Two Worlds 2 Walkthrough

Two Worlds 2 brings with it a host of interesting quests and in this walkthrough guide we have compiled them all for you to learn the game

Two Worlds II is a much better game than its predecessor with better gameplay, graphics and animations. You can refer to this Two Worlds 2 Walkthrough Guide for help with the main quests of the game. As for the side quests, they are fun, exploratory and relatively easy so you won’t have any problem doing those. Furthermore, you can tweak the game by following our Two Worlds 2 Tweak Guide and install Two Worlds 2 Essential Mods to increase performance and improve graphics.

Two Worlds 2 Walkthrough

Jail break
Once you are free, you need to follow the female that freed you from guards. Keep on following her till you are interrupted by a cutscene. After the cutscene is over, head to the second floor and open the door. You need to open the passageway to move on. The secret switch in the room can be found in the bookshelves on the stairs above.

Keep on moving Dar Pha till you see another cutscene. The custscene here will be a fight between Sordahon and Rogdor. You need to find another way so sprint your way to the stairs (for the second teleport). Another twist here as you will be separated from your guide as you are stopped by the bars. Here you will learn the technique to open the door. Hit each gap in the ring to push it further inside till the door is opened.

You will find the second teleport in the alchemist’s library. Your next task will be to guard the entrance. Pick the old mace on the shelf nearby and deal with the guard you encounter. By default “F” key is to be used to take out the weapon. Use the Teleport to head to “Alsorna”.

Chapter 1

Getting to Hatmandor
You can’t get through the door while you are on the horse. Cross the gate on foot. Next you need to deal with the “Varns” fighting with the guards. Make sure that you don’t shoot any of the guards as you don’t want unnecessary enemies.

After the door is opened, more Varns will appear. You can choose two paths here. One is by hills (you will face lesser enemies) while the other is the main path where you will face more Varns.

At the Hatmandor gates, you will be asked to meed the commander Valarin in Cheznadder. Before that, you need to complete another task. Meet Jarrad to have the info about the murderers. He won’t open his mouth till you help him in getting the medicine from Emperor’s warehouse for his mother.

You need to sneak into the warehouse from the roofs. Unlock the vault and have the medicine. Give him the medicine and you will have what you wanted. Now head to Valarin to report. The gate to the city will now be opened.

You will come to know that you need a pass which can be done only at Hatmandor. Now there are multiple ways to get through. You can use anyone of them:

You can have the pass from Smart Mat for 500 auras. You will meet him when you return to the village. don’t forget it that Smart Mat is a fraud.

Just beside the North Village exit, you can have the info about Smuggler’s passage for 300 Auras from Tobias the Trunk. He is also a fraud but you will meet him in future.

You can get to know about the Smuggler’s pathways also from Dagwa that is only if you have helped her with Sausage.

You can head to Lewsam (the gravedigger) and accept his offer.Here you will come to know about Tom Scribe. You can find him at his home sitting on a bench. Scribe’s ex-wife will agree to help you at the end of the mission. If you return the inkwell to the women then she will tell you about the smuggler’s pathway. And if you return it to the owner, you will get a pass to get through the Odval.

Or you can meet Alima and during the series of quests, help Selena to overthrow her. You will receive a pass as a gift from Ledo.

Have the pass and you can get through the Ovdal.

Inside Man
Meet Basel in “Under the Influence” and complete some simple tasks for him to have the required information.

Your first task is to eavesdrop someone. Meet Yarsk and with him head to the Hatmandor sewers. Hide behind the wooden barrels to eavesdrop. Here you either will be spotted before the conversation (which will result into lesser reward) or the second outcome can be that you take out both thug and the contractor.

The Package and Delivery
Next, you will assigned a task to pick a package. Reesa (the barmaid) will guide you further on this. She will also tell you a password you need to tell the guard before you can have the package. Next, you will be told to deliver the package to a priest. Deliver the package to the priest and head back to Basel.

The Elimination Job
Your next job assigned by Basel is to eliminate Jarrad. Gather some info from Yars and head to eliminate the target. You will be interrupted by Reesa who will request you to spare his life. Here you have 2 choices. Either kill him, or spare his life and ask him to leave the town. Your task will be completed in both the cases but your decision will impact how the story continues.

After leaving the house receive the keys from guards and head to meet the Captain (Hatmandor region). You will face some Varns along your way which won’t be much of a problem for you. Enter the tent and again he won’t tell you anything till you do something for him.

Gorlag’s Curse
Head to the cave investigate about the soldiers. You will confront Gorlag, the bad guy. Here you can either choose to fight with him (which will be tough in your current state) or you can get the stone for him from Scythe (you can either kill her or choose the smooth way to have the stone). In both the cases, he will die and you will be able to return to the Captain with the only survived guard.

Mages Guild Master
After completing Gorlag’s curse, you will come to know that a Mage(Dattan) posses the info about the Tower of Fangs. Head to the Mages guild to find him. He will ask you to collect a dragon fang which is guarded by a big beast.

