Skyrim Character Archetypes Guide

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If you are confused about which fighting style you should choose in Skyrim and how, you will get your answer in this guide. We have detailed every aspect of choosing a certain archetype but in a rather direct way. You won’t find tips on how you should play a certain character so if you are looking for that, read our Characters Build guide.

The purpose of this guide is to walk you through all the available Archetypes you can choose and suggest races, skills, perks, weapons, and armor for each archetype. You will also find recommendations to which followers you should choose – subjected to whatever archetype you select to play the game.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Archetypes


If you want to become a Warrior, choose Nords. As a Warrior, you don’t need Magicka, so keep your focus on Health and Stamina in 60/40 ratio. Your primary skills should be one-handed and block. For Secondary Skills, level up Light Armor and Archery.

If you are to go for two-handed warrior, heavy armor is the way to go. Smithing and archery are recommended skills to level up.

To give a quick boost to your skills, you can get a blessing of Warrior Stone. For perks, you can choose a combination of the following perks and level them up to become a formidable Warrior in Skyrim:

  • Armsman
  • Fighting Stance
  • Power Bash
  • Disarming Bash
  • Elemental Protection
  • Agile Defender

Since you have leveled up one-handed skill, pick a good one-handed weapon in one hand and shield in your second. Alternatively, you can use Bow and arrows from distance.

Your armor should be light combined with a shield. Heavy armor would only limit your movement so it isn’t recommended – unless you change the perks combination and level up few perks which increase your movement wearing heavy armor.

You can choose between Marcurio and Jenassa as your potential followers.

Pure Mage

High Elves are good mages and for mage, your focus should be mostly Magicka. Level up Magicka and Health in the ratio of 80/20%. Your primary skills should be a combination of any two schools of magic. For example, destruction and conjuration. You can level up few of the good perks from the other two of your favorite schools of magic. For example, Illusion and Restoration.

To level up your Skills faster, get the blessing of the Mage stone. Following are the perks you should level up if you want to become a good mage. Again, the trick is to find the right balance between your skills and your fighting style.

  • Spellcasting Perks
  • Destruction and Dual Casting
  • Augmented Flames, Frost, or Shock
  • Summoner
  • Elemental Potency
  • Illusion Dual Casting

Spells are your weapon. Remember, you are a ranged fighter, getting your enemy close to you and getting forced to melee is the worst possible situation you can find yourself in, so practice for the worst. You can learn all the spells by reading the Spell Books or consulting our Magic Guide.

Your armor is your Mage Robe. Magic Spells deplete Magicka so if you want to find any robe, find the one that restores Magicka at good rate. As a mage, you should always look for armor pieces that either regenerate magicka or reduce the cost of spells.

As a Mage, go for heavily armored Warrior as your follower. You can choose between Varstag or Lydia.


Wood Elves are good Archers. Your focus should be on Health and Stamina in 80/20 ratio. Your primary skills should be Archery and Sneak. For your secondary skills, level up Light Armor and Block. Deadly Aim is recommended. Always have a follower to create a distraction, so that you can take out the enemy easily.

Get the blessing of Thief Stone to get a quick boost in leveling up your skills. You can choose between these perks that will help Archer fighting style:

  • Overdraw
  • Eagle Eye
  • Power Shot
  • Quick Shot
  • Stealth
  • Deadly Aim

Your weapons are bows and arrows. You can enchant yours bows with elemental enchantment to get the best out of them. Your armor should be light because as an archer, you should be more mobile. Jenassa, Faendal, Vorstag, or Argis can be good followers for Archer type characters.


Level up Destruction Magic for the most part, while spending some points in Conjuration and Enchanting to make yourself a deadly Warlock. Don’t forget to add few skill points in armor so at the very least you can defend yourself.


Orcs are good Berserkers. If you want to choose this fighting style, focus equally on Health and Stamina. Your primary skills should be Two-Handed and Heavy Armor while for secondary skills, you should level up Smithing and Block.

