How to Setup GTA IV First Person Mod

I was curious when I first heard the news that we can play GTA 4 in first person view. It is one of the very interesting and well crafted mods, I have ever come up across. Considering GTA IV is an open World game, it’s a new approach altogether.If you haven’t yet given it a try, you must. Here is a small tutorial to see “Niko” in first person action.

Step 1| Download GTA IV First Person Mod
You need to download the first person mod. Then you are going to need “GTA IV Asiloader” and “GTA IV Scripthook” to make this mod work.

You can download the GTA IV first person mod, asiloader, and scripthook with a simple google search.

GTA IV First Person mod
GTA IV Scripthook

Step 2| Put the files in GTA IV root directory
Extract all of the downloaded archives on your hard drive. Now you need to copy¬† “dsound.dll”, “ScriptHook.dll”, “ScriptHookDotNet.asi”, “firstperson.asi” and”firstperson.ini” files from the exacted archives in your GTA 4 root folder.

If you have any older version of “asiloader”, delete it first.

Step 3| Launch the Game
Launch the game and enjoy the world of Grand Theft Auto 4 in first person view.

Most importantly, have fun doing that. You can also sync in-game GTA IV time with your system clock using our guide through the link.

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