So head to the Canyon to find the the dragon fang. You will encounter some enemies along the way. These Tailers can be tough to deal with depending upon your level. It is recommended that you deal with them one by one. Ultimately you will find the beast and the skeleton. Here you need to keep your distance. You can kill the beast first and then grab the teeth or you can trick the beast and quickly grab the teeth from the skeleton and teleport back to Captain.

Crystal Army
After you have given the Fang teeth to the Master. He will lead you to the “Cave of Crystals Golems” through the teleport. A cutscene and after that you will face an army created by the crystals. Choose one from An axe, Bow or a Spell.

Finally, Dattan will show the you the way to the Tower. Head to the Forgotten Temple Ruins using the teleport. You will face different enemies like Varns, Beasts and some mummies. Keep on fighting till you reach the exit.

Tower of Fangs
Leave the tunnels and the path will lead you to the Tower. You will be resisted by some scorpions. So deal with them before your enter the tower. In the tower you need to grab the “Gandohar Journal” and get out. Use teleports to move around. Be careful of the traps as the more traps you activate, the more enemies you will have to face. After getting the journal, you will face a Reaper. You should use your short range combat skills to deal with it. Leave the Tower and head to Cassara in Alsorna with the Journal ending the first Chapter.

Chapter 2

Name’s David
You can complete this mission once you are in New Ashos after the completion of first chapter. Meet David by the side. You will have to collect something before you can have any information. Move to the road that is heading out of the city and you will find a person who has the package. You can either pay him or take the package from him by force. The later is better. Bring the package back to David who will tell you that from where you can have more information

Sarius the Student
Head to the student of David. He will agree to help you on a condition that you will organize a Stag night for him. You can either accept the offer or deny it. If you deny it, you will have to go to Angie for assistance.

Meet Lisa and offer her 200 auras for 1 hour dance. She will agree. Come back to Sarius and he will tell you about Dr. Annaya. The second outcome can be that you asked her for 1 hour company for 200 auras. She will kick you out from the room. If this happens, you have 2 choices now, one that you force Sarius to speak up. Second is you can leave him in his room and meet Angie. David will tell you about the two students (Sarius and Angie). You can choose anyone of them.

Angie the Student
Meet Angie at the university and you will come to know that her original essay has been stolen by Lisa. You can refuse or accept. If you refuse then you are left with Sarius for assistance.

Head to female dormitory and then to Lisa’s room. She won’t be there so you can search for the essay. Open her locker and you will find the essay. She will come back and spot you before you leave. Here you have two options, return the essay and tell her that why you need it. If you do so, she will tell you about Dr. Annaya. Other option is that you bring the essay to Angie and then she will tell you about the doctor.

You can find the Doctor in her office in the university. She will help you if you deal with Professor Rhodeus for her. He is also in the university in the second wing. Two choices again, you can either listen what the professor has to say. He will tell you about the agency called the “Black Rose”. Leave the office and confirm the information which will unlock the mission “Doctor or Madam”.

Or you can force him to resign by punching him. You don’t need to take out the sword as you only need to scare him a bit. Head back to Dr. Annaya and you will have some info and few auras (not much useful) and you will be sent back to David again.

Doctor or Madam?
You will complete this task only when you have decided to investigate the doctor about the agency. She will explain and tell you that there is an agency but everything Rhodeus told you about the agency is not true. She will ask you to confirm it from Angie. You can go and ask Angie (this will unlock mission named Most Monstrous creation) or force the doctor to speak up. She will tell you about Doctor Lavarius.

Most Monstrous Mind
Meet Angie and she will tell you that Rhodeus has forced her to have sex with him for good marks. If you believe her, she will send you to the dorm room where you can find Rhodeus’s Journal. Take the journal and visit the doctor again to give her the proof. After that, meet the professor again and ask him to leave. You will have to use some punches to make him listen to you. You should not take out the weapon and deal the matter only with hands. Return to the doctor and she will tell you about Lavarius.

And if you don’t believe Angie, head back to Annaya. You will meet David along the way who will tell you that Angie has committed suicide. Head back to Rhodeus. He will thank you but won’t be able to provide you any valuable info.

David and Doctor
You will complete this mission if you have made Rhodeus leave the university or Most Monstrous Mind. You can find David at the university gate. His contacts were not much of use. He is ready to tell you more but you need to pay his debts at one of the professors. Meet Lavarius and pay the amount (2000 auras).

Dr. Lavarius
You will complete this task only when you have forced Annaya to talk or hasn’t believed Annie. He will be glad to help you but his memory about the experiment has been blocked.

In order to bring his memory back, you need to perform a ritual. First drink his potion and for the second part, head to the beach. You will be interrupted by a stranger (who also appeared in the university earlier). He will ask you to hand Lavarius’ stone and in return he will tell about the Kaineth who supposedly know a lot about the ritual.

If you have chosen not to trade, you will meet three people. Ignore them. Use the stone near the piles there. Your health will decrease and one of the three people will come to you. You can either apologize to them or you can face the three men. The later choice is not recommended. In both the cases you will come to know about the Kaineth in the Lion Casino.

Into the Lion’s Mouth
Once you are in, you will have to bribe a guard to get in (as you won’t have any membership card). You can also fight him. You will get interrupted in both the cases by the director. Follow him and you will see a long queue for the membership card. You can have your card in short time if you perform a small task for the director which is to teach a lesson to one of his competitors.

