 497, Y: 501
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