Resident Evil 6 Weapons Locations Guide – How To Find

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Perhaps the most exciting feature of Resident Evil 6 is its 3 sets of overlapping campaigns. This unique addition in the franchise has made the title the biggest project to date for Capcom, because the vastness of the campaigns make them almost independent from each other.

In addition to separate characters and independent stories that eventually connect together, the other major aspect of these multiple campaigns are the weapons.

Each campaign will have a set of different weapons, and each set of character in the different campaigns will start off with completely different weapons.

There will also be occasions where different campaign characters will get the same weapon, but will find them at completely different locations in their respective campaigns.

This expands the general categories of weapons in the game, which is an extremely essential part of any kind of zombie-apocalypse scenario. For more help on Resident Evil 6, read our Weapons and Serpent Emblems Locations Guide.

As stated earlier, each character will start off with a specific set of weapons. The following are the campaigns, characters, and their respective weapons:

Leon’s and Helena’s Campaign

Leon Kennedy

This is a Handgun; holds 18 rounds. The Wingshooter is the default weapon for Leon Kennedy. This can be duel-wielded with a second Wingshooter, which can only be reloaded when it is deployed in action.

The signature survival knife that Leon has been using. It is particularly useful for destroying potential item/equipment reservoirs, fighting enemies when having no ammo, and/or finishing off foes after shooting them.

Helena Harper

This is a Handgun; holds 16 rounds. This standard and reliable handgun is Helena’s default fire-arm. Its speed is only limited by how fast the trigger can be pulled.

This is a Shotgun; holds 3 rounds. The Hydra shotgun is a special 3-barrel shotgun that is owned by default by Helena. Its speed is also limited by how fast the trigger can be pulled, but you might want to take into account the reload time.

Weapons You Can Find in Leon-Helena Campaign

This is a standard shotgun found in the Leon-Helena campaign; holds 8 rounds. This is found in Chapter 1 in a house with a noisy television.

Semi Automatic Sniper Rifle
A Sniper Rifle; holds 5 rounds. This is found in the second chapter in cathedral.

Lightning Hawk
The weapon is a powerful Magnum handgun; holds 7 rounds. This weapon is found in Chapter 4 in the cockpit of the plane on the right at the start of the chapter.

Assault Rifle RN
This is a standard Assault Rifle; holds 30 rounds and fires fast. This is found in Chapter 3, in one of the caskets at the start of the chapter. Lift all the lids to find it.

Chris Redfield’s and Pier’s Campaign

Chris Redfield

This is a Handgun; holds 15 rounds. The 909 is the signature default weapon of RE6. The handgun has decent accuracy and fires as fast as the trigger can be pulled.

Assault Rifle
This is a standard AR; holds 30 rounds. The SpecWar Operators’ standard Assault Rifle is another weapon for Chris, with decent power and high firing rate.

Chris’s standard knife. It is particularly useful for destroying potential item/equipment reservoirs, fighting enemies when having no ammo, and/or finishing off foes after shooting them.

Piers Nivan

This is a Handgun; holds 30 rounds. In fact, this is more of a handgun/smg hybrid.

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