Get the blessing of Lord Stone to get a quick level boost to your skills. There are variety of perks you can choose for this type of fighting style but these are ideal:

  • Barbarian
  • Champion’s Stance
  • Juggernaut
  • Well-fitted
  • Tower of Strength
  • Power Bash

You can choose any strong Two-Handed weapon and don’t forget to wear Heavy Armor. As for followers, you can choose between Stenvar, Belrand, Vigilance, or Meeko.


Dark Elves are great Spellswords. You will have to level up all three attributes if you choose to play this archetype. Level up Health, Magicka, and Stamina in 40/30/30 ratio. Level up One-Handed and Destruction as your primary skills and for secondary skills, choose Light Armor and Illusion.

Get the blessing of the Lover Stone if you want to level up your skills faster. When it comes to perks, you definitely a lot of options, but these perks seem ideal:

  • Armsman
  • Fighting Stance
  • Destruction Rank Perks
  • Augmented Flames, Frost, or Shock
  • Impact
  • Agile Defender

Pick any one-handed weapon and learn good Spells. You can wear any enchanted Light Armor – this is important, because you want to have magical characteristics in your armor and be mobile at the same time. You can choose between Lydia and Vorstag as your followers.


Bretons are great Necromancers. If you want to play as a Necromancer, your focus should on Magicka but don’t forget health either. Level up these attributes in 70/30 ratio and you should be fine.

You can level up Conjuration and Illusion as your primary skills and for your secondary skills, you can level up Alteration and Restoration. To get a quick level up boost, you can get the blessing of Ritual Stone.

These are the idea perks you should go for as a Necromancer:

  • Spellcasting Perks
  • Conjuration Dual Casting
  • Necromancy
  • Dark Souls
  • Mystic Binding
  • Mage Armor

Your weapons are your spells and Bound Weapons. For armor, you should have a regenerate robe. You can have some followers as a Mage, recommended above.


Khajiit are good Assassins. If you want to become an Assassin, your focus should be on all three attributes but with varied focus. You can level up Health, Magicka, Stamina attributes in 60/20/20 ratio.

Your primary skills should be One-handed and Sneak. For secondary Skills, you should choose Alchemy and Pickpocket. To get a quick level boost, you can get the blessing of Shadow Stone.

These would be the ideal perks for you as an Assassin:

  • Stealth
  • Backstab
  • Assasin’s Blade
  • Armsman
  • Dual Flurry
  • Dual Savagery

You can choose any dual one-handed weapon. Like Dagger in one-hand and Assassin’s Blade in other. We have detailed the advantages and disadvantages of dual-wielding here. Don’t forget to read that first.

For armor, you can’t afford to wear Heavy Armor because it will compromise your movement, so go for Light Armor. You are better off without followers because your followers may compromise your stealth – giving away your position.


Imperials are good Battlemages. As a Battlemage, your focus should be to level up Magicka and Health attributes in 60/40 ratio. Your primary Skills should be Destruction and Restoration. For secondary skills, you should choose Illusion and Heavy Armor.

To get a quick level boost, get the blessings of Apprentice Stone. Though you have a lot of magic related perks available, but specifically for Battlemage archetype, these seem to be ideal:

  • Spellcasting Perks
  • Illusion Dual Casting
  • Destruction Dual Casting
  • Augmented Flames, Frost, or Shock
  • Recovery
  • Juggernaut

Spells are your weapons and staff is what you need to cast them. You can also use one-handed weapon because you are a battle mage and have required skills to fight with a weapon also. You can wear heavy armor – don’t worry, you will be fine.

You can have any follower really, it doesn’t make much of a different when you play as a Battle-Mage.

The Weaponmaster

Redguards are good Weaponmasters. As a weapon master, your focus should be on Health and Stamina in 60/40 ratio. Your primary skills should be One-Handed and Heavy Armor. Your secondary skills should be Archery and Enchanting.

