Final Fantasy 13-2 Captain Cryptic Map Locations and Quiz Guide

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Daddy Bear is an NPC in City of Academia AF4XXX who will reward you with 5 fragments if you answer his questions correctly. He will ask questions about FF13-2, FF13 and general Final Fantasy questions during his quiz.

You will need Moogle Hunt to detect him. Though you have unlimited tries but once you give an answer, be it right or wrong, he will vanish and spawn randomly on the different locations throughout the map.

Questions he asks are limited so they will repeat after few tries which makes it easier to answer correctly as you play more of his quiz.

Finding him is annoying but you do need fragments right ? so refer to the map with pin-point locations where he usually spawns:

If you find any location missing on the map, pin-point it on the map and let us know.

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  • TazD579

    You really should update your map to Magnusbrother’s map.
    According to Azorro007’s FAQ (, there are 11several locations. Your map only has 10. I visited all 10 and, not surprisingly, he was not at a one. Luckily, I read the comments to see someone added the 11th location. Sure enough he was there.

    • TazD579

      11 locations. Stupid smartphone.

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        Fixed THAT!

  • Corichi

    Ur missing a location, if you look at the 3 dots in the middle of grand avenue, hes to the west of the southern one, theres 2 small allys that make a square, hes at the back of the left one

  • Eduardo

    i don’t see the question quizz ??? can some one help me?

  • Menno NiSuTe

    Nevermind my last comment lol … found him and got all questions right in 1 go.
    After watching this video on youtube i got the locations down, he’s pretty hard to see coz he’s just transparent and not red-transparant ish and also Mog is not letting you know he is close so better keep ye eye’s peeled 😛

  • Menno NiSuTe

    Same here, some civilion said he was in grand aveneu and another said he was sleeping on a slope but i can´t find the dude on any locations stated here on the map.
    Only got the first one from the front desk.

  • rickie

    ive cheaked all these places and cant find him…i think hes at the first place you find him by the front desk

  • Mangusbrother

    I found this place. added it to the map.
    sorry for the crappy dot –

    • Menno NiSuTe

      That’s pretty accurate, that’s one of the locations i’ve found him to, cheers, kupo!

  • James Hawthorne

    Captain Cryptic is also underneath the stairs in Grand Avene Square, near two locations with Captain Cryptic, on the top of the stairs and next to the store.

    • John

      Yeah, like James said Cryptic also spawned there for me.