Fallout New Vegas Errors, Crashes,Freezes and Fixes

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Fallout New Vegas has just been released and already, they are many who are facing game breaking issues. Errors, crashes, freezes, low performance on the game, Fallout New Vegas save bug, and lot of other issues that are needed to be address by the developer, Obsidian.

While the developers are busy with the big game launch, and before they release a patch to resolve all these issues, you can refer to the Fallout New Vegas Guide below for workarounds to all these issues.

Fallout New Vegas Troubleshooting Guide

1# Fallout New Vegas How to Map Mouse Controls

2# Fallout New Vegas, Game Runs Very Choppy, Lags, Random Freezes
Some of the issues that have been reported in the reviews, which most probably will be fixed in the future patch releases. For time being, turn down view distance, and fade distance. Also disable water multi sync, it will help the cause.

3# Fallout New Vegas Stuttering and Poor Framerates
It may be due to the game hasn’t been optimized to run in DirectX 11, as most of the people that should be running the game max out with no problem are having performance issues. Update your video card drivers, the last update was released yesterday, 18th Oct, which will most probably fix these issues.

4# Fallout New Vegas Frame Skipping/Stuttering Fix
This fix will make game smoother, fps and stuttering will be reduced to a bearable level. If you are to try this tweak, make sure you have vsync on.

You need to edit your “FALLOUT.ini”, but before you proceed to edit it, make sure you back it up.

Windows Vista/ Windows 7

C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\My Games\Fallout New Vegas\FALLOUT.ini

and change iFPSClamp=0 to iFPSClamp=60

Windows XP

C:\Documents and settings\[your username]\My Documents\My Games\Fallout New Vegas\FALLOUT.ini”

and change iFPSClamp=0 to iFPSClamp=60

Share your results after applying this tweak.

5# Fallout New Vegas Quick/Auto Saves Fix
If you save your progress using autosave/quicksave, the game may revert you back to first quicksave when you restart the game, resulting in loss of all the game progress. Steam cloud may be the problem as there is no fix yet, and disabling steam cloud would disable the achievements.
Though, Steam has come out themselves to disable the Steam cloud for this game, and they are investigating these issues. Meanwhile, use the ESC/Save to save the game manually then using quick save hotkey to save instantly and save a lot. When you start the game again, you may notice that continue starts the game from the quick save so better load the game.

You can speed up the save process by using the console key to save the game. Here’s how:

  • Hit the ~ key.
  • Type save “save_mission or zone” and hit enter.
  • When you need to save the game, press ~ console key and press up arrow to get the previous save name, you can either overwrite this save or rename the save file for a different mission or zone.
  • Now when you need to load your saved game, hit the ~ key and type in load “save_mission or zone”.

    How to Recover Your Saved Progress/Saves in Fallout New Vegas
    via Steam Forums

    • Locate the save files folder, My Documents\My Games\FalloutNV\Saves.
    • Find files that have a *.bak extension. Rename the files with a .bak extension some other extension like .txt for simplicity. Now rename these files as old .bak extensions. Now try quick saving, hopefully it won’t revert back to previous saves.
    • If you don’t have any saves in there, try:
    • Navigate to your Fallout.ini in the FalloutNV folder and un-check Read-Only.
    • Open the file and search for “SLocalSavePath”.
    • In the SlocalSavePath= make sure the folder exists. If it isn’t, create the folder with the same name in the specified path.
    • Now, change “iSaveGameBackupCount=1” to “iSaveGameBackupCount=0”.

    Update. Quick Patch has been released for the game, make sure you have the game updated.

    6# Fallout New Vegas NPC/Audio Bug Fix
    NPC audio stuttering caused by FFDSHOW codec. Now, in order to fix this you will have to remove this codec entirely from your system and restart. It will fix NPC/Audio bug. Or
    You can configure directshow menu, how you can do that; Go to audio configure options, select the directshow menu, and add the New Vegas executable (in steamapps/common/fallout directory) to the exclusion list. Be sure to do it for both the 64 and 32 bit versions if you have both installed.

    7# How to Register Your Retail Game on Steam Exit
    Go to the Start button and select Run (XP) or type Run in the Search box and choose Run from the list (Vista).
    In the Run window type:

    C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe” -install E:

    Replace E: with the CD/DVD drive you are installing from if is not correct.
    Replace C:\Program Files\Steam if your Steam installation is not in the default location.
    Press OK. Your installation should continue from the disc.

    8# Fallout New Vegas Blackscreen Fix

    9# Fallout New Vegas Crashes Fix
    If your facing consistent game crashes after 20-30 minutes into the game, try disabling Steam Cloud Sync, it may resolve this issue.

    10# Artifacts, Screen Tearing, Black Boxes
    Update your video card drivers. (18th Oct. Release)
    Disable Steam Cloud Sync.

    11# Fallout New Vegas PC Bugs List
    Here is a list of Fallout New Bugs that are in-game software, I mean, something that only developers can fix. Check them out here.

    12# Steam Error
    Can’t download the game from Steam ? Dear friend, millions are downloading, crippling the Steam servers, be patient.

    13# Fallout New Vegas Launcher has Stopped Working ‘Crash to Desktop’
    Launch the game in compatibility mode, right click on game executable, hit properties and under Compatibility, set it to either Windows Vista SP2 or Windows XP SP3 compatibility. Re-validate the game files if you have installed the game through Steam.

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    • Cee Mcneil

      What happens when u play alil into the game and die and it gets stuck on the loading screen and freezes your whole pc?

    • Mitchell Osborn

      Mine keeps crashing sometimes when i quick travel or sometimes when shooting a laser or bullet mini-gun. was fine until i got to the strip and 2-3 hours after that crash after crash. Using some cheats nothing game breaking. Just so freaking annoying.

    • http://www.youtube.com/nikodeus22 NikoDeus

      If someone has a problem with Fallout New Vegas Loading freezing etc. then start a new game and before playing go to main menu and select the last saved game, hope this fix some problems for you… 😀

    • Help me

      Guys Guys Guys!!!!! Help me! Every time I go to play Fallout new vegas on my Xbox 360 it says “This game requires an update but the update could not be found,” WHAT DO I DOOO?!?!?!?!

    • http://issuu.com/howtolosemanboobs/docs/how_to_lose_man_boobs Deborah

      Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
      The words in your content seem to be running off the screen in Internet explorer.
      I’m not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with browser compatibility but I figured I’d post
      to let you know. The design look great though! Hope you get the problem solved soon.
      Many thanks

      • http://segmentnext.com Ali Asif

        Which version of IE you are using?

    • GlassDeviant


      You should never disable or delete FFDSHOW over a stupid, badly coded game. FFDSHOW allows you to configure it not to run when particular games (or other programs) are running.