To get a quick level boost, you can get the blessing of Steed Stone. Following is the list of ideal perks for a weapon master:

  • Armsman
  • Fighting Stance
  • Dual Flurry
  • Dual Savagery
  • Juggernaut
  • Well-fitted

You can use bows and arrows, even dual-wield – choose whatever weapon you are comfortable with and go to battle! but don’t forget to wear heavy armor. You can choose between Marcurio and Illia as your potential followers.


Argonians are good Rogue. As a rogue, you should level up your Health, Magicka, and Stamina attributes in 40/40/20 ratios. You can choose Sneak and Illusion as your primary skills. For secondary skills, you can choose Archery and One-Handed.

To get a quick level boost, you can get the blessing of Serpent Stone. Following are the ideal perks you can level up to become a formidable rogue:

  • Stealth
  • Illusion Perks
  • Illusion Dual-casting
  • Quiet Casting
  • Overdraw
  • Armsman

You can use spells, bows and arrows or any one-handed weapon that you are comfortable with, but don’t forget to wear enchanted light armor because nothing beats it as a rogue. You can choose between Jenassa and Faendal as your potential followers.

For more help on Skyrim, read our Skills/Perk Tree, Leveling Guide, and Standing Stones Locations guide.

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  • RetroRoboSniper

    This is a terrible representation of a weapon master – “or even dual wield”? dual wielding is a weapon master’s LIFE. Health should not be a priority – your objective is to kill the enemy as fast as possible, so you need STAMINA. Do power attacks as much as possible.

    But the primary/secondary skill are good :)

    Sorry if I’m being harsh but I will always be a redguard weapon master and they are EXTREMELY underrated. Everybody, try this out sometime…it’s really fun. :)

  • Clayton

    No Orc should be a mage

  • Clayton

    Berserker all the way!!!!

  • me the awesome bro-gend

    Orcs make a good pure mage. Berserk plus magic damage equals to serious bloodspill, for the orcs. haha

  • psiberzerker

    Redguards, and Imperials also make good Spellswords. I usually go Redguard, because the Adrenaline Rush daily power is useful for long distance sprinting. They don’t start with any Armor skill, but the best 1 handed in the game plus Destruction, and Alteration, so you’re pretty well set-up right out of Helgen. I use Heavy Armor with Robes for Magicka support, and usually one of the Dragon priest Masks. Start with Destruction, then switch to Conjuration at higher level (Because it’s always powerful.) Bound Sword is a great trainer for Conjuration. Basically, burn them with firebolts until they close, then finish them with your weapon. I usually prefer an Ebony Waraxe.

  • Kam0laZ

    Warrior/Sniper here.

    -> Level up Health/Stamina in 50/50 ratio, get Atronach stone blessing for the nice +50 magicka and 50% spell absorb.

    -> Main skills: One Handed, Heavy Armor, Block, Smithing (Warrior part)

    -> Secondary skills: Archery, Sneak (sniper part), Restoration, Enchanting

    -> Other skills (to level up even more): Alchemy, Speech, Lockpick

    -> Perk usage:

    – One Handed: Armsman, Fighting Stance, Savage Strike. Max Bladesman if you have spare points, if not ignore it. Other perks not needed, since 1H sword with paralyze + shield.

    – Block: Everything except Quick Reflexes. Can fling foes up in the air with Shield Charge, how cool is that? Elemental protection becomes obsolete if you use Spellbreaker shield.

    – Heavy Armor: Everything. Try to get Conditioning ASAP, to be able to run faster, sprint more and carry more loot.

    – Smithing: Right side perks (heavy armor) up to Daedric. Get Arcane Blacksmith ASAP. Dragonplate has less armor rating than Daedric, and weight becomes meaningless with Conditioning. Spare points can go up to Glass to enhance Chillrend if you want to use it.

