Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Sprite Locations Guide

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Sprite Locations Guide to help you find all the Sprites in the game to clear the murk.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Sprite Locations Guide will help you track down and collect all the Sprites in the game. Sprites play an important role in the world of Yonder; They help you clear the Murk and also grant you access to new and exciting areas.

These Sprites are very well hidden but with the help of this guide, you will find all the Sprites very easily and add them to your collection.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Sprite Locations

Don’t forget that some of these Sprites can only be unlocked after completing a specific set of objectives. So, keep on playing the game if you are unable to find a Sprite and after completing some objectives you might unlock it later. There are a total of 26 Sprites in the game.

Grasslands Sprites

Lumie Sprite
In Yonder, the Lumie Sprite is the first one you’re introduced to and as such, you’re guaranteed to collect it. If for whatever reason you were unable to, the Lumie Sprite is located near a shining altar of stone right before the area where you learn to clear Murk.

Lock Sprite
The Lock Sprite can be found relatively early in the game. Start the quest chain “Seeking Help in Fairmont” at the beginning. As you continue through the various quests you will eventually reconstruct the East Docks. Once you do, search the shining blue crate on the boat to unlock Lock Sprite.

Grumble Sprite
To track down the Grumble Sprite, you’ll need to get access to the farm by completing the “Seeking Help in Fairmont” quest line. After that, you’ll need to complete the “A Large Animal Pen and Befriend a Groffle” farm quests. With those complete, head out the door to the main farm building and search through the area with stacks of grass. There, you’ll find the Grumble Sprite.


Curio Sprite
To find the Curio Sprite, you’ll need to head to the waterfall with a broken shrine on top. Once the shrine is repaired, the Curio Sprite will be unlockable.

Smudge Sprite
You will find the Smudge Sprite in the west of Fairmount and northwest of the South Field Farm. Basically, the Sprite is in Grasslands, while it is mostly thought to be in Sunderwind Wilds which is a wrong perception.

Dapplewood Forest

Romp Sprite
To find the Romp Sprite in Yonder, you’ll need to locate the man near the river in Dapplewood Forest. After speaking with him, he’ll give you a quest to find 5 Dip Fish. Return to him with the Dip Fish and he’ll turn into the Romp Sprite.

Glow Sprite
While you’re in Dapplewood Forest, you’ll encounter a girl sitting underneath a tree. Speak with her and she’ll give you a quest to find a raincoat. Return to her with the raincoat to unlock the Glow Sprite.

Sap Sprite
To unlock the Sap Sprite, you’ll need to repair the broken shrine in Dapplewood Forest. By repairing the shrine, you’ll be able to find the Sap Sprite.

Sunderwind Wilds

Kit Sprite
In Yonder, the Kit Sprite can be found in the area with 3 large fox statues. To collect the Kit Sprite, simply turn all 3 statues inward until they’re all facing the center of the circle.

Gable Sprite
To find the Gable Sprite, head to Lumbercamp. Next, climb the stairs up to the top of the house and interact with the blue light. In doing so, you’ll be able to unlock the Gable Sprite.

Smudge Sprite
You can find the Smudge Sprite near the area where you found the Gable Sprite. To unlock the Smudge Sprite, simply head up the stairs and you’ll spot the Smudge Sprite sitting inside the chimney.

Crestfall Coast Sprites

Cub Sprite
To find the Cub Sprite in Yonder, you’ll need to head towards Crestfall Coast. There, you’ll find 3 bear statues similar to the ones you turned in order to unlock the Kit Sprite. Here, you’ll want to turn the 2 smaller statues to face the largest statue. This will cause the statue to rise from the ground, revealing the Cub Sprite.

Pitcher Sprite
The Pitcher Sprite can be found in Mocha Bay. There, you’ll need to head into the kitchen and interact with a large saucepan. In doing so, you’ll be able to unlock the Pitcher Sprite.

Pouch Sprite
To unlock the Pouch Sprite, head towards the coast and interact with a lady with information on Festival Juice. This will open the “Juiced in Time” quest. Before you can complete this quest, you’ll need to complete the “Chef’s Guild” questline first. With both quests complete, the juice lady will transform into the Pouch Sprite.

Hearthwind Vale Sprites

Whiffy Sprite
In Yonder, you can unlock the Whiffy Sprite by heading towards Farty Fen bog. There, you’ll need to complete the “Farty Fen Bog” quest by gathering 8 Moonsilk Flowers and 8 Sunderwind Wilds. In doing so, you’ll unlock the Whiffy Sprite.

Crescent Sprite
To unlock the Crescent Sprite, head towards Bobbintoff. Right before you reach Bobbintoff you’ll encounter a stone archway. Atop the archway is the Crescent Sprite.

Bolt Sprite
Once you reach Bobbintoff, head inside and interact with the racks near some needle and thread to unlock the Bolt Sprite.

Woodrow Sprite
To unlock the Woodrow Sprite, you’ll need to be on the “Find the Moth Sanctuary” quest. Additionally, you’ll need to have unlocked 9 Sprites prior to heading off to find the Woodrow Sprite. With these conditions met, simply complete all of Woodrow’s quests to unlock the Woodrow Sprite.

Fright Sprite
Similar to other statue Sprites, the Fright Sprite can be found near 2 large statues in Heartwind Vale. The statue towards the north needs to face northwest, and the statue to the south needs to face the southwest. By moving these statues into their proper positions, you’ll unlock the Fright Sprite.

Radiant Sands

Shades Sprite
To unlock the Shades Sprite in Yonder, head towards the Radiant Sands Shrine. There, you’ll need to have previously unlocked 6 Sprites to clear the Murk. Additionally, you’ll need 3 Sunglasses to repair the shrine. Once the shrine is repaired, you’ll unlock the Shades Sprite.

Shore Sprite
Head north towards the shore. There, you’ll spot various rocks leading out to sea. Among these rocks is a rock you can smash with your hammer (lighter than the others). Smash it to unlock the Shore Sprite.

Numino Peak

Fennec Sprite
You can find the Fennec Sprite to the northeast of Numino Peak.

Cete Sprite
To locate the Cete Sprite, follow the path leading away from the Fennec Sprite. There, you’ll find a broken house and a tree. Head towards the tree and you’ll spot the Cete Sprite.

Mian Sprite
The Mian Sprite can be collected after you reach the top of Numino Peak. First, head into town and make sure you’re on the “Search for Celestial Ore” quest. With the quest active, you’ll spot a large door leading into the caverns. Inside the caverns, you’ll spot the Mian Sprite perched atop a red rock.

Shivering Plains

Vellum Sprite
The Vellum Sprite can be found hiding behind an old lady in Shivering Plains – the one who gives you the quest to grow a beard.

Spike Sprite
To unlock the Spike Sprite, make sure you’ve completed the “Finding Arcadia” quest. With that complete, head into Arcadia and you’ll be able to collect the Spike Sprite.

Drake Sprite
You will find the Drake Sprite on top of the Inglenook village. The only way to get there is to come from the southeast side and then open the chest that is lying on the top. Drake Sprite is inside.

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