Zombie Army 4 Heroic Action Locations Guide

Zombie Army 4 features various collectibles for the players to find throughout their gameplay. One of these collectibles are heroic actions; this guide will discuss in detail each and every Zombie Army 4 heroic action location you can run into across all the levels of the game.

Zombie Army 4 Heroic Action Locations

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Dead Ahead
Level one’s final chapter ‘Gone Off The Rails’ has the first heroic action you need to collect. Once you reach the train yard after following through with the objectives, go up the stairs and then head to the shack.

You will encounter two zombies fighting each other. Your objective is to keep both of these zombies alive in order to get the heroic action. Kill every other zombie other than these two in order to get your reward.

Death Canal
During the ‘Shadows of Venice’ chapter, once you defeat the zombie bomber planes, head to the safe room until you reach a fenced area. From here, turn left to find a guy about to be killed by zombie. Simply save this guy to complete the heroic action.

Meat Locker
The Heroic Action in Meat Locker in Dead War can be found in ‘Schweiger’s Revenge’ chapter. After leaving the save room go straight until you see a guy being attacked by a zombie. Clear all the zombies around him to receive the action.

Zombie Zoo
Zombie Zoo’s Heroic Action can be found whilst playing through the ‘Don’t Tap The Glass’ chapter. At one point, you will be fending off a large zombie horde in a room with a sniper. The zombies will naturally try to eat this sniper’s brains out and you must keep him alive to get the heroic action and open the safe in the next room.

Rotten Coast
Rotten Coast’s ‘Village of Darkness’ chapter has a rather tough heroic deed to be performed. In the town, there will be a sniper tower with a sniper scouting out the area.

In order to get the Heroic Action, you must protect the sniper by fending off the zombies and preventing them from going upstairs.

There will also be a zombie tank outside. After you help the sniper defend his tower against all the zombies, the sniper will open the safe for you as a reward.

Molten Nightmare
This heroic action can be found during the ‘Hot On The Trail’ chapter. After defending the boat, you will get a demolition charge.

Blow the debris up and a guy near the safe room should run to the boat. Simply escort him back, keeping him safe from zombies in order to get your heroic action.

All Roads Lead To Hell
During the ‘City of the Dead’ chapter as you make your way to meet the Advance Squad you can find your next Heroic Action.

Once the gate closes, go down the alley and look right where you will find a guy being attacked by a zombie. Help him out to get your Heroic Action.

Hell Base
During the ‘Not In Kansas’ Anymore chapter; after you fill the blood fountain, go to the edge of the cliff and look down at the bridge to your right. Here you will see zombies about to kill a guy. Clear the zombies out to get a Heroic Action.

Hell Machine
The last Heroic Action can be found during the chapter ‘Obliterate Hitler’s Army.’ As you leave the safe room, look above to the left where you will see a guy fighting alone. Defend him in order to fulfill your heroic deeds.

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