You Won’t Be Able To Customize Deacon in Days Gone

Days Gone is one among the big four that are going to be discussed at E3 2018. Fans are aware that the game has been in development for over five years but now Sony and Bend Studio have started to roll out basic details and the latest comes out by the creative director, John Garvin.

He revealed that the lead character, Deacon, won’t be customizable. So among various elements that are expected in this upcoming title, this one should be put aside.

In a recent interview, when asked whether the players will be able to customize the appearance of the main character. He instantly replied with a “no,” adding that the appearance will change over time as the game progresses but the basic appearance will remain pretty much the same.

In the same interview, the creative director also shared his views on fans comparing Days Gone with the Last of Us. To which he added that both the games are third-person action adventure games where you get to kill creatures, there is no other similarity.

Having said that, there will certainly be a lot of other customizations that the players will be able to do, like Motorcycle upgrades, paint job, exhaust, handling, speed boosts and much more.

Be that as it may, the bigger concern of the fans regarding this game is its release date. While most of the fans have their bets that it might roll out sometime in 2019, there are others who believe its releases to be as late as 2020. The creative director also revealed that the Days Gone will roll out before The Last Of Us 2 releases. Still, that does not give away the exact release date.

Hopefully, we will be seeing more release dates soon enough.

Source: Gameinformer