    • igorcardozodelima

      Sometimes when I´m playing the game crashes right after i save it,I just wander if this can bring further problems to those save files…

    • I got a problem!

      Hi Guys! I click on Fallout New Vegas and the loading screen comes up. I press the “PLAY” button and then the game load and my screen become black. Minutes later it still do the same so i run the task manager ( I am using Windows 7 home premium 64 bit). The task manager says that is does’nt work and i does’nt work… Anyone know a fix?

    • Dwayne

      I have been trying to play Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas on PS3,PC and Xbox 360. I have problems with all three systems. I must say, finish a game before putting it out. Game maker’s have been doing this to a lot of games lately. I hate fixing these errors. I have been gaming for twenty + years. I could fix theses problems but all of game makers or game consoles owners can’t afford my knowledge. No offense! Most games are great to play if you all would finish and test the games out. Get rid of your testers because they are not doing their jobs. I would test games for all systems for 12k a day. 30 yrs. of game playing. Give it some thought. Email if you want to make arrangements.

    • Nitro

      Just bought this game for my Laptop when on the road. Does great with no lag or anything until I shoot. Then it locks up every time and I have to do a hard shutdown and reboot. I have all the graphics turned to low res to see if that helped but no go.

    • Delerio

      Hello guys,FO NV run on my pc, but the problem is that it crashes itself after few minutes and throw me back to the windows. can anybody help me fix this?

    • John

      I had a problem that i just installed FO NV Ultimate Edition and its in POLISH! :@ i choosed english all the time, managed to change the language (it worked) but some dlc’s, with their weapons and armor are in polish, any suggestion?

    • O_K_B_

      anyone that can tell me how to get the console working?
      all the .ini files are correct and still nothing. tried too fiks the endings inn the shortcuts with -console and -debug both and one at the time and still nothing 😛
      sorry about the bad English 😛

      in advance thanks :)

    • Chris

      #8 is nothing, what the hell.
      Sucks royal as thats my problem. Thanks a bunch.

    • 4spark

      cant get console working tried looking at the files through notepad its all corect, using a different keyboard, i dont have the infrared device installed so thats no the problem please help

    • Ann

      I’m trying to do fix #15 but it’s not letting me save the changes to the text. I’m a newbie to the world of patches and fixes and would really appreciate any help with this. I want to finally start playing the game and can’t exit Doc’s house without FNV crashing.

      Thanks in advance!

    • shoopdawoop32

      i have new vegas on vista i think its 32 bit but anyway it used to work just fine apart from the occasional crash but now whenever i go into it it does the bethesda log slideshow and then the main screen shows up but none of the options like or save or anything show up and i have to go into task manager to get out of it and once i do it crashes. PLEAS HELP ME!

    • Daniel123

      Hey I downloaded this game for PC and it downloaded fine, but when I click Fallout New Vegas to launch the game, it says Application Load Error 5:0000065434 and it is titled- Steam Error.. Where do i download “steam”? help please!

    • Kareem Ezz

      it says steam_api.dll is missing and whn i downloaded it didnt work as another *anonymous* file is missing i donty knw wut 2 do plz help.. Many thanks :)

    • Kareem Ezz

      It doesnt start it says steam_api.dll is missing and when i downloaded it says another tthing is missing i dont know what to do plz help cuz i love ths game but i ddnt even get a chance to play it.. Thanks :)

    • Mark

      A lot of suggestions on what to do. Tried em all and nothing. Windows 7 64 bit and game running through steam. I have figured out one way to make it work, a bit of a pain but no crashes once I get it going. When I power up my computer and start the game it crashes just as it’s doing the final load after continue. All I do is go to steam and update latest video drivers. It is just waiting in a cache. Takes about 30 seconds to reinstall, then game boots up fine. Just amazing that with all the bugs in fallout 3 that this game wasn’t fixed? Fortunately I got the game new at Gamestop for $19

    • jan

      hi i just bought the game but the audio doesnet work i fixed that by putting it in high priorety but now my keys just freeze or something
      does anybody have the same or can some body help me

      (sorry for english im dutch and my english is bad

    • http://www.bethsoft.com/ Kevin

      Hi guys , some can help me ? My problem is the next:

      I Can’t open the game with the launcher , the problem is : Unable to find .ini files , Please Reinstall .

      I reinstall the game about 6 times , and its the same … i don’t know wath i can do?


    • SonntG

      My copy of Fallout NV for PC has been working decently until yesterday. Now, whenever I shoot ANYONE, the game crashes to desktop. Also, I have the crash on save bug too. any help with that please? lol

    • vvvv

      when i start the game it shows a black screen and says fallout new vegas has stopped working, ive tried updating my graphics driver but it didn”t help, and my compatibility mode options go up to windows 2000 so no xp service packs 2 and 3, im playing on xp btw

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        You need to have XP Service Pack 2 atleast installed in order to play the game. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements of the game before you attempt to run it.

    • jens

      nr 8?

    • James

      I have new vegas for ps3 and it freezes almost every time It has to load and also the whole screen turns black at some occasions so I have to turn my ps3 off and start the game again but there is a 70. Percent chance it won’t load so I need help.

    • istanbluer

      maybe the problem is with the ‘come fly with me’ quest(quest that completing makes novac people like you) sometimes. I realized my saves were not corrupted that had been saved before finishing this quest..

    • John

      Try this GPU tweak guide, it helped me. The guide is geared toward GeForce users but all of the changes are made in the New Vegas Options menu so it should help you out. http://www.geforce.com/#/Optimize/Guides/new-vegas-tweak-guide

    • Luke

      Guys, I got a pain in the ace problem.

      My sound card has died on me and it’s payday next month… and Fallout done seem to work without a sound card.

      ‘No sound device detected, fallout: new vages cannot run.”

      First off… what a load of bollocks that they made the game un-playable without sound, that a kick in the nuts to all those deaf people or something? :S

      Anyways, if somebody knows how to maybe bypass this I’d be really greatful for the information.

      Thank you, all and happy gaming. ^^

    • Diego

      Guys I really want to play this game so if anyone could answer me how to solve my problem i would really apreciate it… what happens is that when i run the launcher it works but when i press play the screen goes dark and i appear in desktop… i do have ffdshow but i dont think thats the reason i tried with a couple of fixes here but they didnt work… do i have to update my divers? and please how do i do that… i am really bad when it comes about pc stuff… so please i would really apreciate it if someone could give me a hand here T_T

    • cmh

      The quick/auto save is not only effecting Fallout Vegas for PC but also for the X-BOX 360 system it self also

    • Michael

      Will somebody please tell me why New Vegas, out of all my other games, won’t work? Like, when I put the disk in..”Reading..” Then, it says “Open Tray” right after. I try it over and over, but nothing happens. Only the same old thing!

