Skyrim Dragon Hunter Guide – Dragon Locations and Dragon Souls

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Dragons are completely random in Skyrim but it doesn’t mean there aren’t any who are fixated to their lairs. Dragons who are protecting Dragon Shouts Word Walls are fixated to one location and are indicated by a small dragon head on your mini-map and radar.

You can easily find these dragons and kill them to absorb their souls. You need to absorb 20 souls to earn ‘Dragon Hunter’ achievement. For more help on Skyrim, read our Walkthrough, Crafting Guide, and Leveling Guide.

Dragon Locations

Dragons are more likely to appear at these locations.

Location. You will find a dragon during main quest ‘A Blade in the Dark’ at the burial ground in the hills.

Location. Look for a dragon flying around the corner of the mountains, east of Kynesgrove, by the orc camp.

Rannveig’s Fast
Location. Look for a dragon protecting a Dragon Shout, south of Morthal, outside the entrance.

Location. There are two dragons in southwest of Helgen, near Bonechill Passage. One is Ice dragon and second is a Fire dragon. They are difficult to fight due to the tricky terrain so save the game when you reach the fort area.

Ancient’s Ascent
Location. You will find a dragon protecting a Dragon Shout just after going through Bonechill Passage. It should come up on your radar.

Lost Tongue Overlook
Location. There is dragon in area south of Riften. You will encounter it during bounty mission that you can take from Wilhelm in Ivarstead’s Inn.

South Skybound Watch
Location. You will find a dragon in the middle of Helgen and Riverwood in the mountainous area. Powerful Wispmothers crawl the area, so you can use them when you fight against this dragon. If you aren’t careful, both may party up and take you down instead.

Autumnwatch Tower
Location. You will encounter a dragon in South of Ivarstead and further south of Rift Imperial Camp, by the towers in the mountain. There is plenty of cover for the range attackers in the area, so better use it to your advantage.

Arcwind Point
Location. You will encounter a dragon in the west of the Autumnwatch Tower. There is a Draugr Overlord in the area – again, you should let the two beasts fight and damage the dragon during their fight.

Be careful near the stairs though, you may encounter a Draugr Death Overlord by the stairs, who is a difficult enemy to fight with.

Brownstrewn Crest
Location. You will encounter a dragon directly south of Windhelm, in the middle of the swampland, up on the top of large hill, guarding a Dragon Shout.

Shor’s Stone
Location. You may encounter a dragon in the small mining village that is in the mountain range between Windhelm and Riften, on the right – It is non-snowy area.

Northwind Summit
Location. When you receive a letter from friend about a source of power in the mountains between Windhelm and Riften, round the corner from Shor’s Stone, and you should encounter a dragon.

Wreck of the Winter War
Location. There is wreckage in northeast of Windhelm. To the west of this wreck on the share, you may encounter a dragon. There are bears swarming this area.

Mount Anthor
Location. Elder dragon, which you may encounter in the middle mountain in the range to the northwest of Windhelm.

Darkwater Crossing
Location. Another location you are more likely to encounter a dragon.

Dragontooth Crater
Location. You may encounter a dragon in the large mountain area, between Solitude and Markarth, in the northwest of Skyrim.

Location. On top of the large mountain, west of Windhelm.

Eldersblood Peak
Location. On top of the mountain, south of Morthal – a dragon lives to protect a Dragon Shout.

Twilight Sepulcher
Location. In the small cave, west of Falreath. You will have to lure him out in the open.

Location. You may encounter a dragon during main quest – Alduin’s Wall. It is east of Markarth, on your way to Rorikstead. It’s a small village, not marked on the map.

How To Kill a Dragon and Absorb Dragon Soul

When you kill a dragon and you can stand next to its remains and absorb its soul. It’s automatic, you just need to close enough, and it will happen. Now to the more important aspect of dragon hunting – how to kill a dragon.

How you fight a dragon is subjective and depends on your fighting style, but behavior of all these dragons in combat is somewhat similar. They circle around the target, hover, attack you with their magicka (Dragon Shout) – rinse and repeat. They may land and through whatever magic they have your way and use their tail against you when you get behind them.

You don’t want to get too close to dragons because they can eat you. Since you can’t get too close to a dragon, Mage Character Build will definitely help in slaying a dragon. Being a Mage, you can hide, get behind a cover, and then pop-out at the right time to do your damage.

Cover will keep your protected from the Spells and at the same time, allow you to pop-out and attack from distance. Trick is to use the counter magic against a dragon – like if the dragon attacks with Fire spells, use Ice spells. If you are Warrior, you can use Dragon Shouts to serve this purpose – like you can use Frost Breath and Fire Ball.

When playing as a Warrior, use the Slow Down Time Shout, and get close to the dragon and inflict damage as much as you can. When fighting a dragon, you should always have some distractions, to keep dragon busy. Dragons will attack everyone around you so having other NPCs fighting the dragon will only help you in this case.

