Zelda: Link’s Awakening Fairy Bottles Guide – Capturing Fairies, Bottle Locations

This guide will teach how you to get more fairy bottles in Link's Awakening on Nintendo Switch so you can respawn easily after dying.

Fairy Bottles in Zelda: Link’s Awakening are the game’s version of respawn mechanics. The bottles are used to accommodate fairies, or more like capturing them. And for what purpose do we capture them you ask? Well, if you die, you can use these fairies to heal yourself back to life by releasing them.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Fairy Bottles Locations

To capture the Fairy Bottles, you go to the Great Fairy Fountains where the fairies cluster together. Only if you have the bottle, you can sneak up and press the button to capture the fairy.

When you die, you would then have to release it to heal. Below we have summoned the locations for all three fairy bottles for you to find them with ease.

Fairy Bottle #1
You need to be at Mabe Village to get the first bottle. Head towards the pond and talk to the fisherman there.

You need to pay a certain amount there to start fishing. Throw your line to the far end of the screen then start pulling it and catch some fishes. Pay the fees a few times and repeat the process of fishing like this.

Soon you will clear out the area so no fishes will be in your and the bottle’s way.

Now pay for the game one last time and again, throw the line at the far end of the screen where soon it will be attaching itself to the fairy bottle. Keep pulling on it and there you have it.

Fairy Bottle #2
Once you have finished Angler’s Tunnel, you will start making your way around the island. Soon a ghost will start following you and will ask you to take him to his house.

Take him to his house on the far right of Toronbo Shores but as you reach there, he will refuse to live there anymore and will ask you to take him to his grave. Yeah I know, indecisive much?

Anyway, head to the witch’s house and then head beneath the house. Then take the stairs which will take you to a grave. The ghost, as a reward for bringing him back to his grave, will give you the second bottle.

Fairy Bottle #3
As you know, Dampe’s house has a lot of side quests which you can complete to collect variations of rewards including those rare Heart Pieces and the final battle.

So you are going to go to the house and finish the minigames and side quests. As you finish the easier ones, he will be giving you the harder challenges which are going to have some restriction like a time limit.

You have to complete the Health Shortage challenge which will require you to complete the challenge but will restrict the number of hearts you have in the challenge.

Once you complete the challenge you will be rewarded with the third and final bottle.