    • Matt

      I must be as lucky as a Leprechaun with a basket of horseshoes and rabbit paws, because I haven’t had a single problem with the game at all. (PS3) I’ve input around 25 hours or so and have only had the game freeze one time. I feel truly f’n blessed for this, especially after reading about everyones troubles. :(

      PSN: Lightning2112

    • Player

      (xbox 360) .My gun doesnt fire and when i get another gun out i stand still and theres only the aim marker on my screen, but i noticed when i hold ‘x’ he moves but theres no gun in his hand ive got so far and its pissed me off soo bad!! please help, thanks

    • 000



      simply copy the Fallout.ini of your 32Bit Comuputer into your 64Bit Computer

      Folder : Documents/MyGames/FalloutNV/Fallout.ini

    • Mark

      is anyone else getting a desktop outline flashing up while playing? think its to do with steam but not sure :/

    • Gamer

      Guyz.. I have 2 computers
      I tried installing Fallout NV on my Win 7 32 bit without any issues
      but when i installed the game on my Win 7 64 bit and launch it ..
      it says “Unable to find an INI file,Please reinstall”
      -I already tried compatibility mode (windows sp3) Run as admin..still same error message..
      Please help since I’m a big Fallout fan….cheers!!!

    • Austin

      I have Fallout: New Vegas for the 360, and I went out the back door of Helios 1 that you have to pick open right after the Lucky Old Sun quest and now my Right stick and back (not B button) aren’t working and it’s making me pretty frustrated. Any advice?

    • Davy

      I have been trying to play New Vegas on the PC with nothing but problems when running without the diosc in drive. Restarted with disc in drive and suprise no more problems. Can it be that STEAM are responsible for all this agro?

    • Cattie

      Anyone know i you can quick save on the 360 ver?
      I REALLY want to know D’:
      If you can email me the answer at sugarchu.copola@hotmail.com

    • Dav-X

      @ ravendark: i’ve done a fresh new install of my xp SP2, and it’s working now, though it freezes once an hour, on the average. and some BSOD due to ati3duag.dll.

      that’s better than nothing !

      i’ve also set the line “bEnableAudio” to 0 in fallout_default.ini.
      maybe it solved the libvorbisfile.dll issue. it’s a specially compiled version for the game, so it’s impossible to replace it by any other version.

      I must mention that my processor is a monocore, Athlon XP 2800+, so i have to use the Silent Hill patch to have synchronized sound:


      graphic parameters are minimum, but it”s fine ! :)

      good luck !

    • ravendark

      yeah me too. still looking for a solution. have you found out anything?

    • Dav-X

      My issue is related to libvorbis.dll.
      When i open eventvwr on Xp, the application error log shows falloutnv.exe and module libvorbis.dll.

      Many times it freezes completely and there’s not log.

      Anybody has the same issue on PC ?

    • Pete

      I’ve been fairly lucky so far with FNV (on PC with XP) although STEAM downloaded the game to install it – unbelievably stupid … anyway … a couple of days ago when I loaded FNV none of the WASD keys worked!

      I had moved the computer and had been using an old PS2(?) keyboard. When I plugged it back in it may not have been to the same socket … anyway tried other keyboards, restarted etc nothing except alt-tab works for getting me out of the program! I can enter text into text programs so I figure the problem is unique to the FNV – STEAM mix.

      Also I can’t change the keys in settings – the basic keyboard input doesn’t work! What is going on!!?? Hopefully it is something simple. So if anyone has a clue about this I’d appreciate the input.

    • arx

      installed update 4. still same crap.

    • rachael

      i have fallout on xbox360, at first i borrowed my friends game and played hers but it was always freezing so i thought it might be the disk so i bought a brand new one and it hasnt changed anything. The freezing doesnt bother me as much as not being able to get into camp mccarren AT ALL!!! I can get inside the building via the monorail but whenever I try to go to the outside area of camp mccarren the whole game freezes during the loading screen, every single time!! I have so many missions to do in there and its driving me bloody bonkers! and for some reason when i went into some suidical vault it told me i had failed the main Mr House mission “the house always wins”. All I did was walk into a vault. AAAHHHHH!!!

    • roughlight

      can someone pls help me my fallout new vegas i cant start it. it always says it stopped working i tried that compability thing still it dosent work and its not steam related dont ask about my graphic cards i can play startcraft or anything nicely pls any knows how 2 fix this pls reply T.T

    • allen

      fallout new vegas–very fun game: reached level 20 and just recently, every time i go into battle or fail to kill an enemy without a sneak attack, the game crashes. every single time. i paid alot of money for this game $59.00 and the shit doesn’t work. what the fuck, this company sucks a dick, ripping me off, selling me a piece of shit that doesn’t work

    • Raffertius

      My game will open the launcher but when i click “Play” the screen will go black as if it is loading the game but then it will bring me back to the desktop where I am greeted by an error message that will tell me nothing more than that it has stopped working and needs to be closed, it doesn’t give any possible hints as to what the source of the problem is, just that there is one. I tried tip #15 but even though it appears to have saved it really doesn’t, I have gone into the file and turned off “Read Only” so that it would save but still wont. If anyone recognizes this somewhat thoroughly described mess then please help.
      -Thanks in advance…


      I try to load a save and get the dlc error. Please help I have 50 plus hours invested into hardcore mode, or I may have to hunt down Bethesda and make them fix this issue at gunpoint. Thank you for your time. I don’t like wasting mine.

      • Brad

        im about to do the same fucking thing.
        im soo pissed off!
        they shouldnt make such a great game so fucked up and not fix it!
        the “patch” they released doesnt do shit!

    • Emily

      I’m having that same problem with my Fallout New Vegas…I have a couple of saved games in different spots in the game and wont let me continue from any of the saved games. I have already replayed a bunch of missions and saved then tried to start again….no luck.


    • warren

      In quest Still in the dark upon exiting vault 3 only. The game will not let you
      continue after saving. Error message This saved game relies on downloadable contents that is no longer avaible. Then you get The storage devise is no longer avaible. You can save on the other vault will no problem but not vault 3 . Cleared cache does not help This is xbox


    • Brandon

      now my new vegas 4 360 won’t even let me continue either, help, again

    • jam

      my fallout new vegas for 360 is not letting me continue from where i left off and is frezzing if i continue or try 2 load. please any advice?

    • Takimoto

      I dont have Fallout.ini Just Fallout_default.ini and if i change and add another line it say that it cant find something and hops to the Desktop and i cant find Steam Cloud Sync so help me please!

    • dee

      I found out the the /3GB boot.ini setting in Windows XP gave me a lot of trouble. If someone of you have turned it on – turn it off! After that I had no crashes today!

    • Brandon

      my new vegas for xbox 360 goes black and stops every time I enter the strip through the main gate or leave a casino but does fine when I use the NCR monorail but still freezes when i exit a casino, help

    • Rav

      Setting the priority to high on falloutnv.exe fixed the crashing for me, thanks for the tip lonnie!

