Kingdoms of Amalur Alchemy Guide – Potion Recipes and Reagents

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In Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning, you can mix different Reagents with the assistance of Recipes to form different kinds of potions. This is carried out on Workbenches.

Alchemy can be separately leveled up and like all other classes, has 3 types of levels: Basic, Advanced and Master. Basic is divided into 4 ranks while the other two are divided into 3.

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Alchemy Reagents

Reagents are chemical ingredients which when mixed with specific other reagents create various potions. Reagents can be categorized into three main types: common, uncommon and rare reagents.

Alchemy, unlike forging, isn’t very intuitive, and just mixing stuff randomly can result in loss of vital reagents and recipes without gaining anything useful. That is why it is best to start with some sort of knowledge of what works best with what.

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Common Reagents
The term ‘common’ in Common Reagents is actually quite relative. This is because it depends on place to place; you might encounter a ‘common’ reagent in some places very commonly while encountering an ‘uncommon’ reagent very commonly in another place. However, on average bases, the following are some common reagents:

Black Cohosh – A common reagent used to make healing potions. Found in forests and grass.

Cripplespore Caps – Reagents used to affect Finesse related stats.

Eel Petal – Used for lightning based potions.

Embereyes – Reagents used for restoration.

Leechwood Bark – A common Reagent in Daletarth, but very uncommon once you exit the place.

Scarwood Bark – A reagent often used to attack.

Less Common Reagents
These reagents are less common in the starting few hours of the game. However, some of them become more common in certain areas. A few uncommon reagents are:

Bloodroot –A reagent used to increase the effect of an attribute.

Edelwiess – An uncommon reagent used to attack enemies with elemental attacks.

Sativa Fibers – These are reagents that increase the amount of damage dealt or received.

Scarab Salts – These reagents enhance the critical hits and precision attributes.

Scarlet Flowerstone – Reagents that deal with regeneration and bleeding.

Seaflax – Similar to Bloodroot.

Rare Reagents
These are special reagents that are available in the form of special treasure or rewards. These should be kept safe and only used in the utmost important situations. Currently, we only know of two rare reagents:

Essence of Fate – This is a powerful and very rare reagent and is vital to creating the best potions in the game. It is usually acquired through quests, hence rarely ever found in the open or naturally.

Prismere Dust – Another extremely rare reagent, it deals with giving immense experience boost properties when used to make potions.

Alchemy Recipes

There are multiple methods of discovering useful recipes – the most obvious is just to guess. However, this is not the recommended way, as it can result in wastage of precious reagents, and time of course.

The other alternative is to purchase recipe formulae from merchants and learn them. However, that takes up money, so be careful about the quality of recipes you buy.

Minor Potions – As the name would suggest, these are the most basic potions with average effects. Some minor potions, along with their recipes, are given below:

