Zelda: TriForce Heroes Boss Battle Guide – Tips and Strategy

The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes boss guide to help you defeat all the bosses in the game.

The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes boss guide to help you defeat all the bosses in the game.

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Zelda: TriForce Heroes Boss Battle Tips and Strategy

TriForce Heroes features multiple bosses which you must defeat in order to progress through the game. This guide provides an overview of all the boss fights in the game and how to complete each one:

World 1 – The Woodlands

Electric Blob King
As soon as the battle begins, you need to move in the direction electric bolts – clockwise or counter-clockwise – to escape from the attack.

In order to destroy the boss, you need to hit the boss’s red ball thrice which will make the boss taller and put its weak area out of range.

Once this happens, you need to craft a Totem with 2 Links in order to reach it. You simply need to hit the red area and craft Totem with more Links in order to complete the boss fight.

The first thing that you need to ensure is to avoid Margoma’s spikes every single time.

In order to defeat the boss, you need to hit it in the eye. You need to wait for it to charge up and stand near a damage box around the arena.

As soon as you see the boss charging towards the box, evade and you will see a hole on the boss which is your clue to craft a two Link Totem and toss a bomb in this hole.

After you see the its eye, you need to use the two Link Totem to get on the boss and deal some serious damage. However, you need to ensure that you get away as soon as she begins shaking.

Finally, after you see the boss growing in size, form a three Link Totem and finish it off – remember to stick to the same strategy.

World 2

Electric Blob Queen
This boss fight is pretty identical to Electric Blob King with a few alterations. In this battle, the boss will dive into the ground after you hit the red ball. At this point, you’ll need to use the water rod to force her into resurfacing.

You need to stick to the higher ground, use Kokiri Clothes to deal damage, craft a two-Link totem when she grows, and continue dealing damage. You need to repeat the same process until you’re forced to create 3-Link totem and complete the fight.

During the initial phase, Arrghus will toss eyeballs in your direction. A couple of Links need to use the Gripshot to pull Arrghus’ eyes to deal some damage to the eyes.

The other Link needs to use the water rod to pull the encircling eye from the water and finish them off. Once the water level decreases, stun the enlarged eyes and smash them using the same technique as above which will trigger the third phase.

Use the sound clues to judge the location of 8 incoming dark rings and evade them as soon as possible or you will not be able to use your sub-weapons.

To defeat the boss, you need to craft a 3-Link totem and use the top one to aim the Gripshot at the eye, close in to deal damage, and complete the boss fight.

World 3

After the battle begins, you need to see the light that Moldorm shoots from the eyeball as it will correspond to Moldorm’ intended target.

After Moldorm dashes towards the target, the remaining players need to close in and target Moldorm’ weak spot which is an orb near the tail. After a few hits, Moldorm will launch its tail into the air which will require a 2-Link totem.

If Moldorm focuses on the Totem, switch to the free Link and keep the Totem up at all costs. After a while, the boss will bounce around the area, giving you the clue to form a 3-Link totem and complete the boss fight.

World 4

After the battle begins, you can either toss fireballs at Freezlord or set your boomerang at fire using the torches around the arena and deal damage Freezlord.

You need to focus on Freezlord’s arms, back and continue dealing damage until those parts of the boss fall off. As for Freezlord’s icy breathe attack, it will move in counter-clockwise direction if Freezlord moves in clockwise direction and vice versa.

To evade these attacks, you need to stay clear of Freezlord’s mouth, icy breath, and the pool nearby. You need to destroy the amputated parts using the Fire Gloves in order to destroy the pool.

After this, Freezlord will leap into the air and form another pool. At this point, you need to keep on using the Fire Gloves and see Freezlord melt right in front of you.

You can also toss a fireball at Freezlord to speed up the melting process and complete the boss battle.

After Blizzagia emerges out of tunnel, maintain a safe distance and close in to deal some damage after it tries to bite players. Use the Fire Gloves and aim at Blizzagia backside to deal some extra damage.

Stay to the middle of the area and use the Magic Hammer to dish out some damage to the beast’s head. After Blizzagia freezes on the ground, close in once again and deal some damage to the boss to restrict its movement.

You also need to equip the Cozy Parka in order to eliminate the chances of Blizzagia freezing you to death. After shattering the boss’ mask, head close and target the gem using the Fire Gloves or the normal sword.

Simply keep on repeating the tactics provided above and the boss will eventually die.

World 5

The Hinnox Brothers
After the battle starts, get the Gust Jar and toss the bombs right back at the Hinnox Brothers. By simply doing this, you will successfully complete the first phase of the battle.

After the Li’l Hinnox hops in, use the Gust Jar a few times to get the large bombs in position and perform an air blast to deal high damage to the Li’l Hinnox.

The Lady’s Pets
This battle basically involves the alternate versions of the previous boss fights — Margoma, Moldorm, and Arrghus. Since you can use the same strategies as above to defeat them, there is no point in going over the entire thing again.

World 6

Vulture Vizier
You only require 2 Links in order to complete the boss battle. Craft a 2-Link totem and head to the center of the area. After getting there, throw a Link away from Vulture Vizier — on right side if the boss is on the left.

Next up, use the Boomerang Link to toss a boomerang at Vulture Vizier, forcing it to bring its head down. You need to repeat on doing this until Vulture Vizier flashes red and falls in the middle of the arena.

After the battle starts, you need to hit Stalchampion on the back between the bone and the mace attacks. After Stalchampion stands, toss a boomerang at it, close in with hammer attacks, and retreat afterwards.

Once the boss becomes aggressive, let it focus on one Link with others trying to get back and dish out some damage.

Continue repeating the same process, craft a 3-Link totem with the boomerang on top, and toss it at the fiery head to complete the boss battle.

World 7

Grim Repoe
After the boss battle begins, light the torches around the arena to see the Grim Repoe. Use the Gust Jar to attack the boss and continue to attack until it vanishes again.

At this point, equip the Kokiri Clothes, light one torches, use arrows to light others, and attack the boss. Continue to repeat the same strategy to complete the boss battle.

Once the battle begins, each Link must strike twice at the corresponding colored orb. Moreover, avoid the spinning attack at all costs!

After the orbs darken, close in with a Link and deal damage to Prismantus’ eye followed by retreating from him. Wait for the spin attack to complete and then head in to deliver some more blows.

Once this is done, hit the two orbs at the bottom and craft a 3-Link totem to reach the one at the top side. Attack the orbs to stun Prismantus and continue to repeat the same process to complete the boss battle.

World 8

The Lady
After The Lady surrounds herself with a ring, craft a 3-Link totem, toss 2 Links over to the ring to craft a 2-Link totem, and get behind her. After a while, send in the third Link and continue to attack until you are forced to retreat.

Pay close attention to the orb on The Lady’s head and its color corresponding to her intended target. Use the intended target to keep The Lady busy while others get behind her and continue to attack — this process must be repeated!

After a while, The Lady will toss an electrifying orb towards the players which they must send back in order to stun her followed by using the Sword Suit Link to get in close to dish out some damage.

During the final phase, you need to send the right colored Link to the platforms and attack The Lady’s head. In order to evade The Lady’s parasols, stay within the red circles area.

Eventually, the Lady will grow in size and will become more and more aggressive. At this point, you need to be patience with your attacks and try taking any damage — stay on the ground to avoid damage from the lightning bolts.

Once she becomes tougher to reach, craft a 3-Link totem in order attack The Lady’s head and complete the final boss battle.

Lastly, do not forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!

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