    • babyjane81

      After 40 hours of play my fallout new vegas crashes after 5 minutes, whwn enemy comes for example, or when i try to shoot.
      Someone can find the solution??
      Another question: How can i disable the cloud sync????

    • lonnie

      I had problems with freezing and no sound effects. completely fixed by disabling Clamwin and then I went to task manager and set priority of falloutnv.exe to high. bad news is you have to do this everytime.

    • yo asd


      I just noticed a curious connection between my c-media sound card and Fallout. Usually, every time I load a save game or new game, I’ll have the fallout launcher crash. However, with my sound card disabled, everything works flawlessly (except the sound of course)

      You should add this to the list of fixes for that crash, as c-media sound cards are known for causing strange bugs, with Skype for example, and I seem to be the first to make this connection.

    • TJ Chester

      I have found that by uninstalling “Morgan stream switcher” my crashing Fallout new vegas works flawlessly now!!!!!!!

    • drew


      • Mugiwara


        – Try to desactivate Steam Cloud
        – Try to config your sound card at 16 bits dvd quality
        – Try to update VGA Drivers and Physx (if nvidia)
        – Try to check game cache files with right click on game icon -> properties -> local files -> check cache integrity

        Hope it will work…

        Gomu Gomu no

    • Jey

      thanks on tip number 4
      ” a slight fps gain ” ? I got around 20 more… My game lagged at low, now I can play on max with no problems at all. Awesome guide thank you

    • Michael

      Ref: Fallout: New Vegas

      In regards to crashing when saving on Windows 7 machines. I tried the fixes you had listed in your article to no avail. I then decided to try just deleting the quicksave.fos files in the My GamesFalloutNVSaves folder and I was able to enter the game and once again save as well as quick save.

      This may not fix the issue for everyone using Windows 7 and having \Save\ problems, but I wanted to pass it along to you.

    • Aya

      I just bought the game not even a week ago for Xbox 360 and it started doing the little freezes, crashes and such. But now when I put the game in, it’ll go to the Bethesda slide and ‘Game Error’ pops up saying the disc is unreadable. There is NOTHING on the disc that could cause it to be unreadable.

      At first I suspected that maybe my Xbox was messed up. But no. In fact ONLY New Vegas out of the other 37 games I have won’t work.

      I did everything the website told me to, in order to try and get it working. Nada.

      • blaine

        Possibly because the xbox thinks that it is not an xbox disc , though that is improbable
        then again … sh#t happens!

    • Rav

      I was able to play a decent time, up to New Vegas pretty easily with just some occasional crashes, then I tried the update 2 and after that it started crashing the whole time. So, I re-installed but now it won’t work even unpatched. Even if I start a new game, it still keeps on crashing. I’ve tried every fix I’ve found but no help.

    • art

      I tried Every Fixes available on this page, none of them working , i patched it to update 2 and still crash after 1-2 minutes. My configuration is simple 2gb ram , quadcore 6600, asus eah 4350HD 512mb with latest driver from ATI. The game run fine with few crash before Boulder city. After enter Boulder City that it’s a nightmare with crashing every few minutes or not even loading at all. I changed all fallout.ini and fallout_default.ini with IFpsClamp from 0 to 60, change the bUseTHreadedAI from 0 to 1 and add the iNumHWThreads=2 and delete all autosave option, even disband my loyal follower Boone and ED-E and no help at all. Crashing after crashing, lost 30hrs plus playing this game. Bad freaking bugs game.

    • ptls

      i lost 4 hours of progress for the second time now because something corrupts the save files. i never did a quicksave, always saved manually. the first time i saved the game and closed it normally and when i tried to load the save the next day, the game crashed after 10 secs of loading. so i had to use the next older save and that worked for some time. the last time it crashed while playing and after that i couldnt load the last two of my saves. always the same: crashes while loading. now i dont want to play anymore because it can always happen that i lose who knows how many hours again and its not fun to do it all over again. if you can help me, please use the email address. thanks

    • killer3000ad

      Fix No. 15 caused my gun to disappear from 1st person view.
      Fix No. 4 resulted in severely reduced frame rate. I noticed i fired slower, and even ran slower, or the animation of running made it appear i as jogging in slow mo.

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    • Crippen

      After I upgraded my graphics card this happens to be a lot more.

      game freezes and telling me FalloutNV has stop working. (5 to 10 minutes into the game)

      I don’t have a powerful one (graphics card) but at least Fallout 3 doesn’t crashes often like this.

    • Dakota

      I just downloaded “Fallout: New Vegas” for PC and when i start it up by clicking the icon on my desktop or in any other way (start menu, computer, etc…) it say’s, “Steam Error: Application Load Error 5:0000065434”. How can i fix this, so i can finally start playing the game? Please help me D:

    • Kraljsved

      I’m having problems where none of my save games will work after either killing Mr. House and installing Yes Man, or after finishing the side bets quest (tell Yes man which factions to like) All save games made after “wrath of ceasar” or “beware the bear” quests are added crash the game when you try to load them. I believe other people here are having the same issues, and it is making it impossible for me to finish the game by using Yes Man.

    • Boldriks

      have this really strange “bug” going on. I’ve read this whole tread but no one seems to have anything similar to what I’m experiencing. So, after I start up the game I get an error message “Out of valid date”, though it’s the kind where you are allowed to click “OK” and it disappears, while the game is simply in alt+tab mode. So I click it in the panel below and it looks fine. I get none of the errors you complain about all over here but I can’t seem to leave the first village (Springmountain I believe it’s called) since there are no ground textures. If I step on this no-texture thing I just fall trough to some underground 10000000 miles below and die. This thing is all around the village and no way of getting around it.
      I’ve the latest video drivers. I also have a decent system going on so that shouldn’t be the cause. I run the game on Win7 x64 (though I’ve tried it on my XP x84 system and it’s the same thing). Any suggestions ?

    • Nick

      the console won’t come up when i press the ~ button

    • veldrin

      somehow i manged to get my fallout nv working without restarting my pc once in a while, but after playing about an hour it started crashing every time i shoot someone in the head (!!). after trying everything i found in the web like deleting all you codecs and players i decided simply not to shoot anything in the head, but then it turned out that about 10% of shoots in anything but head gives me crash and if shoot in the head it crashes every time.. anyone has any idea wtf is going on?

    • giant_battling_Robot

      Had been playing for 2 or 3 days with no problem then started to get crashes after 2-3 minutes of play. Changing iFPSClamp=0 to iFPSClamp=60. as advised above seems to have fixed whatever issue there was

    • bazt

      im having the same problem as scott for some reason my character has become unable to turn around…..wtf?

    • geebus

      Editing the Fallout_default.ini too did it. Thanks, Zawad.

