Zelda: Link’s Awakening Enemies Guide – How to Defeat, Fighting Tips

These are all the various enemies you will encounter when playing The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Nintendo Switch.

You will find numerous enemies while playing Zelda: Link’s Awakening (2019) on Nintendo Switch. This Enemies Guide will introduce a number of these enemies that Link will encounter while explaining how to fight them.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Enemies

The following is a work-in-progress list of every enemy that you’ll face in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Similar to the real-life crows, these are flying enemies that wait for travelers to pass by and fly rapidly down towards them. They are very likely to steal shiny items in the game.

In Link’s Awakening, you will find crows resting on trees, especially in Tabahl Wasteland. Whenever Link gets close to the Crows, they attempt to fly down or swoop towards him and then they exit the screen.

If the Crows are not defeated, they will be seen resting at the same location whenever Link reenters that area.

These enemies look and sound like chickens. They are able to call onto a bunch of other Cuccos to attack Link if they’ve been hit by Link excessively. In Link’s Awakening, they appear in Mabe Village and the Hen House.

The Cuccos can be killed by Link if they’re sprinkled with Magic Powder which will burn them, they can also be killed with the use of Magic Rod.

Hitting a Cucco thirty-five times will cause a lot of Cuccos to attack him to the point that leaves that area, or dies.

These are enemies who use a sword and a shield to attack and defend. Darknuts are the enemies that chased off Richard. These will appear in Kanalet Castle. They will defend themselves with their large shields while charging at Link.

Goponga Flowers
These are found in swampy areas or places with shallow water. You will encounter these in Goponga Swamp. These will block Link’s way, although they’re most vulnerable, they can deal damage if Link comes in contact with these.

Link will eat these flowers if he has BowWow, which is somewhat the only remedy that Link has to make his way through Goponga Flowers during the early phases of the game.

A spin attack of the Level 2 Sword will also defeat the Goponga Flowers. Link can also use Magic Rod, Boomerang, and Hookshot against these flowers.

Giant Goponga Flowers
These are found in Goponga Swamp. Bigger flowers will shoot fireballs towards Link. They can easily be differentiated from the regular Goponga Flowers.

To kill this flower, use BowWow to eat it, or use the L2 Sword, Hookshot, Magic Rod, or Boomerang.

You might recognize these popular enemies from Super Mario Bros. Goombas are basically mushrooms that walk in underground dungeons or passes. All sorts of weapons will defeat Goombas with a single hit. They deal damage of half a heart.

Equip your Roc’s Feather and jump on Goombas to get a Recovery Heart. Although if you do not possess the Roc’s Feather as of yet, jump off a higher platform onto a Goomba.

These are extremely common enemies in the game. Moblins tend to appear in pig and bulldog variations. They can be seen in dungeons and in some regions of Koholint Island.

Pig Warrior Moblins can be found in mountainous or even plain areas like Ukuku Prairie. While Bulldog Moblins can be found in the Mysterious Woods Tal Tal Heights.

Link must fight through many Moblins to save Chain Chomp, who is Madam MeowMeow’s pet, who was previously kidnapped by Moblins from a cave in Tal Tal Heights.

Basically dogs that can be found around Mabe Village. They don’t hurt Link unless he attacks them first. Mutts can be killed if Link sprinkles Magic Powder or uses the Magic Rod.

Octoroks resemble Octopuses from the real-life and they tend to spit rocks. In Link’s Awakening, Octoroks can be seen all over Koholint Island. They spit rocks at Link once they’ve spotted him.

The single attacks by Link’s sword will kill Octoroks. The rocks spat by Octoroks only deal damage worth half a heart.

Winged Octoroks
Octoroks also appear in another form which is called the Winged Octorok. If Link tries to attack them, they jump and start floating in the air for a brief moment.

A single attack from any weapon can kill Winged Octoroks. Ranged weapons like Fire Rod and Bow are very effective against Winged Octoroks.

Link can also use Spin Attack and slice them with his sword once they’re about to land since he will not be able to reach them when they’re floating.

These also resemble some sort of birds, and they’re found in Key Cavern and Turtle Rock. They usually appear in couples.

Pairodds are capable of teleporting themselves whenever Link comes close with them. They tend to fire star projectiles towards Links once they’re done teleporting.

Their attacks are reasonably difficult to avoid and they deal damage worth a whole heart. If Link knows where they’re going to teleport to, he can run or jump towards that position and kill Pairodds before they can escape.

Ranged weapons like the Bow or Magic Rod can also be used against Pairrods. Pegasus Boots will help Link dash towards them quickly before they can teleport.

Piranhas can be found in Link’s Awakening in Angler’s Tunnel and Goponga Swamp and numerous other outlying caves.

They can be seen with their fins out of the water, while they tend to jump out of the water occasionally. Link can attack them when they jump out of the water because during this moment they are considered vulnerable.

Rolling Bones
This enemy will be encountered by Link in Tail Cave. Rolling Bones is also the first mini-boss that Link will have to fight in Link’s Awakening.

Rolling Bones deals damage worth half a heart whenever made contact with, while he deals a damage worth a whole heart whenever Link comes in contact with the Spiked Roller.

In order to defeat Rolling Bones, hit him with the L-1 Sword, about eight times. I advise you to use Roc’s Feather to jump over the rolling log and strike Rolling Bones. Rolling Bones tries to touch you whilst he moves towards the other side of the room.

Sea Urchins
These enemies are found along the beaches in Koholint Island. Link can only take damage from these enemies if he walks on one of these. Sea Urchins do not tend to move, so they’re easy to avoid.

Sea Urchins can die from a single slash of Link’s Sword. To get past Sea Urchins, Link can kill them with his Sword or push them away using his Shield.

Shrouded Stalfos
These can be found in dungeons, and on the overworld as well. In Link’s Awakening, Link is required to defeat a Shrouded Stalfos after a Pols Voice and Keese so that he gets a Small Key.

This is an enemy that behaves similar to Moblins. There are two kinds of Shrouded Stalfos, one of which tends to shoot arrows, while the other one carries a shield and a sword. Shrouded Stalfos can be defeated by a single slash of Link’s Sword.

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