Zelda: Link’s Awakening Color Dungeon Guide – Unlocking the Dungeon, Puzzle Solution

This is the complete guide to finishing the Color Dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening once you play the game on Nintendo Switch.

Whenever we hear the name Color Dungeon in Legend of Zelda, it is a given that it’s going to be tricky and that is true in Link’s Awakening as well. But not to worry as we are here to help you unlock this dungeon and then finish the puzzles that are contained within and at the end, we’ll tell you how you can take care of the boss.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Color Dungeon

First, you have to go to Mabe Village and then to the library in the southwest corner there, which is a big stone building. You need to have the Pegasus Boots equipped for this step. There are bookshelves if you go straight from the entrance.

Now run into those shelves. A bright red book will fall down from the top shelf. Upon picking it up, you will be asked if you want to gain knowledge about the world of color.

Selecting “yes” will make you read the book, providing you with a set of instructions according to the “five gravestones”.

For these five gravestones, you will have to proceed to the cemetery in the east of the Mysterious Forest and north of Ukuku Prairie.

When you get to the cemetery, head to the bottom right corner and you will find the gravestones there. Here exactly you will have to do to get the stones:

  1. You will have to push the right gravestone down
  2. Then push the left one to the left
  3. And the top left gravestone to the right side
  4. And do the same with the top middle gravestone
  5. And then push the top middle one to the right.
  6. Then, in the end, push the upper right one upwards.

This is how they should end up looking:

You will get into the color dungeon once all five gravestones are in the mentioned order. There will be some changes this time as compared to the previous versions of the color dungeon which you will know once you play.

Once you have gotten inside Color Dungeon, this is how you can easily clear the whole thing, including the boss:

When you get to the first room, you have to kill every enemy that rises up from the floor. Turn all the balls blue in the second room. You can accomplish this by hitting the corner ones which will change the color of the rest diagonally.

When you go right from here, ignore the room that has the flying enemy and colored tiles. When you get into the room to the right, hitting enemies will make them curl up and then shoot them to the corresponding holes.

Go up from there and make all the balls turn to the same color which will get you a small key. Then go through the door on the left and defeat all the enemies that cross your path.

When you go through the next door, you will meet the slimy boss. Nice person, but kinda moody. He will turn green and electric, this is the point where you will use the magic powder that you got in the start of the dungeon for 100 rupees.

The magic powder will turn his back to blue and then you can defeat him but striking him with the sword you have, a couple of times. Then go to the left door to get the Nightmare Key.

Then go all the way back to where you threw the curled-up enemies and go through the door that is at the bottom of the screen. Kill the two red and green enemies and go through the door that is on the left.
Use the small key to open the chest present there and then there will appear two flying bomb enemies, kill them and leave through the door at the top. There is a door at the top of this room, ignore the rest and go through it.

Here you will meet Dekudon. You can defeat him by laying bombs at his feet or by hitting him with the magic rod you have. Defend yourself when he hits the ground by jumping so that you don’t get stunned.

The next room will have two flying enemies that you need to defeat. You will find a pressure plate under the vase at the top with which you can open the doors.

Go through the door and defeat all the small Gel enemies you find there to get a chest that will contain a map to the color dungeon.

Now go through the door there again and put the four enemies into their corresponding holes which will get you another small key.

Go back to the room with the pressure plate and then go to the door on the left. Make all the balls the same color which will open a door that leads upwards.

There you will find four green gels that you have to defeat to get through the door that goes left.

Then you have to walk along the blue tiles that are lowered and then there is a switch that you have to hit to raise them. Go back using the same tiles and then head to the top to fight will the final boss.

The Final Boss

It’s time for you to fight the Hardhit Beetle. He is not that hard to fight but looks really scary. It is recommended that you must take arrows or a magic rod if you want to win this fight.

The easiest way to defeat him would be by hitting him with projectiles as much as you can. He will change color on every hit and if it changes back to its original color after you not hitting him for some time then this means all progress is lost.

In the middle of the fight, more than 10 skeletons will drop out from above and you have to kill them using bombs. Do that as quickly as you can and focus on the beetle again.

After defeating him go right and through the doorway to meet the Fairy Queen, who will present you with the choice to either wear red or blue mail. Red will increase your attack power while blue will give Link defense against damage.

This is how you will complete the Color Dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. If we missed anything or if you want us to write about something let us know. Have fun playing!

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