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        Pleasure :)

    • chaos1428

      Ok, after some time now, someone has posted a fix on youtube. Option 2 fixed my audio issues, so hopefully this helps those of you having Audio Lag


    • ajd

      for me the games runs in a reduced window, so i have a black border and the game window is much smaller than my monitor actually is.

      Does anyone know how to get it to run in full screen mode?

    • geebus

      15# Fallout New Vegas Freezes and Crashes Fix
      It works for me but the fallout.ini file will revert to its original form after you restart the game. I have to make the changes to the file every time before i start the game.

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        Mark it read only and the changes will stick.

        • geebus

          I have tried that. It doesn’t make a difference. I have to add the lines to the .ini file every time before i run the game.

          • JRuined

            I have the same issue Greebus. Switch off the read-only. Make adjustments to the .ini, save, and it still reverts to its’ original state.

            • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

              Whatever you do in any fallout configuration file, make the same changes in “Fallout_default.ini”. Try that this way the game won’t write back the default values into those configuration files.

        • http://jruined.carbonmade.com/ JRuined

          Thank you Zawad.

    • Zarko

      can anyone please please help me , i get a black screen after 15 minutes of play , i have to shut the whole system down , it runs perfectly on my pc its just after 15 everythiing turns sour, i have tried everything on the net and nothing works :(

    • Edmond

      This game was running rather well for me initially (laggy when near fire but other than that it was actually running smoothly except for the mouse stuff in menus). Now 14+ hours in things have taken a turn for the worst…I can not longer load the last four save game entries that I have – they all crash my game (FalloutNV has stopped working).

      I tried taking the save game backups and using them (so renaming accordingly) but still a no go.

      Basically my save game list looks like this at the top (most recent):

      #0012 HELIOS One Observation Level (Crashes if I try to load it)
      QUICK Solar Collection Tower (Crashes if I try to load it)
      AUTO Solar Collection Tower (Crashes if I try to load it)
      #0011 Mojave Wasteland (Crashes if I try to load it)

      I just not willing to go back further than that (I’ve already spent four hours trying to fix the f*cking piece of crap). Really, Fallout 3 was bug ridden but at least I could play through the thing (with crashes to the desktop happening quite often but at least after I restarted the game I was able to continue)…this New Vegas has to be one of the buggiest games ever if I look at the problems people are experiencing – mine though prevents me from carrying from where I left off. I should have rather waited before shelling out for this piece of $hit…maybe I would have then seen how buggy it was and it would have deterred me.

    • Go0se

      I pre ordered Fallout New Vegas back in June on Steam and ever since it came out killing in vats and sometimes out of vats makes my computer freeze, flash a blue screen that says something about some error and restart. I’m not sure if its something wrong with my computer or with the game as every other game works fine and I know FONV has a few bugs. Here are my computer’s specs in case it helps.

      Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT

      Processor: AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual core processor 6000+ 3.10ghz

      Sound Card: Turtle Beach Riviera

      and 4GB of RAM

      I built the computer myself nearly 2 years ago, all my drivers and DirectX are up to date and my computer shows no signs of viruses or anything else. I also have the caravan pack from the pre order. Not sure if that’s relevant or not but there it is. I’ve searched everywhere and I haven’t found anyone having this problem. It’s been 9 days now and I’ve been having this problem from the start. I emailed Bethesda 2 days ago and haven’t heard anything yet. If anyone can help that’d be great.

      • Filip

        Hey dude i got the same problem. Crashing like every second minute with really weird sounds and then it all goes black for a sec until it becomes blue with a lot of white warning texts. I found out that all you need to do is to update you graphicscrads drivers, worked for me. Cheers

      • Filip

        oh wait …. it’s back

    • André

      I am having similar troubles many seem to have:

      I can play the game with stuttering but doing the ifpsclamp trick helps a lot. I am using Windows XP with SP 3 and an AMD Phenom II X3 720, 4 GByte RAM and a GeForce GTX 285. I am playing with a resolution of 1920 x 1200.

      Still the game always crashes after 10-30 minutes. Most of the time it is when entering a building whent the game starts to load. The game crashes and shows a message Fallout New Vegas has to be closes. But if I do that the screen only remains black and I have to reset the whole PC. It seems like the game sets a strange resolution for this error message (very low screen resolution).

      Interesting: If I fiddle around with the camera really fast, it also crashes.

      I tried the dll-fix with adding that file into the Fallout folder. It does two very interesting things: It now says my graphics card is a Nvidia 7900 GS and when it crashes, the screen resolution is correct and I can close the programm and go to the desktop without having to restart like before!

      It is horrible the game crashes so often and no fun to play :-(. Does anyone know a possible solution?

      • Mike

        I turned my graphics down from very high to high, and that seemed to slow down the rate of crashes.

        I also turned my fan speed up to 100% using EVGA precision to keep the card cool (I’m using a Nvidia GTX 260)

        But other than that I’m having the exact same problem as you, though I haven’t tried any DLL fix.

    • arx

      well actually its not. i just checed and fps is sometimes 15 and the game turns slo. strange that i havent noticed that before.

    • arx

      It seems almost everyone has the same problem as i have. I have noticed that when i start shooting then my game will crash and sometimes pc does restart, but when i walk around then nothing happens. tried with update 2 and without it. copied the dll file. modified ini file. played windowed. nothing. still the same. but my fps is alright.

    • Acidtrip

      For those who experience FPS loss etc, lag in the PC Version, try downloading this file:


      Just copy it into your fallout new vegas folder. It worked for me. Hope it helps

    • GrimFilth

      Hai guiz… Fallout 3 New Vegas isn’t working very well for me either, thanks to this guide i solved a few issues. Main specs; AMD Athlon 64 4000+, Nvidia MSI 9800GTX + OC, Windows XP fully updated and all the latest drivers.

      Bugs i’ve fixed thanks to this article;
      -Game crashed after the intro, in the loading screen, .dll fixed this.
      -Dialogues and other sounds were delayed for me, task manager priority to high fixed this. Removing FFDSHOW didn’t make any difference in this case.

      Bugs i haven’t figured out yet:
      -Screen freezes for 3 to 5 seconds in large rooms or outdoors, this happens occaisionally.
      -A few people and creatures swim in the skies or walk halfway in the ground, or fell completely trough the ground.
      -Some ragdolls cause framerate drops.

      thnx for your support!

    • Rastagir

      First of all, hello to all!

      Am I the only one that wasn’t helped by the .dll?

      I have a laptop with a NVidia GeForce 9600m GT graphics card, updated to the latest drivers. I used both the dll’s in Nexus site (the first made no difference, the second just didn’t work at all, it froze my computer). I changed the scripts (change iFPSClamp=0 to iFPSClamp=60) and, while I had no frame rate problems, everything moved in slow motion (no solution there). I did EVERYTHING but, still, no cigar.