    – Archery: Everything except Steady Hand and Bullseye. Max Critical Shot with spare points.

    – Sneak: Get Deadly Aim. Only 3 perks needed for this. Full muffling can be obtained with Ebony Mail and any muffled boots.

    – Restoration: Only Novice Restoration, no more is really needed (Healing spell). Spend spare points as you see fit.

    – Enchanting: Everything except the elemental perks (left side).

    – Speech: Get Merchant. Only 3 perks for this. No more is needed.

    – Other skills are just to increase character level, don’t spend perks in them.

    -> Equips:
    – One handed sword of your preference.
    – Bow of your preference (custom enchant with Soultrap and Paralyze works wonders).
    – Ebony Mail (warns you about nearby foes with its poison mist, can be annoying for sniping).
    – Custom enchanted heavy boots with Muffle.
    – Spellbreaker shield (excelent against spellcasters and dragons, specially with Block Runner and Deadly Bash perks) or Shield of Solitude or Shield of Ysgramor (magicka resists).
    – Amulet of Talos (for the reduced shout recharge).
    – Rest of equipment is up to you, recommend +1h dmg, +archery dmg, +magicka resist, +stamina regen enchants and daedric gear.

    -> Comments and rants:

    – This build can easily hit the damage reduction cap. With max Juggernaut, 100 Heavy Armor, 100 Smithing (and Daedric perk) and +%smith enchanted clothing (100 Enchanting, max Enchanter, Insightful Enchanter perk and grand souls), I got over 700 armor rating, without using that alchemy/enchanting/smithing exploit. I started playing in Master difficulty once I got my endgame gear and cream everything that crosses my path.

    – In dungeons I usually try to snipe my foes. I use a custom enchanted daedric bow (legendary of course) with soultrap and paralyze, with ebony/daedric arrows, to fill soulgems and soften them up. Usually they die in a single shot, some take up to 4 shots. Once detected, I switch to blade + shield and tank away.

    – I only use Alchemy skill to increase its level (and thus my level) and increase Speech (by selling the potions and poisons produced). No perks spent in it whatsoever. Just pickup/buy ingredients and brew away.

    – I didn’t use potions during my play, only relying on retreating and using my starter Healing spell to recover when needed. Good exercise to raise Restoration skill. Later got better spells, but kept using Healing, thus only 1 perk in Novice Restoration. At 150 magicka (200 with High Elf) one can only cast so much. Thankfully the Atronach blessing helps here.

    – Started at Novice difficulty and raised it progressively as I saw fit. No way I could beat the first dragon on Master, and even on Novice it was one hell of a fight. Once I got Spellbreaker and started smithing and enchanting some gear, I was able to get on higher difficulties. It wasn’t until I got my endgame gear, fully enhanced to legendary and dual enchanted, that I raised it to Master. Currently level 70 (that Destruction, Pickpocket, Light Armor and Two Handed are a pain to raise) and eating Ancient Dragons for breakfast.

    Well, hope this helps. Got bored with vanilla, restarted with a Bosmer and some mods to increase the challenge, going for a similar build. So far so good.

    • Kam0laZ

      Forgot to mention.
      At level 50 it should look like this.
      End build is something like this.

      Sorry for double post.

  • Cicero

    IMO, if u know what u’r doing, u’ll have best char (aka End game gears such as Daedric stuffs) after 5 hours. by knowing what u’r doing, i mean leveling up Enchanting (mid tree are most useful)(if you are going to be a magicka user) and Smithing (if u r going to be physical dmg’er like assassin or warrior, etc). if u want to be a deadly assassin, both are perfect. i personally dont recommend Alchemy because i dont use it, ever. once u have enchanting to lvl 100 Enchanting and u have Extra Effect, u can go with Illusion (i dont think Apprentice Illusion tree worth anything and in mid tree, i think Hypnotic Gaze is all that really matters, the right side is the most important too) and (MAYBE) Destruction (to kill dragon because with Impact, a dragon will be interrupted to use a breath). Sneak is a must, so there is no need to talk about it lol. one-handed is a maybe, up to u, really. with Destruction (with Impact), u dont need Archery.

