You Will Now See More Nazi Symbols In Video Games

Germany has officially allowed the use of Nazi symbols in video games only if they represent history, scientific or artistic purposes.

Germany has finally allowed computer and video games to include Nazi symbols. Video games featuring such symbols will not be censored in Germany after new regulations.

Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body (USK) recently revealed that games which included banned symbols such as swastika can now to be given a rating in the country only if those symbols are considered socially adequate.

This means that these symbols should be used for historical accuracy, scientific or artistic purposes.

This decision now puts gaming equal to movies and other work of art in Germany which were already allowed to use Nazi symbols when used for the accurate representation of Germany.

The topic came to the limelight once again after the release of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. The game shows an alternate story which features an aging Hitler. Due to the ban developers had to replace Nazi symbols with triangular symbols and removed Hitler’s mustache he was known for.

Director of the German Games Industry Association, Felix Falk was very happy with the decision. He said:

“Computer and video games have been recognised as a cultural medium for many years now, and this latest decision consistently cements that recognition in terms of the use of unconstitutional symbols as well.

We in the games industry are concerned about the tendencies we see towards racism, antisemitism and discrimination.”

This is a great news for the fans of Wolfenstein 2 and its developers. Many things of Wolfenstein 2 were changed due to these restrictions but since Wolfenstein 2 is alternate history, it still can’t add Nazi Symbols or Hitler. This law means a lesser headache for the developers while creating video games based on history.

You should definitely play Wolfenstein 2 to witness how they have represented Nazi symbols in the game along with aging Hitler and trust me it’s one of the best games you’ll ever play.

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