Your First Look at Beyond Good and Evil 2 Cyclopius Unit

One of the enemy types in Beyond Good and Evil 2 are the Cyclopius Unit. The artwork for the new models has been revealed by the Michel Ancel, Ubisoft’s art director. They look pretty good and much intimidating compared to the originals.

For those who don’t know or have a bad memory, Cyclopius Unit M39 appeared in the first game over a decade ago. It was one of the enemy types Jade faced in Beyond Good and Evil. They shoot concentrated laser attacks to deal a significant amount of damage.

They are hard to beat due to immunity from normal attacks, instead, the player must use a Dai-Jo to damage its sensor before knocking it into an electrical barrier. However, electrical barriers were used in the first game to defeat these enemies but the case could be different in Beyond Good and Evil 2.

The general public is safe from the Cyclopius Unit but those who live outside the system should fear this robot. Those played the first game would know the basic premise. The world of Beyond Good and Evil 2 is full of clones with pre-determined roles but some choose to defy the system and create their own path. This leads to witch hunt where Govt resources to stop these rogue clones, know in the game world has pirates.

You will get to experience the game first hand by the end of next year. Beyond Good and Evil 2 beta is confirmed so expect it sometime during late 2019.

The game is a long way off from release so do not expect a release date anytime soon.

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