      I found another guy in another forum who has the same problems and he has the very same graphic’s card as me. Is it possible that it’s the card’s fault?

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • tom

      I’ve been having serious crashing problems with FONV for a couple off days now after 45+ hours of reasonably stable gameplay.

      Got a rude awakening tonight. Went to play another Steam game–Civ 5–which I’d played easily for over 70 hours, and lo and behold, black screen crashes in an entirely different game.

      I have absolutely no clue what to do now, since I can no longer keep the crash problem isolated to FONV at this point, even though that was the game of origin. My diag on my GPU indicate there is no temp problem, drivers all locked and loaded, etc.

      But it’s no longer just on Bethesda stuff anymore, UNLESS Steam is acting as a sort of conduit for a file mistake that’s affecting my entire system, not just FONV.

      Anyone else have this crash problem migrate to other apps?

    • Duckdace

      I tried every mentioned method, but nothing seems to work! I can start a new game, but after a few minutes of fun, the game starts acting hard on me. I can move around and talk to a few people, but every time I start a conversation or get into a fight with someone (mark: not all AI causes this, but many) the game freezes and I have to restart my computer. I reload, and the same thing happens on the excact same place. What may be wrong?

    • Fusso

      My game crashes when I leave Boulder City and progress from there after I finished the quest there. It’ll crash when I make my way North. Then when i try to load a saved game, it’ll crash everytime. But if I try to load a saved game from before Boulder City, it’ll load fine. I play my way up to where it crashed before and it crashes again. I’ve reinstalled, updated my drivers, tried all the tips stated on this site, and nothing. What a piece of a crap of a game.

    • Logos

      this is a manual save. i realised that the auto/quick was bugged at the beginning of the game, and have been saving it manually ever since. however, whenever i try and open this save now the game goes to the loading screen and then crashes and i cant find a solution. any help would be appreciated.

    • Logos

      same problem as sigurd, zohan, ezekial.
      whenever i try and load my save game manually it goes into loading screen and then crashes. got 40 hrs of gameplay and no other save because of the quicksave/autosave bug.
      can someone please help out, really want to keep playing and dont want to lose 40 hrs of gameplay.

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        Quick save auto save has been bugged, everyone in the world has been screaming to save it manually, please do.

    • Trey

      Sorry about the caps guys but I think I might be able to help many of you out and save you alot of time and anguish. Ifyou are having problems with CRASHES, then read this. I was having repeated crashes ranging from 5-20-30-60 minutes of gamplay and it was becoming very aggravating. So I did everything this page told me to do and I was still having crashes. Well, last-night I decided to start a new game without using “Hard Core mode” and played for 3.5 hours straight without a single crash. To review, if you are using hardcore mode and having crashes, turn it off or start a new toon without using it.
      Hope this helps.

    • jason biggs

      i have read every forum and there are a lot of other problems and solutions, but i haven’t heard anyone else mention this one. i use skidrow cracks all the time and love you guys, and I‘m pretty handy at figuring these things out, but i’m at a complete loss on this one.

      installs with no errors, copy over cracks, then open launcher and change display settings. then i hit play, goes to black screen for a few seconds then closes to desktop. a box opens saying “FalloutNV has stopped working” then 2 options, “check online for solution and close program” or “close program” if you expand the view to “view problem details” it says “problem event name:”….”APPCRASH”

      tried many other installations, deletes, reboots, even other cracks by globe@ and a few others. no help. below is my sys config. please help i cant wait to play.

      Win 7 ultimate 32bit
      AMD Athlon II X3 Processor 3.00GHz
      4 GB ram
      ATI Radeon HD 5400 Series
      all drivers up to date
      150GB free on HD

    • scott

      my character wont turn around what am i going to do

    • Michal P

      I have absolutely same problem like John B
      I rewrite fallout.ini and than I start game, after few minutes playing game freezes (even sometimes my computer restarts)
      and if I look to fallout.ini the file is at same state like before rewrite.

      (Sorry for my english)

    • Ryan

      I have New Vegas for my xbox and when I try to load from my auto saved file it won’t load. An error screen pops up, but I can load from my manually saved game. It is very frustrating now I have to backtrack about 4 hours worth of gameplay. Can anyone help?

    • Brian

      I get the stuttering on my PS3?! No way to turn the frame rates down or update dll’s :(

      Any ideas?

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        Usually we suggest running the game directly from Disk, rather than having it installed in HD, to resolve this issue. Works on Xbox 360 :)

    • John B

      I try keep getting a ctd after 5-30 min of play. Had the same thing in FO3 and did the .ini fix. Well for New Vegas for some reason it keeps resetting the .ini file so i cant get fix number 15 to work. Anyone know how to make the .ini stop resetting?

    • Fluxstyle

      Great that they fixed the freeze thing, but i cant save Fallout.ini, because its read only.
      so yeah. that sucks balls.

      • Bret

        to save the ini file right click go to propaties untick the readonly box and when your done editing it save it them tick the read only box again

    • Sacha

      It seems that I am no longer able to play, due to New Vegas crashing every time I try to load my saved game or try anew. Any pointers?

    • Oystein JP

      Hey, i have this serious problem at the moment.


      I took my Iphone and filmed the error

      it only happens in that area, ive tried walking around sometimes it works but i dont really think that i should leave this alone if it happens in that area it will probbaly happen somewhere else

    • Suomynona

      The FFDshow suggestion doesn’t fix the delayed audio (that suddenly overwhelms you at once when you hit Esc). I’ve been through the codec dance with FO3 and it’s working fine.

      Someone had suggested I tried the modded ENBSeries d3d9.dll for Oblivion and it amazingly works!! (The d3d9.dll on the Bethsoft forums didn’t do a thing.)

    • LO

      For graphic artifacts – like flashing white boxes – (GTX 480, newest drivers DO NOT fix this issue) – turn AA to 0, (I also heard that turning Bloom instead of HDR will work too) – hope they will fix this sonn

    • kalon

      I changed the ifpsclamp to 60 (solution #4) and used this site’s download (http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34778) and either one or both worked a miracle. No more npc lag what so ever.

    • alex

      i switch off java script in my browser, and copy by one click all this text. I’m not going to repost it, just need it for the future. Don’t use it. It’s very fool protection.

    • st_rage

      I’m in the same boat. FFDSHOW has never been installed on my machine and it behaves exactly like chaos1428. The only thing that improves it is running the game in window mode rather than full screen. I’m still crashing all the time and getting stutter. I’ve reloaded all my drivers. I guess I’ll just have to wait for a real patch.

    • tayz

      Hey, I keep getting the “FalloutNV has stopped working” vista message… I am running in vista sp3 and have tried in xp sp 2 but still get this… I was playing the game fine yesterday but tried today and no luck, it’s not just when loading a game but also if i try and start again. It goes to the loading screen then desktop and the message. I’ve also disabled the steam cloud, same problem. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks

    • Mike R

      I’ve not been able to play the game yet.

