Two Worlds 2 Spells Crafting Guide

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In Two Worlds 2 one needs a combination of cards to caste the respective spells. Every spell requires atleast two cards. One is for effects while other is the Carrier card for the particular action. Then there are some modifiers which increase the effectiveness of your spell move.

The strength of each spell depends on the number of cards you are using for a particular spell which in turn is dependent on the number of available slots. More the slots, more cards you can use to strengthen your attack. Number of available slots can be increased as you acquire skills progressively.

Two Worlds 2 Spells Crafting Guide

Effect Cards

These cards impart special effects to your spells. There are 15 of them In 5 groups. Each group contains 3 variants of the same type of effect.

It has three variants: Air, Life and Lightning

Variants include Stone, Earth and Undead.

It includes Fire, Power and Force

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Water, Ice and Psyche are included.

Features Poison, Corpse and Decay.

Carrier Cards

These cards decide the action of your spell. There are six different carrier cards that are featured in Two Worlds 2.

An altar is created. Effects are dependent on the other cards used in the combination.

Area Effect
The effect area range is 4m.

You can see the effect on the target and you gain bonus.

You can fire missiles with a certain speed. Speed can be increased using more cards.

You can summor a pet after 3rd level.

You can set traps for enemies. Traps last for 60 seconds.


These cards can be used to modify your spells. Homing, Ricochet and Spray are only available when you use missile carrier card.

This card will allow you to inflict damage.

This modifier makes missiles chase the target.

This modifier can change the effect of your spell into some positive spell like healing.

Missiles bounce off to affect multiple targets.

Multiple missiles can be fired at the same time.

It increases the lasting time of your spell.

So now that you know about the role of each card, you can make combination of your own, i.e Carrier+Effect or Carrier+Effect+Modifiers can be used in various combination to make different spells.

Multiple modifiers can be used which ultimately will increase the effectiveness of your spell. You can also combine the spells so that they are launched simultaneously to cause more damage. The combined spell sections are only allowed with Altar, Missile and Trap.

Two Worlds 2 Unique Spells

These are some distinct spells with unique names.


Area effect+Lightning+Damage



Lightning Shield
Area effect+Lightning+Damage+Time+Protection

Static Field
Area effect+Lightning+Damage+Time

Fire Blast
Area effect+Fire+Damage

Fire Bolt


Ice Bolt

Eye for an Eye

If you have any other suggestion in making different spells, do share with us. In case you are struggling with the game, you can refer to our Two Worlds 2 Walkthrough Guide.

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  • Jacek

    earth+time+damage+enchant(carrier)- i never found anything that survived this. I named it Stonegrave.

  • BDasher

    I could only add time modifier, although i have damage and spray cards? What to do?

  • dewaine

    i tried alot of these spells but none of them would work?

  • crazyangel

    the anvil shower is air+area effect+time+damage

  • TrevorOhSoCleaver

    I have a few favorites. Meteor shower is usful against mummys and most undead groups alike, such as *Spoiler alert* when u break that
    guy out of jail for resa and you have to teleport to her house.
    Meteor shower:

    2nd tier:Force+aoe+time+damage

    I made a spell that drops anvils on my enemys heads but dont remeber how to make it if someone can plz help me id appreciate it, also i know of Chain lightning

    Chain lightning:
    1st tier:lightning+missle+damage+spary(2)+homung

    2tier: Air+Aoe+damage+time

  • Will

    Stone Encasement
    -Part 1
    Stone shower: 2 stone golem earth effect cards, 1 area of effect card, 2 time duration cards, and 1 damage card

    *This move alone is fairly powerful

    -Part 2
    Flame Void Missile: (It’s a combo) 1 burning man card, 1 missile card, 1 damage card, and one honing (targeting) card. Then this combined with 1 burning man card, 2 area of effect cards, 1 damage card, and 2 time cards.

    These two spells together encase your opponents in stone, and oftentimes can be a lethal combo.

  • DethIzBliss

    Another 3 good spells are:

    Leech Life (Group)

    Corpse + Damage + Missile + Homing + Spray + Ricochet

    effect : sends multiple spears of spectral damage that home in on its targes and bounce off each one a set amount of times, each hit gives the cast HP. Highly modified, can do 1000 per hit, sending 6 spears out that riccochet 4 times. Highly effective against groups

    Static Field Modified

    First Tier
    Air + Missile + Homing + Damage + Spray

    Second Tier
    Lightning + Area Effect + Damage + Time

    Effect Maxed- Sends out 7 bolts that turn into 6m radius 400 dps lightning bolted areas that last 10+ seconds. Very good to cast before groups get to you, and then watch them run to their deaths.

    Summon Dark Knight
    Decay + Summon + Time

    You can combine with spray as Rothgar mentioned, which can ultimately create 7 lvl 40 dark knights with 90% bonus in hp and dmg who are equipped with swords, axes, spears, and bows. Giving you a variety in your army of minions.

    Hope this helped.

    • Naves

      To let me correct it , you cant summon level 40 knights.Max level is 30 with 25%boost with highest carrier and modifier cards.

  • Rothgar

    I was shown how to make a multi bolt summons and a fire or ice storm spell. First tier is missle carrier and fire or ice effect. Add damage mod, homing mod, and a few of the multi shot mods. Then second tier can be ice or fire again and then use either the summons carrier or the AOE carrier. Add damage mod and if your using it as a summons you can extend the time and power of your summoned creatures. Hope this makes sense, Im still learning the game.

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