Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Character Builds Guide

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Improving Galactic Readiness isn’t the only reason for you to play Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer. While it’s a multiplayer mode we are quite accustomed to in the world of shooters (and one we don’t expect RPG games to have), there is plenty of entertainment for anyone looking for some quality co-op gaming.

Perhaps what makes it really enjoyable is the wide variety of races and classes that are for the offer, each with different abilities and each having a standard of their own.

In this guide we’ll be going over the essential builds for every class. I’ll be listing the following things in the builds:

  • Recommended Race for a Class
  • Recommended Weapon(s)
  • The Tier 4, Tier 5 and Tier 6 leveling of the abilities
  • General Description and what makes the build stand out.

I will NOT be listing the race-specific abilities (such as Salarian Operative etcetera), as these are completely dependent on the needs and choice of the player.

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If there is one thing that you really need as an Adept, it is an SMG. Like the Sentinel, the adepts are best when with their abilities, and because of that it is recommended to use lightweight weaponry for the best cool-down.

Recommended Race: DRELL, ASARI

Build #1 – (Drell)

Weapon: SMG, Pistol

Reave: Radius-> Recharge Speed-> Damage and Duration

Pull: Radius-> Expose-> Duration and Combo

Cluster Grenade: (3 levels)

Fitness: Durability-> Shield Recharge-> Fitness Expert

The Drell are brilliant Adepts because of their amazing agility and the useful powers, they have been at hand. This build will mainly focus on the collateral damage, which you will get from Reave and Pull.

Grenades are 3rd priority items, so there is really no need to waste points in them. Fitness level should be usual; maximizing health and shields. A powerful combo of Pull and Reave, combined with some mid/close ranged SMG damage will ensure you can exterminate anything.

Build #2 – (Asari)

Weapon: SMG

Stasis: Stasis Strength-> Recharge Speed-> Bubble

Warp: (arbitrary)

Throw:  Force-> Recharge Combo-> Force and Damage

Fitness: Durability-> Shield Recharge-> Fitness Expert

The Asari are perhaps the best Adepts out of the three races. While Warp is a very useful ability otherwise, it does have a significant disadvantage, as it disrupts other effects on the enemy, hence it should be used after throw/stasis combo.

Throw is quite useful against unarmored players, but is almost useless against those with barriers and shields, so make sure to use it either in conjunction with Stasis, or on enemies with no shields.

Stasis is particularly useful if you have been annoying phantoms closing in on you, and is perhaps one of the best support abilities around.

Build #3 – (Human)

Weapon: SMG

Singularity: Radius-> Recharge Speed-> Detonate

Warp: Damage-> Lasting Damage-> Recharge Speed

Shockwave: (arbitrary)

Fitness: Durability-> Shield Recharge-> Fitness Expert

Prioritize human adepts below the Asari and Drell, as they are relatively lacking when compared to the other races. Though Singularity is one of the most compelling powers in the game, its usefulness in the multiplayer does not match up to that in the single-player.

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  • Wolf

    for biotics, i generally play a vanguard…myself i like the default human. Biotic charge in and then nova a few times and biotic charge again to recharge bariers. very good on bronze. for anything higher than broze i go with tech or the drell mentioned above. The new vols engineer is amazing

    • Wolf

      shit spelling.

  • Brady

    Turian sentinel is my fav. They get good shields, especially when fully upgraded, combined with tech armor to hit huge amounts. Ignore warp, and upgrade overload for shield damage. Upgrade veteran for weapons, and upgrade fitness and tech armor for shields. then just use your favorite assault rifle.

  • Austin

    Can’t agree with the Drell Adept build. Neglecting Cluster Grenades is a massive, massive no-no. Taking the +radius to Reave and maxing out Cluster Grenades turns you into an absolute beast, and the marginal amount of health and shields you could get from Fitness are insignificant to the raw destructive power of Reave+Grenade combos. Heck, I’d argue you vastly increase survivability because anything that might’ve hurt you enough to need those extra health/shields has long since been dispatched.

    Heck, with maxed out Cluster Grenades I can solo a Brute on Gold in about three seconds, and in the process kill absolutely all lesser units around it.

  • Davion

    I am shocked Krogan Sentinel was not mentioned. He is an absolute beast. A huge melee tank.

    Krogan Sentinel

    M-37 Falcon, Carnifex, or Clarmore

    Tech Armor: Durability, Melee Damage, Durability
    Lift Grenade: Radius, Max Grenades, Damage and Radius
    Krogan Berserker: Weapon Damage, Headshots, Weapon Damage
    Rage: Durability, Martial Artist, Fitness expert

    1600 Shields
    1200 Health
    40% Damage reduction, 70% if in Rage.

    Kill 3 enemies in 30 seconds will trigger Rage. No powers so load up on the hardest hitting weapons.

    • Wolf

      The Krogan are tanks, but do reletively low damage when compared to glass cannons like the drell. the inability to detonate any sort of combo with anything other than a grenade is absolute blasphemy in my opinion. good on bronze, but way too low damage for platinum, and thats the good shit.

  • labhamster2

    Salarian Infiltrator

    Max out cloak for melee damage and the one power use.
    Max out fitness for melee bonuses and the after-melee-kill weapon bonuses
    Max out energy drain.

    Run with a pistol & shotgun.

