Do Not Compare Days Gone With The Last Of Us, Creative Director Says

In development for over five years, Days Gone has stirred a lot of hype. While the developers at Sony Bend Studio didn’t reveal much over the years about the game, now it seems like things are taking a different path.

In a recent interview, the creative director of Days Gone, John Garvin, has revealed that the game’s golden path will take a player about 30 hours to complete. Following the completion of the story, there will be more gameplay content available as well. Moreover, players should not compare this game to The Last of Us as it is a very different experience.

Furthermore, the story is split into several chapters and as the players progress from one chapter to another, the source of the global infection will also be revealed.

Having said that, Garvin was pretty upset with the word “zombie” being used for the creatures. He added that the creatures in the game are not referred to as zombies but rather,”freakers”. The game will also feature, playable flashbacks, as well as boss fights.

Interestingly, Days Gone will feature large metropolitan areas, with a population of about 800, which shall appear throughout the game.

Now when Garvin was asked to share his thoughts on Days Gone being compared with The Last Of Us he was not too happy. He said that the two games are similar only in the fact that both are third-person action adventure games where you get to kill creatures.

Moreover, there will also be a lot of customization which the players will be able to do like Motorcycle upgrades, paint job, exhaust, handling, speed boosts etc.

Apart from what Garvin has shared, recently a developer at Sony Bend Studio revealed that the game will have multiple endings depending on the player choice.

So one thing is for sure, this game is certainly not about finding a cure but rather about survival. We can also deduce that from the trailer of the game. So are you excited for the game? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

Days Gone is scheduled to roll out sometime in 2019 exclusively for PS4.

Source: Gameinformer