  • Siah

    I’ve started a few builds and one i’m finding most entertaining is a unique spellsword type build – (using a Dark Elf.. because yes.)

    start with a few in conjuration and get bound sword with mystic binding – strong weapon for early game.
    a couple points in 1hand, destruction, and restoration.
    build into light armor and max out smithing and enchanting to customize gear.

    stats go for about a 2/1/1 but i vary it a bit.

    -Conjuration – summoner, necromancy (my preference), dark souls, and the bound weapons perks – apprentice lvl
    -Destruction – frost (my preference) with deep freeze, up to apprentice or adept lvl
    -Restoration – respite, regeneration, dual casting (optional), recovery, up to apprentice or adept (additional perks – necromage and avoid death)
    -Onehand – armsman, bladesman, fighting stance, savage strike
    -Light armor – fill out
    -Smithing – with daedric for weapons and dragon for armor
    -Enchanting – one in fire, the rest for skill and stat and extra effect, (additional – soul squeezer)

    Only just started this kind of build as my other toons are purists lol (I usually love mages best, yet surprisingly my favorite of the purists would be the warrior build – usually something i never go for in these kind of games.. it was the decapitations that did it for me :P) Also love assassins… sneak up and slash their throats… so satisfying. Or the archer assassin – shooting dragons out of the sky to have them crash into the ground, dirt spraying everywhere, brings smiles to me face :)

    But instead of sticking with purists, I thought I would try to bring Skyrim’s potential forth in its ‘play anything’ style.

    — Raise some zombies (or conjure some atronachs), grab a shiny sword out of thin air (or bow when taking out dragons from the sky), throw some fireballs or icicles or lightning bolts, stab a dragon in the face, and heal yourself when necessary.

    feedback? this is my most recent build and really haven’t gotten far with it, but so far it is quite promising and entertaining.

  • Austin

    i see what you mean with no lock picking but i think that pickpocket should be replaced be lockpicking because when are you going to pickpocket a enemy when you can just kill them and take everything without having to get more skills. Also alchemy can be used to make potions that have negative affects on your enemy making it easy to kill them fast and undetected. The only thing that i can think of that is good with pickpocket is putting poison in there pockets but you will need really strong poison to kill them with it.

  • Bartumes

    I agree with alot of this but there are some problems with your assasion biuld. it says you cant fight but i am playing an assasion that uses daggers instead of bows. I have gloves from the dark brotherhood so i do times 15 times damage with one handed sneak attacks. anyway you say they can fight at all which is not true. Becaese i use Daggers i have a very high one handed skill, so i am a assasion warrior allowing me to take enemies out silently, but if detected kill them all.

  • vibe

    I’m using an Orc Berserker during my first play through (got it for Xmas).

    Pretty much using exactly the same Perks you are.

    I’m going up the left tree of Archery to Power Shot, Heavy Armour’s Juggernaut and Well Fitted, the Bash tree of Block, The Two-Handed tree to Devastating Blow perhaps Sweep, and Heavy Smithing.

    Really low-tech but loving it.

  • gem86

    PS: Not to mention the fact that you can get Peerless Smithing gloves to add another 25% damage bonus to your weapon sharpening on the grindstone. You can even do this AFTER a weapon has been made Legendary or Flawless, and still add a good 10-25 points of damage per hit.

    For Magic users a similar thing applies, but then to % cost reduction on specific schools. You can reduce a single school up to 22% per item, so do the math. :)

  • gem86

    I may have missed a few comments, but I havent seen anyone mentioning that the Onehanded + XX % damage bonus, similarly to the Bow + XX % and Twohanded + XX % damage bonuses are actually the best enchants for anyone not using spells as primary.

