Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Hyrule Castle Dungeon Guide

Complete walkthrough of the Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Hyrule Castle dungeon.

Zelda Link Between Worlds
It’s time to take on the Hyrule Castle, as Princess Zelda seems to be in trouble. The Hyrule Castle is a very simple dungeon that emphasizes more on fighting than exploration and puzzle solving.

Make sure you are packed and ready to fend off plenty of enemies before you enter the dungeon, and also ensure that you have AoE skills (Tornado Rod) to deal with multiple enemies.

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Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Hyrule Castle Walkthrough

This is a very straightforward dungeon, and is more about the enemies you face than environmental complications. Head forward and to the second room, where a Ball and Chamber enemy will be waiting for you.

Use your arrows to hit him till you run out, and then get close, dodge his mace, and attack with your sword. Go through the door on the right once he has been dealt with.

Follow the path south and take out the enemies. Though they take quite a few hits, they are fairly simple as long as you remain aggressive and well-positioned. Go up the stairs and transition to the next level of the dungeon.

This place is filled with enemies! You should use your Tornado ability, and avoid the javelins being thrown at you from above. Continue left up the stairs while taking out the enemies you come in contact with.

Once you get up to the stairs, you’ll witness an inaccessible door on the southern wall. This door will only open once you take out the javelin throwing enemy. Merge on the south wall and go east till you reach the platform with the javelin thrower. Take him out, and then drop down and go through the now-open door.

Head through the simple hallway. When you are about to reach the door, it will seal, and the two statues neighboring it will come alive. Take them out, and more will come alive. Take out all the statues, and then head through the door to the balcony.

Go left, and then merge on the wall to grab the rupees and health hearts. Then go up the stairs on the left and through the doorway.

It’s time to confront Yuga again. That silly maniac never learns, and now he’s made things really personal by messing with our lovely princess, which the game is named on. He’ll leave you with a few enemies. Use the tornado ability to stun them, and then take them out one by one.

Once they are dealt with, go through the door in the north to transition to the next level of the dungeon. There will be an enemy immediately to your left. Take it out, and then head south to take the other enemy out.

There will be bomb throwers on the right and left balconies of the area. It’s best to ignore them until you’ve taken out all the enemies. Go south to get out the place for a short while, and then head left and through the doorway to get back, but slightly to the west of the area.

Take out the enemies, while ignoring the bomb thrower (yet avoiding his bombs), and move north and transition through the stairway to the next level. Avoid the archers here and defeat the remaining enemies in your path to the east, and then to the south.

Go through the doorway here to get on the outside area of the castle. Take out the enemy, and then merge on the walls to collect the hearts and rupees.

Move up and through the doorway, and then transition to the next level from the staircase. Continue south, and then go up the stairs and in through the large doorway.

It’s time to face Yuga in a battle. The maniac has changed little from before. He has clones of himself into three copies that will shoot out vertical lightning bolts from wherever they unmerge.

One of the clones is real, while the other are fake; you can identify the real one, because his staff has a glow to it. The fake ones will turn into enemies when hit, and hitting the fake one will also trigger the lightning bolt attack or a fire attack on the walls.

When you actually hit the real Yuga, make sure to couple it with some additional arrows shots. After he merges back, make sure to follow the real Yuga’s merge on the wall, so you can reach to him easily. However, ensure that you don’t get hit by his powerful lightning strikes, which are probably the only threat of this battle.

Once you defeat him, following him through the revealed pathway to end the dungeon.

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