Minor Alchemist’s Art 1x Embereyes,1x Sky Blossom

Minor Assassin’s Evasion 1x Cripplespore Caps,1x Sky Blossom

Minor Blacksmith’s Craft 1x Tindertwig,1x Sky Blossom

Minor Blazing Salve 2x Tindertwig,1x Scarwood Bark

Minor Bleeding Resistance 2x Scarlet Flowstone,1x Ysa’s Breath

Minor Burning Sentinel 2x Tindertwig,1x Edelweiss

Minor Current Stopper 2x Eel Petal,1x Ysa’s Breath

Minor Damage Boost 3x Sativa Fibers,3x Star Thistle,2x Scarwood Bark

Minor Damage Deflection 2x Sativa Fibers, 2x Star Thistle, 1x Ysa’s Breath

Minor Dispelling Boost 1x Star Thistle, 1x Sky Blossom

Minor Experience Boost 2x Prismere Dust,1x Leechwood Bark

Minor Flameguard 1x Tindertwig,1x Ysa’s Breath

Minor Flesh Eater 2x Black Cohosh,2x Leechwood Bark

Minor Force Potion 2x Sativa Fibers,1x Scarwood Bark

Minor Freezing Sentinel 2x White Flake,1x Edelweiss

Minor Frostbite 2x White Flake,1x Scarwood Bark

Minor Frostguard 1x White Flake,1x Ysa’s Breath

Minor Hardened Shell 2x Sativa Fibers,2x Ysa’s Breath

Minor Healing Potion 2x Black Cohosh,1x Embereyes

Minor Healing Rege 2x Black Cohosh,1x Scarlet Flowstone

Minor Jeweled Shilelagh 1x White Flake,1x Sky Blossom

Minor Lightning Sentinel 2x Eel Petal,1x Edelweiss

Minor Lightning Storm 2x Eel Petal,1x Scarwood Bark

Minor Magebane 2x Star Thistle,2x Ysa’s Breath

Minor Magic Amplification 2x Star Thistle,2x Scarwood Bark

Minor Magic Precision 2x Scarab Salts,1x Star Thistle

Minor Mana Potion 2x Softscrabble Powder,1x Embereyes

Minor Mana Regen 2x Softscrabble Powder,1x Scarlet Flowstone

Minor Mana Sap 2x Softscrabble Powder,2x Leechwood Bark

Minor Merchant’s Command 1x Sativa Fibers,1x Sky Blossom

Minor Phasewalk 2x Star Thistle,1x Cripplespore Caps,2x Sky Blossom

Minor Piercing Serum 2x Scarwood Bark,1x Scarlet Flowstone

Minor Precision 2x Scarab Salts,1x Sativa Fibers

Minor Social Grace 1x Leechwood Bark,1x Sky Blossom

Minor Sorcerer’s Intelligence 2x Softscrabble Powder,2x Star Thistle

Minor Serpent’s Venom 2x Cripplespore Caps,1x Scarwood Bark

Minor Slashing Fury 2x Scarlet Flowstone,1x Scarwood Bark

Minor Steeled Curtain 2x Seaflax,1x Ysa’s Breath

Minor Thief’s Cunning 1x Eel Petal,1x Sky Blossom

Minor Tracker’s Draught 1x Scarab Salts,1x Sky Blossom

Minor Venomguard 2x Cripplespore Caps,1x Ysa’s Breath

Minor Warrior’s Strength 2x Black Cohosh,2x Sativa Fibers

Great Potions – These are relatively more advanced potions with better effects, but also requiring more uncommon reagents in larger quantities. Some greater potions, along with their recipes, are given below:

Greater Alchemist’s Art 2x Embereyes,2x Sky Blossom,1x Bloodroot

Greater Assassin’s Evasion 2x Cripplespore Caps,2x Sky Blossom,1x Bloodroot

Greater Blacksmith’s Craft 2x Tindertwig,2x Sky Blossom,1x Bloodroot

Greater Blazing Salve 3x Tindertwig,2x Scarwood Bark,1x Bloodroot

Greater Bleeding Resistance 2x Scarlet Flowstone,2x Ysa’s Breath,1x Seaflax

Greater Burning Sentinel 3x Tindertwig, 2x Edelweiss,1x Seaflax

Greater Current Stopper 2x Eel Petal,2x Ysa’s Breath,1x Seaflax

Greater Damage Boost 4x Sativa Fibers,4x Star Thistle,3x Scarwood Bark,1x Essence of Fate

Greater Damage Deflection 3x Sativa Fibers,3x Star Thistle,2x Ysa’s Breath,1x Essence of Fate

Greater Dispelling Boost 2x Star Thistle,2x Sky Blossom,1x Bloodroot

Greater Experience Boost 3x Prismere Dust,2x Leechwood Bark,1x Bloodroot

Greater Flameguard 2x Tindertwig,2x Ysa’s Breath,1x Seaflax

Greater Flesh Eater 3x Black Cohosh,3x Leechwood Bark,1x Scarwood Bark

Greater Force Potion 3x Sativa Fibers,3x Scarwood Bark,1x Bloodroot

Greater Freezing Sentinel 3x White Flake,2x Edelweiss,1x Seaflax

Greater Frostbite 3x White Flake,2x Scarwood Bark,1x Bloodroot

Greater Frostguard 2x White Flake,2x Ysa’s Breath,1x Seaflax

Greater Hardened Shell 3x Sativa Fibers,3x Ysa’s Breath,1x Seaflax

Greater Healing Potion 3x Black Cohosh,2x Embereyes,1x Bloodroot

Greater Healing Rege 3x Black Cohosh,2x Scarlet Flowstone,1x Bloodroot

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