    My kit currently involves Boots with +40% 2handed damage, gloves with +40% 2 handed and +40% bows, etc. Almost every piece, including neck and ring but excluding the chestpiece can be given these enchants AND THEY STACK.

    This, coupled with a Legendary sharpened Ebony Greatsword gives me a base nonmagical weapon damage of over 200 per hit.

    I’m level 75 now and everything that isn’t a dragon falls in one blow.

    Boring? Remove an item or two, or remake them into Onehanded + Bow for the other half of your gear set so you can use any weapon you find to full effect.

    I’m so surprised nobody mentioned this here yet… Get Smithing/Enchanting to 100 and you’ve got yourself the strongest perks in game.

  • alduin

    perfect battlemage

    good light armour a one hand sword

    destrution to one handed 60/40

    focus on geting more perks .

    also level up enchanting

  • mikeyt19

    is should be pickpocketing cuz if your in assassin you can choose the perk that allows you to place a poison in there pockets which can kill them instantly!!!

  • SlashAnon

    you shouldn’t rely on any character guide, including this one. Play how you want to play, and if you think you’ll regret picking up a certain perk, save it for later? Also, I have not put a single point into lockpicking and I pick master/expert locks all day with my 30 lockpicking skill. If you can find a quest, I’m pretty sure you’ll get an unbreakable lock pick eventually anyway. At least pickpocketing allows you to steal weapons from people. However, my simple solution to that is to increase my bow damage so that I can more easily slaughter that person who has MY WEAPON. (you call yourself an assassin)

  • Anaksha

    For berzerker i would do something else aswell i would not go heavy armor given it gives more defense but to me a zerker takes a lotta damage and dishes a lot out that means to me a constant flow of power attacks which can be found in the one handed tree + light armor so i would go with an orc and this build

    Note that the build is at lvl 50 so after that ya can do whatever ya want i added speech since im a berserker i should be able to intimidate people and since i dont have sneak here i needed a way to be able to lockpick houses without being noticed!

    restoration for the death save and some healing and alteration for the lack of resists the orc has in case his daily ability is down!

    With this build during the war (if ya participate) ya can find the first enemy and basically pop rage and obliterate their whole stationed army at any keep! just have some health potions ready or a quick healing spell once rage is done if ya didnt manage to find em all in time!

    Oh yea i play master difficulty only never even played the easier difficulties! and the builds i make work! And to be able to beat master difficulty ya really dont need the overpowered enchanting / smithing / alchemy its nice and ive done tried it but it makes the game boring when ya have a dual wielding assassin who can just stand toe to toe in light armor with a dragon and actually beat them!

    Greetz anaksha

  • Anaksha

    Hi for assassin i would build my char differently (which i have and it works perfectly)

    namely like this
    after 50 i would put more points into alteration and enchanting and i would stick to the worn shrouded gear and rename em ancient shrouded (except the gloves) so ya can become an even more powerfull assassin!

    Now why not pure assassin (without illusion) well ive tried several assassin builds and several races to fit what i wanted it to do!

    when i played orc i got detected way too easily
    as a kajiet for some reason i got detected aswell even tho they have sneak bonus
    i tried bosmer same problem

    after all those tries i went with dark elf vampire (25% harder to detect + 25% illusion bonus) now as a dark elf i can literally stand in front of a dragon who is taking a nap and he wont see me!

    Other noticeble things are since ya get 25% stronger illusion spells they last longer while yer lvling (became a vampire at lvl 5).

    and the weakness to fire isnt really a weakness its a strenght if ya play a dark elf because every time ya move up a rank yer frost resist goes up so basically yer trading fire for frost and with the innate 50 fire resist dark elves have….this is a perfect tradeoff!

    the other edge that gives is that if yer about to fight a boss ya save it F5 and then go fight him if he does a lotta fire damage stay stage 1 vampire if he does lotsa frost and ya cant best him (forgot resist pots) then f9 + wait for stage 3 or 4 even!