Sammy the Bull
Head to Mangano’s place and you will find that the door is locked. Take out the guard and take the keys from him and open the door. Inside you will find that someone has already killed Sammy. You will meet the person who killed Sammy. In the meanwhile, you will encounter two thieves. Deal with them. They won’t be a problem for you.

The other person will guide you to the secret passage. You will find more thugs along your way. You can eliminate them or just quickly pass by them. Head back to Lexerington and you will have your membership card. At the door of Lion, you will meet George for whom you can complete a task and have the card from Lawrence which will also unlock some quests for the future.

Have the card and head back to the guard, show him your card and you will be allowed to see Kaineth. You will be sent to Seers and he will tell you a password.

Video Ergo Sum
You need to meet Eric in his laboratory. For the surgery to be performed, he needs an ocular device which is possessed by the master. So head to Cellar of Astronomy department where you can meet with master Damai. Kill him and take the device. Head back to the Eric and he will perform an eye surgery on you and then you supposedly will be able to see the shadows from the past.

Shadows from Past
After the surgery, return to Kaineth. You will be haunted by the memories from your past. You need to be careful when you are in Gorge as there will be a lot of Vidons on the streets. You will face some serious enemies while you are on your way to the ruins. Then to the underground well in the university cellar. More past and more enemies but they won’t cause any big problem. Head back to Kineth.

Into the Swamp
Head to meet prophet (Alsorna) and tell her about what’s happening with you. You will face Sordahon there. You need to defeat him. Use your tricks to kill him and then make sure that you loot his body after his death. You will meet with Dar Pha and Ghortarius. Use the teleport to head to the swamps.

Chapter 3 Walkthrough

First Encounters
This will be your first task after you reach the swamps. Talk to the villager near the wagon and he will ask you to go to the priest. Head to the temple then and there you will meet Garadel who will warn you about the danger. You need to have an amulet for protection purpose.

The Priest and the Amulet
Aiden have the amulet. There are 2 ways to have the amulet. One is the long one in which you will complete some tasks and then have it ultimately or you can reduce the number of tasks and after rescuing the blacksmith, you can talk to Adrian again and convince him to hand the amulet to you by telling him that you are doing it for the village.

Aiden’s Amulet
Aiden won’t agree to hand his amulet to you in the beginning. He will also tell you that you can have one by killing the monster at the chapel which only appears when the lightning hits it. You need the spire to cause the lightning. Blacksmith has it.

Head to the swamp to see the Blacksmith. Save him from an unwanted foe and he will tell you that he has thrown the spire at the swamp. Now here instead of going further, head back to Aiden and tell him that you are not sure whether you will be able to return him the Amulet or not and you are doing it for the safety of the village. He will hand over you the amulet. You can return to the priest.

Witch Hunt
Garadel now will tell you about the Witch who is supposed to be the cause of the future trouble to the village. Meet her and here you have two choices again. Listen to her story completely unlocking “Old Spell” or you can choose to get rid of her. Witch can caste spells and has the healing ability so you need to devise your strategy wisely. Counter attacks can prove helpful here. Once you have eliminated her, you can head back to Garadel to report.

You Listened the Witch
If you have decided not to kill witch then you will have to perform a series of tasks including collecting her notes and the Ainseed plant. Don’t fight with the tree if you don’t have some powerful attacks as conventional way won’t affect it.
Next task is to collect the Garadel’s scroll. Here you will again have the choice to kill the witch or just trust her and stick to her. You will come to know about Aiden’s disappearance. Tell the witch about it. Head to catacombs with her and then come back.

You Killed the Witch
If you killed the witch, you will come to know about the real villian after that is Garadel. No matter what choice you make (either help the witch or not) you will ultimately have to confront the Aziraal’s First- born( Garadel). Since he is the main boss, he won’t be an easy target. You need to use all your experience here to knock him out tactically. Ignore the summoned pet as much as you can as he will be resurrected each time he dies. Focus on the main enemy and use your counter techniques to inflict the damage.

Once he is down, take his black heart and head to Cassara in Alsorna. Meet more people and then you can head to Vahkmaar Castle as your final destination.

Chapter 4

Whatever it Takes
Now path to the castle is full of monsters and enemies. Deal with each one of them till you reach the castle. Use the underground channel (as the door will be closed) and you will encounter more enemies to deal with. Unlock the first gate in the tunnel by pressing the lever. After dealing with some more enemies, you need to open another locked gate. Use the lever again to open it.

No problems in rest of the path. Gather all the health potions as you will need them in your final trial. Your final foe is Cassara in the form of a Dragon. Defeating the Dragon can be difficult till you comprehend the pattern of its attacks. You will have the chance to attack her in between her attacks. So keep on dodging the attacks and when the time is right strike her. Repeat the procedure till she is dead. After the death of Cassara, Kyra will be saved who will take over the control again.

You will be back to Alsorna again and will have the final conversation with Dar pha. This will wrap up the main quests. Though, you can explore the game in form of your pending side quests.

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