Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations Guide – Leon, Chris, Jake and Ada

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If fighting hordes of zombies wasn’t challenging enough, you can find Serpent Emblems in Resident Evil 6 to unlock Action Figures. You can unlock ‘They’re ACTION Figures! and Heirlooms achievement or trophy by collecting all Serpent Emblems in the game.

There are four Serpent Emblems in each chapter. There are five chapters per campaign and with four campaigns in the game, you will have to collect 80 Serpent Emblems in total. Action figures are unlocked as you completely find serpent emblems in a given chapter or campaign.

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Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations – Leon and Helena

Chapter #1

Serpent Emblem #1
Location. When you encounter a man looking for his daughter, after the cut scene, instead of exiting, head back to the left around the computer table and look for an open closet. You should find the first Serpent Emblem in the upper left corner of the closet.

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Serpent Emblem #2
Location. When Leon is tasked to get the campus keycard, look for a small desk in the third office just before you get the key. Open the drawer of the desk and shoot the emblem. If you miss this room the first time, you can get it after retrieving the campus since you will be coming back through the same room.

Serpent Emblem #3
Location. You will come across a side passageway while going through the subway tracks. When you get back to the tracks, look for the serpent emblem to the left under a subway car.

Serpent Emblem #4
Location. After throwing Helena to another side to push a crate down and open the door, you will enter a bar. Walk past the counter and turn left; you will find the emblem under the bulletin board on the back wall.

Chapter #2

Serpent Emblem #5
Location. In the cemetery, you will come across a green sign with an arrow next to lamp post with a cathedral sign. Run past this sign to find a large tombstone surrounded by four smaller tombstones. The serpent emblem is on the back of the larger tombstone in the middle.

Serpent Emblem #6
Location. In the cathedral, walk toward to the altar, turn around and look up. You should see a stained-glass window with a serpent emblem. Shoot it!

Serpent Emblem #7
Location. After reaching the facility and coming to an interrogation room, proceed forward until you reach the hallway with lot of rooms on both sides. Look for a scientist zombie sitting in a chair about halfway down that hall. Go past him and you should find a restroom to the right. Empty the sink of the restroom to reveal the serpent emblem.

Serpent Emblem #8
Location. When Leon is passing through the water and has to duck under two low bridges in a row. Look for this serpent emblem to the left after passing through the second bridge; it is partially submerged in water, and you should be able to shoot it from far.

Chapter 3
Serpent Emblem #9
Location. At the start of the chapter, enter the first room, turn around and look up to the right for this serpent emblem.

Serpent Emblem #10
Location. After facing the water monster, you will come across a point where you can take the land route on the right. Come out of the water, on the land, and look for a coffin with skeleton leaning against it on the left. Open this coffin to retrieve the serpent emblem inside.

Serpent Emblem #11
Location. As Leon, when you are covering for Helena as the platform she needs to jump on breaks, look for this emblem on a far platform to the right. You will have to zoom in order to find it. As Helena, make sure to turn around and get this emblem before lowering down the bridge.

Serpent Emblem #12
Location. As Helena, you will be covering Leon from land while passing through a narrow passageway with crates and finally, take the ladder down to meet Leon. When you are passing through that narrow passageway, don’t forget to retrieve the serpent emblem from the open crate.

If you are playing Leon, you will have to swim to the safety to meet up with Helena. When you do catch up with Helena, instead of going forward, go right and take the ladder Helena came from. Follow her path back to narrow passageway with crates. Look for an open crate with emblem inside.

Chapter #4
Serpent Emblem #13
Location. After going down the stairs leading to the cockpit, take a right and look for the emblem under a partially open metal door.

Serpent Emblem #14
Location. From the rear-end of the place, look for a bar refrigerator. Break the glass of the refrigerator and shoot the emblem on the right.

Serpent Emblem #15
Location. When Hunnigan tells you to ‘cut through the outdoor market’, it will trigger a short cut-scene. After the cut-scene, look for an alley on your right and take that route to find an open shot on your right, which contains an emblem.

Serpent Emblem #16
Location. After entering the open market in search of three keys and reaching the designated location, you will come across a man getting dragged by zombie. From this position, go right and look for a small shop at the back to the right. Serpent emblem is on the edge to the right, shoot it!

Chapter #5

Serpent Emblem #17
Location. At the start of the chapter when you are running beside soldiers, you will come across a store where zombies are trying to break in through a large window. The serpent emblem is in the back of that store, on a shelf, to the right of the stairs. Take the emblem before the room fills up with gas!

Serpent Emblem #18
Location. After crossing a narrow alley, you will come across an area with two soldier zombies and a Humvee. Turn left from here, and you will find an empty truck with emblem inside.

Serpent Emblem #19
Location. After crashing the helicopter, and avoiding the falling chandelier, look for the double doors you need to go through. Before you go through these doors, look for the serpent emblem on the shelf behind the counter to your right.

Serpent Emblem #20
Location. After you have locked yourself in the barred room, instead of taking the stairs to go up, go behind the bars to find this serpent emblem in the next area.

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  1. Blood says:

    For emblem 43 if you have the bear commander you can use a grenade from it’s grenade launcher to break it if you aim it carefully, So yes actually you can unlock that serpent playing as Jake.

  2. Vic says:

    You don’t have to ”snipe” the bugs that Ustanak uses to ”see” you!!! You can approach them from behind and melee them, doing this doesn’t alert Ustanak!!!

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