How to Play Borderlands LAN Games On Hamachi

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Borderlands is an awesome game to play with your friends co op LAN online. Lot of people gave up on this game simply because it didn’t work well for them online due to connectivity issues and game being buggy. If you want to play Borderlands with your friends online on Hamachi, first you will need to configure your Windows firewall and forward your ports. For that follow our tutorial on how to  Borderlands Portforwarding and Firewall Guide.

After you are done forwarding your ports and configuring your firewall according to your OS, you can follow this tutorial to play Borderlands on Hamachi.

How to Play Borderlands on Hamachi

Step 1
Uninstall old version of Hamachi and Install the new version of Hamachi. (Unmanaged one is free). Make sure everyone of your friends has the same new version of Hamachi before you continue.

Step 2
Reconfigure your Network Connection to make it detect Hamachi first.

Step 3

For XP Users
Go to All Programs > Accessories > Communications > Network Connections. Go to the menu > Advanced > Advanced Settings. Now under Adapters and Bindings tab, move Hamachi to the top of the list.

Restart your PC.

For Vista Users
Go to Start menu > Network, click on the Network and Sharing Center button at the top. Click on  “Manage Network Connections” on the left hand side and then  go to Advanced > Advanced Settings. Under the Adapters and Bindings tab, move Hamachi to the top of the list.

Restart your PC.

Step 4
Create/join a new Hamachi network and get your friends join it as well.

Step 5
Download and Install ForceBindIP.

Step 6
Now you need to use ForceBind to force Borderlands to use Hamachi IP for LAN connection. To do that go to Start>Run> and type “cmd”.

In command prompt window type “ForceBindIP [YourHamachiIP] “[File Path of Borderlands.exe]” and hit enter.

The full command that you put in command prompt will look like:
ForceBindIP "C:\Program Files\2K Games\Gearbox Software\Borderlands\Binaries\Borderlands.exe"

It will start the game and now you can host and join Borderlands LAN games over Hamachi.

Note: Make a batch file of this so that you don’t have to manually start the game from “cmd” every time.

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  • Ivan

    Great, thanks

  • Cral

    any idea how i can make this command into a batch file?

    • rattlesnake

      to make any batch file, open an empty notpad file and paste the command line in it. Save this file as a batch file (.bat)

      • Cral

        yeah it worked, just had to put the .bat file in the same directorie as the ForceBindIP.exe app.

  • chris

    umm try updating to the latest version of borderlands

  • driscoll

    I get to see the game being hosted, but it doesnt connect before timeout. Any clues?

  • N

    You need to navigate in the commmand prompt to the folder where ForceBindIP is installed using the cd (change directory) command.
    Then use the ForceBindIP command shown above.

    • nostress

      please tell me specificly how to do that, im a newbie

  • MD

    ‘ForceBindIP’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program and batch file.

    Any ideas to get this thing to work would be appreciated.

  • That Guy

    Followed the guide, didn’t work. Any help?

  • Dostevei

    This guide definitely works, follow it step by step and you’re on your way to Borderlands LAN games over Hamachi!