      When I run the game the launcher comes up and tells me it is setting my video settings. It gives me a message that video settings have been set for ultra high quality and then when I click OK I am back to the launcher.

      If I click ‘Play’ again from the launcher it just repeats all over again setting my video settings but never enters the game. This just loops continuously and I never get to play the game.

      Any help much appreciated.

      • Assailant86

        I am having the EXACT same issue. When I hit play it detects video hardware settings and won’t start. And it just keeps doing it over and over again when I hit play. I have reinstalled both the game and steam twice now. When I first installed it it worked fine, I have 7 hours played. Just started doing this out of nowhere…

      • Dorn284

        Part of the problem with it detecting your settings every time is that the config and .ini files may be read only, preventing them from being updated. You may be able to unlock them and change your settings that way.

    • Greg

      bug common in most Bethesda games. I downloaded InstalledCodec.exe and disabled codecs until I narrowed it down to the ones causing the trouble. It improved my FPS considerably, and I was able to raise my settings. It also solved the issue with the game not exiting. It’s worth a try for everyone having issues, and it doesn’t involve any file changes so it’s safe.

    • Algis

      Running on native resolution in windowed mode prevented my NV from crashing. At least for a while …

    • Daniel

      Thank I will try that…

    • Daniel

      Hi Zawad,
      I have read all (and thats a lot) but i cant find out, if my problem are the same as the others. I bought my FNV on steam, and downloaded it.
      My game crash as soon as I press “new game” every time.

      I have downloaded the dll file as in your solution #14

      Can u help me please.


      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        have you tried reinstalling the game ? it may be corrupted installation, it has nothing to do with that dll file. Re-install game if you have digitally purchased the game, replace the DVD if its the DVD. Or re-download the game from another source and try. It is most probably due to corrupted files.

    • allen

      hey….i have fallout new vegas and it crashes after 20 min of gameplay…….i tried to disable the Steam Could Sync but i dont find it ………..What im suposed to do…..!!!!!PLS Help!!!

    • allen

      hey….i have fallout new vegas and it crashes after 20min of gameplay…….i tried ti disable the Steam Could Sync but i dont find it ………..What im suposed to do…..!!!!!

    • Rambo

      I got same problem as Wellu. Except its not just that game crashes, my whole computer crashes if I try use VATS.

    • John

      3# you write “It may be the game isn’t optimized to run in DirectX 11”.

      The game doesn’t support DX11, so that’s not an issue.

    • Z0han

      Sigurd, same problem. I CANT LOAD MY SAVES!!!!!

    • Wellu

      My game crashes everytime I try to use V.A.T.S.. This started to happen at Nipton.

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        Patch the game.

    • poison

      What a Fu@¨$$&ed game… spent 3 days already trying to play this crap with no luck… i want my $$$ back :(

    • Ace

      can someone help me , when i start game in the middle of intro movie i get don’t send.
      any solutions?

      Thank you.

    • Travis Barton

      I have an issue where the game crashes whenever I try to go to nipton. I have no clue what to do and it happens every time.

    • Sigurd

      I have a problem with my client, every time i try to load some specific save games, my game crashes. This happened pretty randomly, i was playing the game and at some sudden point when i was forced to load my game, the game crashed. I backtracked my savegames and some of the older saves seemed to work, and i decided to start from there, however it would seem that even completely new save games i make have the same problem. They either get currupted or my client has a problem reading / loading them.

      Anyone able to help?

      Im running with an ATI 4890, Windows 7 and an AMD quadcore.

      • Ezekial

        I am also having this exact same problem.

        • BiB

          me too

    • azure

      Copy and pasted from another website (this worked for me too) :

      “OK, if the game crashes right at the start, goto your documents/my games/
      and delete the folder FalloutNV.
      start the game up and all may be well for you, this worked for me.”

    • Dubby

      God damn ****ing quick/auto save loss bug. Seriously, what the hell you guys!! I tend to binge play. So I lost over 20 hours of gameplay. I’m not playing this piece of **** until the save-game dropping is fixed. This kind of glitch on LAUNCH is UNACCEPTABLE.

    • chaos1428

      Well I tried setting FNV priority in task manager to “high”, and that fixed the sound issue, but the game is such a slideshow now. However I set it to “Abovenormal” and it seems to be working fine so far.

      Hope it helps some other as well, thanks for the tip.

    • LoneWanderer

      My game crashes when I try to EXIT it. Help! It annoying, fallout 3 had the same problem but they fixed it…

    • Connor

      I have the same issue as a few people on here. My game reaches the launcher then crashes immediately. I have tried everything you advised Andrew Robinson and Federico to do, nothing worked.
      I’m running Windows 7 64 bit, which most people with this issue seem to be having. Any more ideas?

    • h33t

      FALLOUT New Vegas launcher dosent seem to save my settings!!! It keeps on reverting back to the auto-detect. I’m running a GTX 460 and I want to change from 1280×800 resolution to 1680×1050 AND disable AA and AF, but whenever I hit OK and play the game, it reverts it back. Why? How do I fix this?

      Also, whenever I change some settings in-game, this pop-up message says that “There is no storage devices selected. Settings will not be saved.”
      How do I fix that?

    • Benny

      Hi, I’ve successfully downloaded and set up the game onto my laptop, I have set the graphics to low and the game is very fps kinda laggy, i have tried number 4 of these fixes, which does help a lot although the game is still fairly choppy, any other advice?

    • crapaudioissue >:C

      I Also got the same problem as the above got… it makes the game really unplayable..

    • asdasd

      Same as chaos.. tried everything. ( even the not mentioned high cpu usage trick..which does actually fix the sound but then new problems occur like movement delay..and lower fps and stuttering ).

    • NoxiN

      i have EXACTLY the same problem as chaos,i tried all those options too one that worked is to run the game then hit alt tab,open task menu and set priority to high,but then i get this amazignly huge walking lagg with delay of like 5 seconds >.< UNPLAYABLE please help

    • Zury

      Same problems as chaos1428
      Running in window mode helps a bit but doesn’t fix it.

    • tmtmtll1

      So i tried to install this game and before installation even begins a pop up appears and says cannot install because the game hasnt been released yet. I have the games for windows version. Any idea what to do about this? simple fix hopefully

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        logout of steam and restart.

    • Tacitus

      I’m having the same issue; although, I haven’t gotten around to it yet, I was going to make sure my sound drivers are up to date. It’s really annoying having to rapidly press esc twice just to hear dialogue and gunshots.