    You run around and do one hit melee kills on anything (atlases notwithstanding) and then shotgun all their friends until cloak recharges and you can flee. Rinse and repeat.
    Also, combined with energy drain you are fully capable of doing a double melee kill on an atlas.

    Takes some skill but in the end you do a hell of a lot more damage then snipers.

  • Alexander

    I prefer using a single assault rifle with the soldier class, spamming Adrenaline Rush and using concussive shot to detonate my ammo powers (or teammate’s tech powers). This is where those thermal clip refill packs come in handy. Despite their major damage, I totally forgo the use of frag grenades in favor of extra points in my passive skill trees. I find frag grenades unreliable and their limited ammunition makes them a liability in my opinion.

    Sentinels are great at supporting a team, particularly Turian sentinels with the ability to tear down shields quickly or set up biotic explosions for other team members. Tech armor can be applied to fend off a grenade instead of trying to escape it while still in cover, or activated when reviving or using an objective.

    Infiltrators aren’t limited to sniper rifles; in fact, having a 150-200% recharge bonus on tactical cloak is worth a Krogan’s weight in gold. Get in close with a cryo blast/shotgun combo and cloak again to escape counterattack. Or cloak and flank with an assault rifle while your soldier pins them down. Also, bear in mind that when it’s maxed out, the tactical cloak duration lasts long enough to activate objectives.

  • Anon

    Well, i’ve got almost the same drell adept build, except 4th fitness increases combat.
    The drell adepts don’t need so many shields, as human adepts

  • Scorpio3002

    Don’t overlook the Human Soldier or Concussive Shot. A build that has served me well is Human Soldier, Pistol only. The idea is that your primary weapon isn’t the pistol, it’s Concussive Shot.

    It takes about one-Mississippi to cool down, and functions just like Throw, shooting around cover, knocking foes down for a few precious seconds, bringing them out of cover, staggering Guardians (which are then easily dispatched with a few body/head shots), and my personal favorite, knocking enemies off cliffs. Upgrading to shredder lets you knock an enemy down, follow up with another shot while he’s down, and then move on to another target; the damage over time will usually kill him before he gets back up. The description also claims it’s good against barriers, though I haven’t noticed this in practice.

    • Wolf

      concussive shot is good, but its not that good, a biotic detonator like throw would do better.

  • SakuyaFM

    Seriously? Just sniper rifles on Infiltrators?

    I really wish popular sites would actually see how effective the Salarian Infiltrator is with a shotgun and pistol/SMG.

    • Csmith133

      While the Infiltrator does have the ability t run as a Geth Hunter does using Tactical Cloak and a short range set up its not recommended mainly because the Infiltrator class has such low health compared to others. Thats why most sites don’t talk about it. It takes lots of skill and knowing how far you can push the class before it breaks. In most games I have played the class has run as a sniper/medic combo using Tactical Cloak to run in and revive players. Main weapon of choice for those wanting to do that is the Incisor or Raptor sniper rifles as they can function as assault rifles in rushed situations.

      • John

        The video Bioware put up said that infiltrators and shotguns is highly underrated. I would take their word on it since they created the game and probably thought of the combo.

  • Brendon

    Also dismissing the Asari Vanguard seems kinda foolhardy. It definitely doesn’t play like the Human Vanguard but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Statis Bubble is awesome and is basically a more powerful version of Singularity and sets them up for headshots. If you charge them while it’s up it triggers a biotic detonation.

    Asari Vanguards have a ghetto Nova in the form of their heavy melee. It uses no barriers to use either. Plus they have the coolest dash ability.

    They aren’t necessarily as damaging as Humans with Nova and Shockwave, but you shouldn’t dismiss them. Statis Bubble is a game changer. It makes it a lot easier to deal with enemies like the Nemesis and Phantom. Doesn’t leave you vulnerable by putting you in the middle of enemies, and can hit enemies that are behind a wall that you can’t normally charge. On top of this, it’s effective against enemies with riot shields, which Human Vanguards often have trouble dealing with.

  • Brendon

    Why do you dismiss the Salarian Engineer? Energy Drain is the equivalent of Overload except it is an AoE that can be extended and does full damage to everyone in the field instead of a limited chain effect that does less damage per additional target. ED also stuns most targets hit by it. On top of this Energy Drain makes the Engineer more survivable and has a significantly lower recharge (starts at less than 3s instead of Overload’s 8). They both start at the same base damage (220) but Energy Drain caps out higher due to the level 6 option of 40% damage vs Overload’s 15%.

    Decoy works just as well if not better than the drone as a distraction.

    The engineer relies heavily on powers to maximize their effectiveness. So the most important stat is power damage. The Human Engineer maxes out at 50% power damage from Alliance Training while the Salarian Operative passive bumps power damage by 75%.

    So in effect, Salarian Engineers do more damage due to their passive capping at 25% more than Human Engineers. Energy Drain does more damage per hit, is an AoE that does full damage to everyone in the area, and recharges faster and refills the user’s shields.

    Why do you say Humans are better again?

    • SirShizuka

      Energy drain is a unusable skill because of the horrible noise it makes.

    • John

      Salarian Engineer, Quarian Infiltrator, and Asari Adept are all God Tier

    • Alf

      Because this site is run by xenophobes!