BioWare Explains How Anthem Is Different From Destiny

Ever since the announcement of Anthem and its gameplay reveal, comparisons have been made with Destiny. Both games belong to the same genre and BioWare’s believes fans like to match patterns. However, Anthem is a very different game.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, game’s director Jonathan Warner discussion his views about comparisons with Destiny. He remained indifferent to the fact that Anthem is being compared with Destiny, according to him, it isn’t something that bothers him.

It doesn’t upset me. I think people like to pattern match, and this genre of games is relatively new, so people are going to make those comparisons as they try to understand what it is and what it isn’t. For me, the comparison starts to fall apart really rapidly. The amount of verticality that we have in the game, that agency and freedom that we give you not locking you to one class, allowing you to choose what Javelin you want to take out at any given time, really starts to make it feel different and special. When you have your hands on the controller and you leap up into the air and start flying freely in the environment for the first time, I think that’s when most people kind of get it.

Then beyond that, bringing our storytelling. What we call “our world, my story,” is the place where we’re allowing you to engage the story at a pace that you find comfortable, to be able to make decisions that alter things inside of your narrative space while allowing us to still share a big open world. I think that’s where really the sharp differentiators lie.

Anthem is close to two months away from release. Players will get to experience Anthem for themselves this February on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. The is coming to EA Access as well as Origin Premier. Pre-orders for the new video game are live across the globe. The game recently ended its alpha stage on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. But if you weren’t able to access the alpha, EA will release an Anthem demo in before release.

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