Zelda: Link’s Awakening Bosses Guide – All Bosses, Fighting Tips

This guide contains comprehensive info on all the bosses players will encounter when playing The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

There are multiple boss fights in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s awakening. Each of these fights’ you facing off against bosses with special abilities. Luckily, we would be covering all their attacks and what strategies you should employ to win in this comprehensive guide for Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening Bosses

Below is a list of all the bosses you will encounter when playing the game on Nintendo Switch, with the exception of the final Nightmare boss.

Rolling Bones
He is one of the easier and straight forward bosses’ requiring only your sword and Roc’s feather. His will attacks consist of attacking you with a large spiked pillar, watch out for it and jump to avoid it.

Furthermore, Rolling Bones would make a run for his weapon on the other side of the room, which he would attack you with. Be patient, attack, and you would win this fight.

Moldorm is a green caterpillar that could prove to be daunting. The strategy here is to attack his tail. It is the weak spot and moves continuously.

Be careful of the pits on either side of the battle room. Although it takes only four hits to defeat Moldorm, in case you slip down one of the pits you would have to start all over again.

Take your time to hit the tail as Moldrom’s speed increases and that could scare you into moving recklessly only to fall down a pit.

Greta Moblin
Greta Moblin can prove to be a silly boss at times but also tricky. His attack set consists of charging at you and shooting arrows. He would shoot arrows and then proceed to charge, at which moment just sidestep him.

When he rams into a wall that would make him confused and unable to move. Capitalize on this and attack with your sword. You would need to go in at him a few times before he is defeated.

Cyclops here also known as Hinox, can really put up an exciting battle. The environment can be a bit tricky as many cracked floor tiles surround you and if not careful enough you would just fall through.

More importantly, he would also charge you at times and throw bombs. The best strategy is to dodge his attacks. In case he catches you, he would throw Link. Patience is the key again.

Unless you have full health do not be foolish enough to rush him. Take your time to attack, while retreating occasionally to fend off his attacks.

This fight can stretch out quite a bit. Genie is probably the most offensive target in Legend of Zelda: Link’s awakening and scrolling through his insults would take some time.

Remember to equip your handy sword and power bracelet. After he is done talking, he would attack with a barrage of fireballs, Keep moving until he withdraws into his lamp. Then go all out with your sword do dazzle him.

Proceed with using power bracelet to throw his bottle into the wall. Repeat a couple of time and he would reappear. Use your sword to fight him, although, after each hit, he would create an illusion of himself.

He would then combine back, and throw a fireball. Dodge and attack. Repeat until he is defeated, Roc’s feather might prove to be helpful here as well.

Dodongo Snake
A pair of Dodongos are wandering aimlessly. Just bring along some explosives/bombs and either throw it at them or close in and place it in their mouth. Three bombs per Dodongo does the job.

Slim Eye
This boss fight is quite interesting as far as the strategy goes. When you enter Key Cavern Slim Eyes would taunt you from an elevated place. Here your Pegasus boots come in handy.

Use them to crash into the wall in order to make him fall down. Now use your trusty sword to attack his eye ASAP as he would not be stationary for long.

His one eye would divide into two, slim eyes-es I guess? Anyhow, they would be connected by a thin membrane, ram into it with your Pegasus Boots again.

This would cause him to separate into two enemies. Fight and defeat them with your sword. Once a certain amount of damage is dealt, he would retreat back to the ceiling to drop down on you.

Use the shadows being formed on the floor to dodge him.

This caterpillar guy is quite simple to defeat. He would fly in and out of the quicksand and you just have to hit on his head to defeat him.

That being said, since the battle is in quicksand, moving to the center would suck you in. This would make you start the fight over.

Once the battle is over, watch out for the Angler Key. It would emerge from him and if you are not quick on your toes, it might get sucked down in the center.

Giant Buzz Blob
Since your sword would be ineffective you would have to spread the Magic Powder. This would make him confused and jump around.

In this time land in some hits with your sword before he returns to normal. To put it simply, dust, attack, and repeat is the game plan here.

When the floor tiles are done attacking you, engage in counter-attack and bomb him. Watch out for the holes emerging in the floor and plant a bomb in the center until you get him. It takes about five bomb hits to finish him off.

This guy is quite easy to defeat. He would just fly around and try to throw you off of the tower. However, even if you fall you would not lose any health and go back up and continue.

Use your shield and sword combo. If he comes down attack with the sword and if he tries to gust you off, use the shield to block them. It might take about fifteen hits with a base level sword. The process is to be repeated until you defeat him.

These are all the bosses in Zelda: Link’s Awakening. If you have anything else to add, let us know!