Let dragon fight the creature/NPCs and then, when they have dealt enough damage – either kill the dragon and absorb the soul or kill the NPC/Creature first, loot them, and move on to finish off the dragon.

Engaging the dragon with other creatures around you will also help you deal some risk free damage. Which helps you finish off the dragon quicker and hassle free.

It really boils down to experimenting what works for you and refining it during your encounters with different dragons throughout Skyrim. Now, below you will find possible locations of dragons that you can kill and absorb their souls for the achievement.

Don’t forget to share your encounters with Dragons by commenting below – Dragons may be random in Skyrim but they do have tendency to pop-up at specific locations.

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  • tdogg 18

    both of my dragons i killed were in whiterun the storyline one and then a random one

  • Jason

    I find it best to use majica against a dragon but also to save while battling so that you can come straight back to battling if you die. Also its good to have lots of healing and majica potions with you. I did this and beat a frost dragon at level 5, but it took lots of trys.

  • dragon slayer

    im level 30 and dragons are somewhat of a challenege for me, i fight frost dragons… i usually hide and us the fireball spell in both hands to inflict double the damage and when i use up all my magica… i take out the bow or use a potion untill it recharges. btw if you thin kgiants are hard then you clearly suck at the game

  • Jonathan Hull

    I have been playing this game for 1 day and have killed or 10 dragons and have got over 12 shouts. I started killing dragons as soon as they started showing up on my game and if you are a thane, for Whiterun you can have Lydia follow you and she is good at helping kill the dragons you face. That is what I have been doing the whole time and I am lvl 11 now

  • Chris C

    Just use a supple archer and a strong type of arrow against the dragon just track it and either send him to giants and mammoths and they will do all the work for you.

  • memememme


  • Dudestopcomplaining

    I did a quest for the jarl of winterhelm which involved killing a dragon. Im at level 48 and so high level dragons apear very often. when i got to the location the quest dragon attacked me along with two other frost dragons. I wait till they hover above me then i use my fire breath and fire away with my bow. it works if you have the close wounds spell because you take some damage from it.

  • jacob

    Killing dragons low lvl is easy, just perk up your archery and light armor and use the environment around you to block the dragons breath. Or just do what i do and shoot a giant when you see a dragon and the giant will kill the dragon for you, then if youre lucky like me, you can be able to kill 1 dragon, 2 giants and 3 mammoths all in one fight at lvl 8.

    • Elham Azizi

      in level8 you cant even kill1giant ore you are cheating on the pc

      • Dirk

        I killed a dragon at level six.

      • you suck

        You must suck then. Giants are easy I’m level seven and new to the game.

  • Bricstix

    By far I disagree with some opinions here, at least when it comes to tactics or ” the best class” to fight a dragon.
    I’ll admit in advance, yes I do play on Expert, not on Master because I am new in this game, bought it recently. But;
    From all of the builds so far, most OP build defo is Two Handed + Enchanting + Heavy / Light Armor (Defenatly up to you) wih 5:3 Ratio Stamina/Health (I would maybe go with even less health here).
    First of all, it is silly to claim dragons will eat you if you stand too close, it is just execution cinematic if you were on low health and dragon landed final blow. Fighting dragons with 2h warrior was more simple then any other class I tried so far (Destro/illusion mage, Archery or even 30x backstab assassins with 100 sneak), yet it all depends on player.
    Saying mages are the best against dragons is not very likely to be true, Dragonrend + smashes with 2h weapons with constant staggering is very handy and it doesn’t require loads of pots, healings, switching magic, hiding, tactics… It is all about getting him to the ground with dragonrend, smashing him with power attack and staggering him + maybe stamina potion from time to time, altho if you have Wuuthrad or anything better, stamina potions are not needed for it will all be over soon.

    Not saying it is the most “fun or skilled” style, but it is defenatly easiest and fastest way to kill a dragon, if you leveled up your two-handed properly.
    There are possible ways to one-two shot dragons with assassin, or that OP poison as archer, but those stuff are late game.

    First time I got dragonrend and fought Alduin on Expert, it was done in 1 minute, I used two potions of lesser healing and few more stamina potions. It was done really fast, and his health went down like a joke with two-handed style. With my mage I had harder time beating him, and as for my archer it wasn’t hard but it lasted for a while. On assassin I didn’t do it yet. But yes, all in all, I strongly disagree mages (Refering mostly to destro spec here) are most OP against dragons. But then, not saying they are not fun to play ofcourse, Destro/Illusion is amazing and fun to play. But I give this to two-handed warriors.

