Your Steam Account Library Will Not Be Transferred To A Loved One When You Die Even If It Is Mentioned In Your Will

If you ever wondered what would happen to your Steam Account Library if you died then here is what you need to know about the concern.

If you are a gamer then over the years you have added plenty of games to your Steam account library. Even if you only buy the majority of games from Steam sales, chances are that your Steam account library is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If that is the case it has financial value as well as sentimental value.

Having that said it is logical to think that you should be able to give this collection to a loved one or a friend in case you pass away. That is not the case according to Steam rules and even if you include this in your will it does not matter. This means that if you die the agreement with Valve dies with you.

You could give your password to someone else without Valve knowing but that will be considered a legal offense according to the agreement that you have with Valve. Most of us never actually read the terms and conditions that we agree to and you should check out the one concerning your Steam account library below:

“Your Account, including any information pertaining to it (e.g.: contact information, billing information, Account history and Subscriptions, etc.), is strictly personal. You may therefore not sell or charge others for the right to use your Account, or otherwise transfer your Account, nor may you sell, charge others for the right to use, or transfer any Subscriptions other than if and as expressly permitted by this Agreement (including any Subscription Terms or Rules of Use) or as otherwise specifically permitted by Valve.”

Needless to say, your Steam account library is important to you and you would rather want to pass it on to someone that is going to use it after you instead of having it sit there with no one to play all those games. You did pay for those games with your hard earned money at the end of the day.

There needs to be some kind of change here. If users are just going to pass on their passwords then the rule is pretty much useless. Valve needs to set things straight but this is not as easy as it may seem. Valve is the middle-man here and in order to pull this off the company will need to negotiate with the developers and publishers of the games.

It is safe to assume that this is going to be a long and hard process even if Valve wants to pull it off in the first place. Also, be sure to check out our Steam hardware survey analysis for September 2017.

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