Skyrim Vendors Locations and Traders Guide

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Want to go shoping in Skyrim ? find these vendors, merchants, and traders dealing in all types of goods. Be it the spells you want to learn, liquor you want to drink, foods you want eat to replenish your health, or if you want to heal your wounds – there is a skilled person for all sorts of hazards in Skyrim.

Before you jump to the list, understand the key:

Type of Service
Name of the Vendor/Trader

Table of Contents

Following are the NPCs dealing in Apothecary that you can find Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.


  • Angeline Morrard


  • Lami


  • Frida


  • Bothela

Mor Khazgur

  • Sharamph

Dushnikh Yal

  • Murbul


  • NArcadia


  • Nurelion


  • Zaria

Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

  • Babette

Riften (Elgrim’s Elixirs)

  • Elgrim

Riften (The Ragged Flagon)

  • Herluin Lothaire

Following are the bartenders you can find Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.


  • Ambarys Rendar


  • Orgnar

Riften (The Bee and Barb)

  • Talen-Jei

Riften (The Ragged Flagon)

  • Vekel the Man


  • Lynly Star-Sung

Following are the Blacmsmiths you can find Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

Solutide (Beirand)

  • Beirand

Haafingar Stormcloak Camp

  • Stormcloack Quartermaster

Hjaalmarch Stormcloack Camp

  • Stormcloack Quartermaster

Hjaalmarch Imperial Camp

  • Imperial Quartermaster

Downstar (Rustleif’s House)

  • Rustleif

Downstar (Rustleif’s House)

  • Seren

Pale Imperial Camp

  • Imperial Quartermaster

Pale Stormcloak Camp

  • Stormcloak Quartermaster

Winterhold Imperial Camp

  • Imperial Quartermaster

Markarth (Forge)

  • Ghorza

Markarth (Understone Keep)

  • Moth gro-Bagol

Reach Stormcloak Camp

  • Imperial Quartermaster

Reach Imperial Camp

  • Imperial Quartermaster

Dushnikh Yal

  • Gharol

Whiterun (Warmaiden’s)

  • Adrianne Avenicci

Whiterun (Warmaiden’s)

  • Ulfberth War-Bear

Whiterun (Skyforge and The Underforge)

  • Eorlund Gray-Mane

Whiterun Imperial Camp

  • Imperial Quartermaster


  • Alvor

Whiterun Stormcloak Camp

  • Stormcloak Quartermaster

Windhelm (Blacksmith Quarters)

  • Oengul War-Anvil

Gloombound Mine

  • Dushamub

Eastmarch Imperial Camp

  • Imperial Quartermaster

Falkreath (Lod’s House)

  • Lod

Falkreath Imperial Camp

  • Imperial Quartermaster

Falkreath Stormcloak Camp

  • Stormcloak Quartermaster

Riften (Balimund)

  • Balimund

Riften (The Ragged Flagon)

  • Arnskar Ember-Master

Riften (The Ragged Flagon)

  • Vanryth Gatharian

Rift Stormcloak Camp

  • Stormcloak Quartermaster

Rift Imperial Camp

  • Imperial Quartermaster

Shor’s Stone

  • Filnjar

Carriage Drivers
Following are the carriage drivers you can find Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

Solutide (Lower Watchtower)

  • Thaer

Markarth Stables

  • Kibell

Whiterun Stables

  • Bjorlam

Windhelm Stables

  • Alfarinn

Riften Stables

  • Sigaar

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