How To Mod GTA IV and Install iCEnhance Mod

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If you want to make your GTA IV true to what PC can deliver in next-gen visuals with updated textures, lightening, environments, enhanced shadows and other tiny details, then you should follow this guide to mod your GTA IV and install iCEnhance Mode. ICEnhance Mode changes everything, it converts an Xbox 360 port that is GTA IV, into a PC juggernaut. You know what I mean ? follow the step by step instructions to install ICEnhance Mod.

How to Mod GTA IV

Step by Step instructions to Mod GTA IV with iCEnhance Mod, install Texture Packs, Fonts Mod, and tweak different graphics variables.

Step #1
Install a fresh copy of the Grand Theft Auto 4 into your hardisk. iCEnhance Mod only works with the older version of the game – till patch If you are running the latest patch then you need to uninstall the game and do a fresh installation and update it till patch version

Step #2
Make a backup of the existing game for when something goes wrong. You can download the patch from here. You should choose the ‘Do not update automatically’ if you are running a steam version of the game from Updates tab.

Step #3
Now you need to install the Rockstar Social Group Tool (RSGT) by downloading it from here. Before you install RSGT, rename GTA IV folder to some different name. RSGT will create a new GTA4 folder. Copy all the files inside RSGT created folder to the original GTA IV folder that you renamed. Once you have copied everything back to the renamed folder from RSGT created folder, delete RSGT created GTA IV folder and rename the GTA IV folder back to original name.

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Step #4
Now look for the LaunchGTAIV.exe file in the GTA IV folder and create a shortcut on the desktop. Rightclick on the shortcut and select properties, now find the target field and add “norestrictions” without the quotation marks at the end of the text. This will remove the graphic restrictions in the game allowing you to custom change the graphic settings in the game.

Step #5
Now comes the good stuff, download the iCEnhancer mod from here. Extract the files from this folder and copy them into the Normal version for 1040 patch folder. Overwrite the existing files if asked. Copy the xlive.dll and xlive_d.dll files into your GTA IV folder. Download the fonts mod from here and copy its content into the data folder inside GTAIV\common and overwrite the existing files. It will allow the fonts in the menu to appear correctly.

Step #6
You can download these textures to make cities look better. You can download the texture packs from here. Unzip the folder and copy the PC folder containing the texture files and paste it into the GTAIV folder and overwrite the existing files.

Step #7
If you want to make your game look smooth rather than grainy then you should change the following numbers and the performance will also increase.
You should change these setting only if you want the game to look smooth rather than having grainy textures.

How to Customize Graphics
Open the iceconfig with Notepad and find the options under the SSAO_SSIL heading.

Change the original settings i.e




Now if you want to change the ingame lightening, then under the environment heading there is a field titled ColorPow. It’s 1 by default. Changing it to 2 or 3 will change the lightening in the game accordingly and will make it bright or dard depending on what you want the game to look like.

These mods will make GTA IV refreshing if you wanted to revisit 3-year old game to kill some time as you wait for the next iteration in Grand Theft Auto franchise. Or may be you just like to tweak GTA IV to your liking. Either way you can mod GTA IV by following the instructions in this guide.

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