    Another thing is i get impatient and wanna stab stab stab like cicero if i get detected i have a pacify spell hotkeyed and ready to be cast and retry instead of having to go toe to toe in weak light armor or try to run and shadowwarrior my way out!

    Being a vampire is AWESOME and the feeding really isnt that hard just get married and when ya wanna get back to stage one go home wait till yer spouse hits the sack and drink her blood! or later on wait for 10 pm in the dark brotherhood and go to the chamber next to your main bedroom there is a follower there whom ya can relyably drink of!

    Hope that helped
    Greetz anaksha

  • Axel Spagnolo

    This article is not original at all. All of this info is straight out of the Prima Guide for Skyrim. Stop plagiarizing and write your own articles, or source your info properly.

  • Junichi

    How’s about… Just play the damn game instead of looking for a fucking guide telling you how you should play it? If you were gunna do that, save the money and watch a lets play on youtube..

    Stupid lazy ass kids these days I swear…

  • Steffen

    Yes. Nord for a warrior type… not orc with its berserk rage for ½ damage taken and double damage dealt…

  • Ekkie

    I played unarmed all the way through this one, the same as I have since Morrowind!

  • Kinnson

    Spell and shadow are their friends. By darkness they move with haste, casting magic to benefit their circumstances.

    Specialization: Magic
    Attributes: 60/20/20 health/magicka/stamina
    Standing Stone: The Atronach Stone: +50 Magicka, 50% absorb spells, Magicka regenerates 50% slower.

    Alteration: Lvl 90 Mage Armor/Magic Resistance/Dual Casting Perks OR you can bypass Alteration all together and go with light armor, I opted for Alteration,
    One-Handed: Blade specialization
    Destruction: Fire, Lightning or Frost specialization/ Dual Casting/ Impact ( I went Fire)
    Illusion: Lvl 50, Quiet Casting Perk
    Restoration: Lvl 90: Avoid Death Perk
    Sneak: Lvl 80: Silence/Assassins Blade Perk
    Enchanting: Lvl 100 Corpus Enchanter/ Extra Effect
    Smithing: Arcane Enchanter Perk, (to upgrade unique one handed weapons)

    My Perks at level 50 –

    I’ve taken my level beyond 50, really the choice is up to you, I finished out the one handed weapon tree, stealth tree, and illusion tree, I also put a few points in conjuration. From 50-81

    You’re an enchanter, find cloth armor and enchant your weaknesses or buff your strengths.
    I enchanted a mix of cloth gear, Magicka Regeneration is useless, go with cost reduction enchants or just increase your health/magicka/stamina base.

    Robes: Arch-Mage Robes
    One-Handed: Dragonsbane

    Spells of Intrest: Ebonyflesh/Dragonhide/Invisiblity/
    Preferred Dragon Shout – Aura Whisper

  • Nick Graziano

    I haven’t seen my build anywhere but it works really well so I want to explain it. Put Magicka:Health:Stamina in at a 3:1:1 ratio.

    All summoning perks for two dremora lords, main offense and defense

    Wall of Flames/Incenerate or Wall of Shock/Lighting Bolt if mage

    Light Armor
    All perks

    One Handed


    All perks


    All perks for dual enchantmant to make most beneficial items for class

    This class sounds weird, but you just hide with high sneak while Dremora Lords kill everything, backstab, resummon, or incinerate everything. Shouts that help are Marked for death, Unrelenting Force (If you get caught) and Throw Voice. I am a lvl 43 on master with this build, it works.

  • fgd

    poor hints for a TES fan, but might give some orientation to someone new :p

  • Tahiri

    You guys keep using awesome adorable thumbnails I want to see the full picture for, but for the most boring assed articles that dont even use the pic. Quit being deceptive.