  • john

    Dudes all you need is dragonrend dual enchanted daedric swords and enchanted daedric armour and basically nothing in the game can kill you if you’re good at it…especially dragons

  • del jeffe

    Every so often, after i slept in my bed in the college for a while, there will be one right outside in the campus just chillin, ive killed it like 3-4 times now and most of the time i have to solo it with a fire atronach and spellbound Bow. Its fun, he is an ice dragon so ill use fire spells next time.

    • 7tyel7

      I use my daedric bow of flames an daedric arrows, 3 arrows and they’re done. All I used through the game is a bow so I’m level 100 and its pretty easy

  • Gators90

    I just equip blades armor and dragonbane with dragonrend and kill them like the real blades

  • dylan

    i personally find that the best thing is to double enchant daedric sword to absorb HP and fire damage, i the while dragon is distracted run around the back and slash the heck out of him(dragons aren’t to good at multi-tasking) this keeps your HP up and does added damage.

  • erick

    i just murder them with my deadrik blade of murder that does 300+ damage 😀 and i use dragonrend to get him down

  • brett

    if you summon frost atronach dragons will eventually land and attack it and not attack you just use a bow or whatever and your good to go

  • John

    As for your problem with dragons at low level, here is what I do. I use a \ranger\ build, spending perks on archery, light armor, one-handed weapons, block, and alchemy. Eat any ingredient for which you don’t know the effects, you will find several that offer resistances to magicka, shock, fire, etc. Create several resist potions of each type for emergency, depending on the breath weapon encountered and keep several healing potions and regeneration potions handy. Finding cover behind rocks and trees is essential until they are worn down enough to want to land. If at all possible, run away/lure the dragon near a location which forces a loading screen. You can duck inside a ruin or cave and regenerate your health and magic then emerge and go again. Just stay near the entrance so you have a place to duck and hide.

  • Dkyo777

    I was assigned to kill a dragon for a bounty once. Normally when you get a dragon bounty, the dragon is found sleeping somewhere. So I knew that I could just sneak up on it and use my assassin skills (Warrior/Assassin Build) . Also, with my dagger and the right perks, I could easily hit over 3300 with one power attack of my dagger alone, so I could pretty much one hit Alduin. So I find the dragon from the bounty sleeping on top of a tower. I sneak up the stairs and right behind it. I give one good slash, but it doesn’t just flop and die as planned. Instead, it wakes up, takes off and starts flying away from the tower. Now, I knew that it was impossible for this level 10 dragon to not have been K0ed immediately, so I was very confused. The dragon flew about 100 yards away from the tower, when all of a sudden…it just takes a nose dive straight into the ground. When it hits, the ground shakes, as does my controller. Then the dragon comes sliding all the way back to the bottom of the tower leaving a trail of destruction. I climbed back down and absorbed the soul. \RIP Dralcor level 44, recently deleted\
    \May Dwiin Gogir — ‘Steel Orc’ live on\

  • Dovakin

    Can dragons attack at night? Actually are dragons out at night?

    • del jeffe

      my comment at the bottom, one of the times was at night so ya i think so. unless he just re-spawns at the college 😛

  • Dovakin

    I found a dragon at the gate of windhelm and I killed it with 5 shots with a dwarven bow(exquisite) with 8 frost damage and orcish arrows

  • Legend

    A dragons breath(fire or ice) is used from magic, like the player. Weapons enchanted to deal shock damage and spells like this can stop it from shouting eventually. Hope this helps!

  • DrEvil

    Although I can agree that some magic can help, there is nothing more satisfying than slicing your sword through a dragon. I use a sword and shield and play on master difficulty and I have slain about 50 some odd dragons. So ranged isn’t the only way to win.

  • anomynous

    once I ran up to a mammoth [north or northwest of whiterun] ready to kill it when I saw a dragon close by flying but it didn’t see me. So I ran to it and got its attention then ran back to the mammoth and a giant for some reason. So the blood dragon attacked the mammoth, giant, my follower Jennasa [better than lydia found at whiterun in a tavern], and a flame atronach I conjured. They fought then the giant and mammoth ran where jennasa and the dragon went toe to toe. A few seconds later the runners turned and ran back to finish the dragon off. So me, jennasa, flame atronach, mammoth, and giant teamed up to screw over a blood dragon. After everything the atronach attacked the weakened giant. In the end the maamoth, giant, and dragon all died and my hunting trip for leather ended with a new soul. DOVAKIIN

  • SykoLiu

    To be honest, this is not a very good guide…. by the time you’ve got all the things this guide expects you to use, the dragon fights tend not to be very hard anyway.

    The hard part is fighting them when you’re weak, and it gives no advice about that..

  • Cole

    so i killed this dragon and i never absorbed it soul. wtf do i do?

    • Bobby J

      Have you downloaded the latest patch?
      The still glitch occasionally, though, even if you have.

  • keimpe

    Is that why some souls are not absorbed? And the dragon is just lying there?

  • Jimmeh

    What would be better to use if you were attacking a black dragon, sword and shield or sword and magika?