    • Federico

      Hi, i have problem with FNV, i start the game, but the game crash…I have

      Ragazzi a me crasha appeno avvio il gioco…Ecco il mio pc

      Windows 7 64bit
      MOBO: Asus P5Q PRO TURBO x48
      RAM: G.Skill ddr2 3x2gb = 6gb DDR2
      CPU: Intel Core Quad Q6600 2.40ghz
      VGA: Palit Nvidia GTX 465 1GB GDDR5

      I tryed #14 solution, ffdshow turned off, and have setted to compatibility windows xp service pack 3…

    • chaos1428

      My audio issue is strange. Whenever I fire a gun, I get no sound from it. If I shoot the ground, I hear the rounds hit the dirt, but no firing sound. If I open the Pipboy or hit esc, the audio catches up. For example, If I fired 15 rounds off with no sound, I open the Pipboy, I hear my rounds go off (very rapidly).

      In the opening char creation, when talking to the doc, the audio would get off sync with his mouth movements, and then nothing would happen, until I press escape, then I could continue.

      I have removed FFDSHOW, updated my drivers all around, and reinstalled the game several times now. I am also running a fresh (maybe a week old?) install of WinXP with SP3.

      What the heck are my options here?

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        Did you rather try adding FalloutNV to ffdshow exclusion list ?.

    • slicer4ever

      i’ve got a weird bug, for the 360, i went to load an autosave, and it pops up with:
      “downloaded content not found, do you want to continue”, and regardless of what i select i then get:
      “the storage device can’t be found”

      if i try to select the continue option from the menu, the game crashes

    • ravage

      people with high end units shouldnt even need to mess around with all these options/files… im running the game on a Q9400 @ 3.4Ghz, 4GB DDR3 and GTX 460 1GB OC……….

      However….. when your frame rate goes from a solid 119 all the way down to 16.. NO tweaking in options or stupid file edits can fix how atrocious it is.

      This game is in desperate need of a patch.

    • Nicholas Auger

      Thanks ya it crashed thanyou though i will only do 1.

    • Nicholas Auger

      Hey it didn’t work and it always crashes to when i enter the saloon after the tutorials and also if i skip them too right then and now only then and i have a dual core cpu shoudl i make that one value for iNumHWThreads=1 instead of =2? because i have dual. or because its that one point would it be an soft ware problem?

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        The fix is actually for people with quad core processors. You should keep it to 1.

    • Andrew Robinson

      Tried reintalling the .dll after DLC was downloaded and it did not work. Reinstalling and hoping I can play offline without the DLC loading.

    • Nicholas Auger

      acually iam trying it now and i just finnished it i hope it works.

    • Andrew Robinson

      me and you both buddy.

    • Nicholas Auger

      No. simply put can you suggest one then if i misse dit cause i looked at them and i try’d the ones i could and well they didn’t work. but could you help. it crashes mid game and the window pops up and the audios still going intill i close it. behind it is a black screen (behind the pop up) and can you explain the save problem to me please and i found out it usually crashes right when i complete or skip the tutorials. (when i go into the dinner) Hey i got the pre ordered dlc too put mine doesn’t crash after the intro video.

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        Right now the Quick Save or Auto Save of the game is bugged. It reverts back to the first quick save so saving manually is advised. By going into esc menu and clicking save that is. and did you try #15.

    • Andrew Robinson

      Hmm Im beginning to think it has to do with the classic pack DLC I got with the pre order. I noticed after I installed the .dll file it redownloaded the DLC. Now it wont run again, same problem.

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        Now, I am lost.

    • Andrew Robinson

      How odd? Now im recieving the same error after it ran successfully once. Is the .dll file being corrutped or deleted after each run of the game?

    • Andrew Robinson

      Thank You Zawad, it appears I can actually play the game now. One odd bit is that now Fallout NV detects a Nvidia GT 7900 card, when Im running a GTx 465

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        Its may be due to the old dll file you just pushed. Don’t bother, play the game if it runs fine. After you have done with the game, you can update your drivers to fix this :)

    • Nicholas Auger

      oh and the audio keeps playing after stuttering after the screen goes black and then the little window pops up.

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        did you try the suggested workaroundabove commentreply ?

    • Nicholas Auger

      I have a Radeon 3870 hd and an Intel Core duo e6400 2.13 ghz and 4 gb ram. i know abuot the problems with the Radoen and i fized them but can you help me its in the middle of the game too between 5 to half and hour of gameplay or is there a step i missed if so can you point it out?

    • Andrew Robinson

      I have the latest drivers, downloaded this afternoon.

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        Did you try the dll method, #14 that is. It may resolve this issue. Check out the video as well, fallout 3 had the same issue and was resolved this way.

    • Smitty

      Can you please give more in-depth in how to fix the NPC Sound Issue?

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        First Go to Control Panel and see if You have ffdshow installed, you can either remove it completely from your system to get the game working or you can disable it for the game.

        Now if you want to disable it, you will need to add fallout new vegas executable to its exclusion list.
        Open ffdshow > Video decoder configuration(the main window’s name) > Directshow control > Don’t use ffdshow in: > add the game exe to the list.

        Having Breakfast, hard to write, pardonfortyposl….

    • Nicholas Auger

      Nooooooooooo it didn’t fix it can yous till help me?

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        Turn down view distance, fade distance, and disable water multi sync.

    • Andrew Robinson

      BTW I have a GTX 465 GPU, with the latest drivers.

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        there was an update by nvidia yesterday, update your drivers. Launcher issues are mostly caused by these little things. Make sure you have updated drivers, directx, .net framework, and runtime libraries. It may or may not fix it, but it will narrow down the causes…..

    • Andrew Robinson

      Sorry, the falloutNV launcher crashes when I try to load the game. Your fix for this mentioned to use compatiblity mode for windows xp SP 3, the exact OS im using

    • Nicholas Auger

      Errr……….. Howdy iam gonna try with disabled steam cloud.

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        Steam cloud is supposed to be disabled as they were investigating these issues ………………. Did they enabled it already without fixing anything?

      • Nicholas Auger

        I think that fixed it thankyou.

    • Nicholas Auger

      Hey iam not sure what to do in the middle of game play it will freeze and a pop-up will come up saying the obvious Fallout NV has stopped working just at random usually not after 10 minutes of playing it started to come up i could play earlier on for at least half an hour that was this morning now it well 10. can you help me? – I don’t know witch one.

    • Jim Norton

      ifpsclamp doesn’t really work without fpslimiter which I haven’t been able to get working with New Vegas.

    • Andrew Robinson

      Im on Service pack 3 for windows XP

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        Game should run fine. Whats the issue you are facing ?

    • Andrew Robinson

      I dont have the option to run Fallout New vegas in compatiblity mode for Windows xp (Service Pack 3) My options stop at Windows 2000

      • http://segmentnext.com Zawad Iftikhar

        which windows are you using ? do you already have Windows XP SP3 ? or still on Windows XP SP2 ? you may need to install Windows XP SP3 if you are on Service Pack 2.

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