Two Worlds 2 Tweak Guide

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Two Worlds 2 features stunning graphics and can be made resource friendly and still getting the most out of the graphics of the game. How ?  by tweaking the game using the dev-console improving the performance while it still looks visually beautiful. You can tweak your game by following the instructions in the Tweak Guide below.

Two Worlds II Tweak Guide

How to Enable Dev Console

Start the game, and press ~ tild key to open up the console. Now type “TwoWorldsCheats 1” to enable the dev console. Now you can type all the commands to improve graphics and performance of the game.


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You can find this file in the game directory under Parameters folder. This file contain information with which the game will start up. You can paste all your console command tweaks in this file in order so that the game load the changes you have made via console when you start the game. Or you can simple put the commands in the console and they will still be effective.

Two Worlds II Console Tweaks

You can use 0 to disable and 1 to enable the specific console tweak.

show interface 0 / 1

You can hide the HUD to have a clearer view of the character and the terrain.

drawinterfaceother 0/1

Position of the crosshair.

graph.drawhero 0/1

Position of the character.

engine.fov (Default = 45)

You can tweak the field of view – FOV using this console tweak. You can see the image comparison below for FOV=45 and FOV=80.

cam.Zoff (Default = 15)

You can tweak the angle of the camera on the character (Z Axis).

cam.xoff (Default = -3)

You can tweak the angle of the camera on the character (X Axis).

time (0 to 255)

The “time” value simply changes the time of day. 0 is midnight, 40 is dusk, 128 and 200 are high noon sunsets.

engine.usessao 0 / 1

You can enable or disable the ambient occlusion effect in the game by using this command.

engine.SSAORadius 0-1

It can improve performance at the cost of eye candy as it disables the shading effects.

engine.showssao 0/1

Lightening effects.

Engine.FarPlane (Default = 1200)

Engine.DstFarPlane (Default = 6000)

These two commands affect the visibility and overall landscape of the distant parts.

Engine.GrassUserDistance (Default = 1.8)

Engine.GrassUserMultiplier (Default = 0.7)

Tweaking these two commands will affect the look and density of the grass, but be careful too high values may lead to display errors.

Engine.ParalaxOnTerrain 0 / 1

Two Worlds II uses Paralax mapping essentially making the terrain more beautiful and real rendering that it looks real even at the farther distances. If you like sharper textures you can enable this tweak and if you want performance off your game, you can disable it.

engine.maxanisotrophy 1/4/8/16

Set maximum anisotropic filtering ranging from 1 to 16.

Engine.BloomMultiplier 0 / 1

Disable the bloom for performance. It only makes the image look washed out and bright.

Engine.HDR 0/1

Disable the HDR rendering for performance.

graph.enablefog 0/1

You can enable or disable fog using this console tweak. Disable the fog for performance.

engine.edgeAABlend 0-1

Two Worlds 2 uses a kind MLAA (Morphological anti-aliasing), which marks the complete picture with a blur filter soft, the same applies to the depth of field (Depth of Field). Most players find this annoying, so you set this value to zero (or reduce it) and – if you are on Nvidia Geforce – instead use real anti-aliasing: Start the Inspector NV and use the advanced options. Select the “Antialiasing compatibility” to “0x000012C4” form, then the “Antialiasing – Mode” to “Override any application setting”. The “Anti-aliasing – Setting” now select a SGSSAA stage.

Engine.UseDOF 0/1
You can enable or disable depth of field.

graph.SetFastRunSpecialEFX 0 / 1 0/1

These two commands will disable the annoying motion blur and head-bobbing at the race.

graph.SetFastRunSpecialEFX 0
No blurring of the landscape while running.

Engine.GrassFadeFnc 500
Engine.GrassFadeEnd 11250
Engine.GrassUserDistance 1.8

More grass, longer view distance. Be careful when modifying above values as grass glitches easily.

Engine.FogHazeFactor 1.8
Engine.FogHazePower 3

Sky becomes more intense.

Engine.DstFarPlane 7000.6
Engine.FarPlane 2050

Longer detail view distance, note that tinkering with these can cause
bugged graphics.

Engine.dofscalefct 0.5
Depth of Field a lit bit sharper.

Graph.enablefog 0
Removes almost omnipresent fake fog that makes many scenes very grey and hides a lot of the excellent graphics, huge performance boast.

graph.SunBetaStart -9
graph.SunBetaRange 52
graph.MoonBetaStart -10
graph.MoonBetaRange 45

Centers moon/sun when rising or going down.

Enable or Disable shadows.

You can further tweak the game by installing one of the Two Worlds 2 Mods, which improve the game by adding or dropping few features.

Two Worlds II Cheats

Press ENTER to open the console and the type TWOWORLDSCHEATS. After that you may enter the following codes for the desired effect.

TWOWORLDSCHEATS – Enables cheating

AddExperiencePoints X – Experience points, where X is a number between 0 and 255.

Addgold X – Gold, where X is a number between 0 and 255.

AddParamPoints X – Parameter points, where X is a number between 0 and 255.

AddSkillPoints X – Skill points, where X is a number between 0 and 255.

Time X – Time of day, where X is a number between 0 and 255.

GOD X – Toggle God Mode, , where X is a number is 0 or 1.

cam.mount.xoff 0 – Centers the camera on horse.

graph.setfastrunspecialefx 0 – Disables motion blur.

health – Full health.

killhorse – Kills horse while riding.

ec.dbg levelup – Level up.

hero.move.fastrunspeed X – Where X is sprint speed. X – Change clicks for max speed on horse your horse (lower = fewer clicks).

ec.dbg iamcheater – Set attributes to 1000.

eq_boat_01 – Spawn a boat.

horse_01 (01-04 for different color) – Spawn a horse.

jump2 – Teleport you to cursor.

ec.dbg skills – Unlock all Skills.

If you find any other useful commands, do share with us.


Adds parameter points.


Add Parameterpoints


Adds skill points

If you have trouble finishing the game, you can refer to our Two Worlds 2 Walkthrough Guide.

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