  • Danarchy

    Sounds like my character as far as the Main perks go, except I didn’t dabble so heavily in the magics yet, I went for lockpicking/pickpocket/speech since he’s also a Thief of sorts. Really nice Assassin build, much more in-depth than the one posted above for sure.

  • Leo

    Perfect Assassin build;

    Ebony Mail (Daedric Quest; Boethia)
    Ebony Boots w/ Muffled (Random loot/Smith and Enchant)
    Ancient Shrouded Hood (Dark Brotherhood; Help Gabriella)
    Shrouded Gloves (Dark Brotherhood; With friends like these…)
    High Mana Regeneration Ring/Necklace

    Main Weapons;
    Blade of Woe (Dark Brotherhood; Death Incarnate)
    Enchanted Bow (Random loot/Smith and Enchant)

    Secondary Weapons;
    Anti Zombie – Dawnbreaker (Daedric Quest; Mephala)
    Anti Dragon – Dragonbane (Main/Blades Quest; Alduin’s Wall)
    Anti Everything else – Nightingale Blade (Thieves’ Guild – Hard Answers)

    Conjuration – Summoning in case of detection.
    Restoration – Healing in case of detection (Potions are faster).
    Enchanting – If you can’t find something, make it.

    Main Perks; (13/81)
    Archery – Overdraw (5/5), EagleEye, Steady Hand (2/2)
    Sneak – Stealth(1/5), Muffled Movement, Backstab, Deadly Aim, Assassin’s Blade.

    Secondary Perks; (42/81)
    Conjuration – Novice, Apprentice.
    Restoration – Novice, Dual Casting, Regeneration, Respite, Recovery (2/2).
    Smithing – Steel, Elven, Dwarven, Orcish, Arcane, Glass, Ebony.
    Enchanting – Enchanter (5/5), Fire, Frost, Shock, Skill, Double Enchant.
    Illusion – Novice, Animage, Kindred Mage, Quiet Casting.

    Note; You now have a grand total of 39 perks left over, for use on any extraneous skills or perks you would like to use.

    Aura Whisper – Ten second major detect life with a 200 feet or more range. what else need be said?

    The Blade of Woe, coupled with Assassin’s Blade, a high level of stealth, and enough muffling, will literally allow you to sneak kill every single enemy including DragonPriests in less than four hits on Master difficulty. The Backstab perk on the gloves doubles the damage bonus of Assassin’s Blade, making any stealthed knife attack to 30* damage, easily getting into the +900 damage range with a forged Blade of Woe.
    For less deadly enemies, or far away ones, the bow with those perks will allow for sniping and remaining undetected afterwards, even if the enemy survives your initial onslaught.


  • Foulcor


    if u can get your hands on the fiery soul enchanment(targets killed within x seconds souls are captured within an empty soul shard, does 10 fire dmg and an extra if target is on fire) and set its to 1second since the 10fire dmg does not change also it gives u alto of uses if u add it with at least a common gem.

    ~if u dont have smithing up to lv 60 to upgrade enchanted weapons i suggest upgrade them as high as u can b4 u enchant

    ~if u apply a poison to you weapon before u take the first shot sso u deal more dmg so u can take out that first target in 1 hit

    ~if your walking into an area you know is going to have enemies draw your arrow before u get there so u can save a little bit of time.

    ~the bow shoots a little bit higer then the marker at closer ranges so if u wanna go for a headshot at close to medium range try to aim down a bit the closer they are the lower u wanna aim but not to low

    hope this helps any curious about going full archer.

  • Nico

    Hi, in assassin you say we should focus on alchemy and pickpocket as secondaries. I agree with alchemy but shouldnt it be lockpicking instead of pickpocket? otherwsise it contracdicts what was said in the character build guide.

    • Dylan

      Lockpicking can be done at any level and is pretty slow to advance. Pickpocketing on the other hand is always the first thing that i get to lvl 100. Once you get it that far you steal peoples weapons and armour from them and then they are helpless. But as an assassin archery is ridiculously good also.