Yo-Kai Watch Developer Would Love to Bring Games to NX

Yo-Kai Watch developer is interested in bringing its games to Wii U and Nintendo NX.

Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino wouldn’t mind releasing Yo-Kai games on Nintendo Wii U and NX. The developer recently spoke in an Interview and expressed his views regarding Level-5 Games on Nintendo consoles.

Hino further said that he wants as many kids as possible to play Level-5 games. Since Pokemon and Yo-Kai Watch are such similar games, it makes you wonder whether or not both titles can co-exist on Nintendo consoles.

According to Hino, this isn’t an issue as he believes both games can indeed co-exist.

Nintendo will reveal its NX gaming platform in 2016 and hopes are that it won’t suffer the same faith as Wii U. Developer support is essential and to get that Nintendo has to convince third party publishers that the company and its platforms have grown.

Otherwise, NX will just be Wii U 2.0.

Whatever happens, at least we know that Level-5 is interested in bringing games to Nintendo consoles. Hopefully, other developers will feel the same after NX is revealed.

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