Borderlands 2 Terramorphous Co-op and Solo Builds Guide – How To Defeat

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He’s big, he’s bad, and he’s so tough that Borderlands 2 developers claimed him to be ‘nearly impossible’. Threshers are generally tough enemies, invoking fear and anxiety in any other living creature on Pandora, but the mighty Terramorphous is the most fearsome being to exist on the planet, yet.

Terramorphous the Invincible isn’t just an optional boss – he’s currently the ultimate challenge for hardcore Borderlands 2 players. Gearbox stated that it’s nearly impossible to kill him, but soon one of the Quality Assurance personnel actually managed to, and he did it all alone!

Not even a week after the games release, many players have managed to defeat this ‘invincible’ boss with their fellows. However, the best feat achieved so far is to defeat him alone, which now doesn’t belong only to the QA personnel.

This guide will give you a set of builds that should help you in defeating the boss. The first four guides meant to be for co-op play, while the final two are solo attempts.

Note that a strong build isn’t the only thing that will ensure a victory. Yes, a solid build does play a vital role, but a larger part of defeating Terramorphous is top-quality weapons, ridiculous Class Mods, fantastic Shields, and some amazing Grenades.

So, don’t just expect yourself to barge in at level 50 without the best of the best equipment and kill this mighty Thresher.

Terramorphous Co-op Builds

Axton Build

Basically, this is Axton doing his best with his Sabre Turret and making sure he stays alive with increase in health and survivability through the skills in the Survival tree. Axton has to play the role as a support gunner and partial tank. Note that partial means PARTIAL, and not full-on, in-the-frontline tank.

Maya Build

This is a very selfless Maya build, which focuses mainly on the Harmony tree. Though most of the points have been invested in Cataclysm, the key abilities lie in Harmony.

Note that you should NOT take any kill related ability. These are abilities that would give you benefits if you killed an enemy, and you don’t want to waste points in such a thing against a badass boss. So, stay back, constantly damage, be aware of your team’s health, and save Phaselock for anyone who goes in the Fight for Your Life state (Res <3).

Salvador Build

This is a Salvador build that focuses on survival from Gunzerking and the Brawn tree, and takes use of some skills to make both the offensive and defensive part of Gunzerking as effective as possible.

There is really no need to take Bus That Can’t Slow Down – this skill is absolutely useless because it doesn’t give you the two core things required to defeat Terramorphous: defense and damage. It only gives you movement speed while Gunzerking, which you don’t quite need as much as the other skills.

Zer0 Build

Zer0’s build is somewhat debatable, and heavily subject to change. The thing is, Zer0 gains most bonuses with stacking, and also with kill-based skills. The latter is completely ruled out in Terramorphous’s case, so we come down to using the abilities that would grant Zer0 a nice mix of damage, utility, and a tiny bit of survivability.

It’s important to note that Zer0 should play the role of a sniper here, staying even farther away than Maya would. Deathmark and the skills that surround it are your main source of damage, as is an excellent high-end sniper rifle. Good luck!

Terramorphous Solo Builds

Currently, most of the players seem to agree that it would be nearly impossible to solo Terramorphous with Zer0 and Maya. However, players have actually managed to solo the supposedly god-like boss with Salvador and Axton.

It makes sense actually, because these two fellows are the ones that are best equipped with skills that boost their health and make them extremely tanky, to the extent that they can be up-front and still survive.

Credit goes to Bahroo3 for sharing his builds and his ridiculously impressive feat of soloing with Salvador and Axton and defeating Terramorphous multiple times within 30 seconds (he actually managed to defeat it once with Salvador in 7 seconds!).

Axton Build (Solo)

Looks pretty simple, no? Well, it’s very simple to reach, but Bahroo3 actually had a mod that granted him 4 bonus points in Impact, Expertise, Sentry, Ready, and Healthy. Ahem, good luck finding those. Apart from that, the build is extremely simple, with focus primarily on maximizing damage.

It’s important to note that there is little to no investment in Survival – this is what you have to do if you’ve got some really badass equipment, and it’ll ensure that you prevail against the boss easily.

Salvador Build (Solo)

Another superbly simple build, and once again you’ll notice that there is barely any investment in Brawn, which is the main tanking tree for Salvador. The focus here is to maximize the Gunzerking capability and increase its effectiveness. Once again, you’ll need some super-badass Class Mods and insanely damaging weapons to solo this guy. Good luck!

If you have any additional builds in mind which you have tried and survived with, please do share by commenting below.

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  • Summary

    For Zero you will need a 30% cooldown relic, High lvl transfusion grenades, a class mod that buffs rising shot by 5 or 6, or the survivor mod, and a rocket launcher that holds 5 or more per magazine, a high lvl jakobs assualt rifle, and if you can shot your bullets threw his tentacles to get the bore damage stack added on

    Sniping tree
    Headsh0t 5
    Precisi0n 5
    Velocity 5
    Bore 1
    0ne sh0t 0ne kill 3

    Cunning tree
    Fast hands 5
    Fearless 5
    Rising sh0t 5
    Death mark 5
    Innervate 5
    Tw0 fang 4
    Death bl0ss0m 1

  • Homie

    I can think of a general way to beat him with zer0. The main point would be to just use deception with the kunai and have cool down reduction. His cool down is only 10 seconds as it it so you could in there survive just off that. Taking bonus melee damage would help in that effort because the kunai do melee damage. I can’t give exact stats but I tried this with my lvl 45 zer0 and got him down half health so I could work.

  • Chaotic

    I agree with Orion, those are the exact stats I was using before seeing this. But instead, I’m using Acuminous Good SMG (better base dmg, crit dmg and proc chance) and my Level 50 Blue Killer Cat mod has better stats than the Purple.

  • Orion

    It is possible to kill Terramorphous the Invincible Solo with a level 50 siren build that has any level 50 miss moxxi’s good touch, level 50 purple Wild Cat mod, 40 percent health Vitality Relic, level 49/50 Bee shield and high level transfusion grenades that have eithershock or fire damage and and the following skills

    Cataclysm Tree
    5 Foresight
    5 Helio
    5 Reaper
    5 Immolate
    5 Flicker

    Harmony Tree
    5 Minds Eye
    5 Restoration

    Motion Tree
    5 Ward
    5 Acceleration

    Have fun Sirens