  • Mikael

    F*kin dragons keep attacking me when im walking around looking for wolves. They dont leave me alone. How do you get them to not attack you.

    • ManDave

      they mite not attack you if u look up every no and then just keep a look out and they won;t really mess with you

  • mikeb

    obviously you are playing on novice

  • Kryssa

    The recent update supposedly fixed a bug that caused dragons not to attack you.

  • daan neumann

    im playing as a nord and im amelee player and i can two hit the dragons ive killed about 45 randoms and bout 15 fixated one so therefore im boss

  • Helper :D

    -Dragon Hunting Guide-
    The easiest way to hunt dragons in the game is to use \Dragonrend\
    (Best for Warriors and unlocked after reading the Elder Scroll) Dragonrend is a shout that if it hits, brings the dragon down. Its great because it has a low recharge time + if you have the right weapons and armour, it will help a lot.

    Recommended Setup:
    Dragonrend (NEEDED)
    Good Weapon (I personally use Ancient Nord BattleAxe of Cold
    Best armoury you have :)

    Good Luck and hope this helped (Hopefully) :)

  • Jenna

    Dude. The “undead mage” named Krosis is a dragon priest, aka one of the toughest foes in the game. Nice one. Collecting all 8 of those masks give you one super mask as well.

  • farlz

    There’s one at Mount Anthor aswell, which is south of Saarthal, the ruins from the first Mage’s College mission. Also, the one at Shearpoint has an undead mage named Krosis, who drops a mask that grants +20% lockpicking, archery and alchemy. Difficult, but well worth it if playing as a ranged ambusher/rogue.

  • Trakel the Dunmer

    So far I haven’t been eaten by the dragon. Though if your not a mage build, the obvious Archery path is good to help along with a Warrior build. If you don’t want to waste stuff in archery to make it work just join The DBH and get the Cowl that gives 20% Bow damage. Doesn’t work amazingly but you’ll notice the damage.

  • Dresden

    I can’t remember where exactly I was, maybe around Fort Hroggstad I think, but I ended up fighting three dragons that were just swooping around. I’m not sure if they just got into a fight with other creatures, or if they were fighting each other, but the none of them had full health, and they were flying around near each other the whole time prior.

  • SlimDefinition

    You can get close to the dragons to fight them, if you dare and are of the warrior class. I have the healing spell on almost constantly while I attack. When they fly off temporarily, I’ll heal fully and use any other fortifications I feel I need and replenish my stamina if possible.
    This works for me, and it’s another method someone else might want to use.

    My character is high elf, and this helps to have extra magicka. I do well as a warrior with her too.

  • spade

    I fought two dragons at lost tongue overlook with a dwarven bow and orcish and steel arrows, used healing restoration and majicka defense potion

  • Joshj

    Actually dragons don’t eat you they just have finishing moves as does the player, also dragons will usually land if there is space if not run and find space, however some dragon are merely for show and will fly off, and it’s doesn’t matter how far you are from the dragons corpse you will absorb it’s soul. One more thing although this is a guess don’t know wether it’s true or not but I think they have magic resistance plus extra resistance to whatever kind of breath they have, and my friends Mage still kills dragons easier with melee

  • skywise

    You’re probably trying to kill the big daddy who’s flying around resurrecting the other ones. Try finding a dragon head on your compass and running to it, there’ll be a dragon there who’ll play with you.

  • Kryssa

    I found one west of Anise’s Cabin, past Bleak Falls Barrow. I saved nearby, and the thing appears like clockwork everytime my feet hit the water at the river’s edge, but the stupid dragon refuses to come down and play. It just circles and roars and eventually flies off. I’m sure it sees me. I’ve been shooting at it, casting spells, even Shouting at it to get its attention, but nothing works. I even tried loading an old save and coming at it again. Any ideas? Anybody else have this problem?

    • meal

      i also have this problem, i just tried and tried, till it sees me, i also tried shooting arrows and spells, i even went on top of the mountain, i read on some of the reviews that some dragons that just want to be left alone. And if you see a dragon, and it wont land, it means he cant land, you just need to go to an open area or a large clear area, where it can land. hope it helps.

  • Dinkster

    whenever i see a random dragon it just flies around and never lands. how do i get it down (i cant hit it with a bow also, it’s too fast.)

    • Q

      use ur shout at em, sometimes it gets theyr attention.** SPOILER ** And at the later part of the main quest u get a shout that makes dragons come down. ** SPOILER **


    and for those who dont know, you cant kill a dragon respawn and absorb its soul. needs to be a different dragon

  • Deg

    I just Dual Cast Lightning Bolt over and over. I’ve got a pure mage build with Magicka bolstering apparel, so I can do it in less than a full bar of Magicka. About 5 or 6 dual LBs! 😀

    Works with every dragon i’ve met so far! <3