Yakuza: Like a Dragon Survival Can Collection Guide

This Yakuza: Like a Dragon Survival Can Collection guide will cover everything related to this minigame, including how to best play it.

Survival Can Collection is a can collecting minigame you can unlock during chapter 3 of Yakuza Like a Dragon. This Yakuza: Like a Dragon Survival Can Collection guide will cover everything related to this minigame, including how to best play it and all the rewards one can earn.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Survival Can Collection

To start Survival Can collection, get to Can-San who you will find to the South of the homeless area in the parking lot. Talk to him to play the minigame.

When it starts, drive the special bike around the area to collect as many cans as possible.

You will also be getting eco points, which can be used to purchase various items from Can-San’s shop.

You will have three courses to select from while playing this game.

Playing the game will increase your kindness stats and successfully completing all three courses will unlock the “Full-Fledged Homeless” trophy.

Here are how the courses, their ranks and Survival Can rewards work:

Difficulty Beginner’s Medium High
To Clear 50 Cans 200 Cans 300 Cans
Clear Bonus Multiplier
Rank A 50 x2 cans 200 x4 cans 300 x5 cans
Rank B 100 x2 cans 300 x6 cans 400 x8 cans
Rank C 200 x6 cans 400 x8 cans 500 x10 cans
Rank S 300 x10 cans 500 x12 cans 700 x15 cans

Now in order to proceed with the Can Collection, you also need to know about boost items. Boost items help a lot in the game as they can be used to speed up.

By speeding up, not only can you escape enemies, but you can also collect more cans in lesser time.

However, there is only one limitation to it and it is that you can only carry one boost item at a time.

It means that you will have to utilize/use the previously acquired boost item before you grab another.

Hence, keep using boost items instead of conserving them because you can’t stock them up and then use altogether.

Another thing to keep in mind is the strategy of dealing with enemy encounters.

When you come across enemies, who will appear by a red marker on the map, use your Boost items to crash them and then steal their cans.

However, if you do not possess any boost item at the moment, steer clear of them else you might lose your cans.

You should also stay vigilant for garbage trucks as they come out of nowhere and hit you in such a way that you lose some of your cans.

Red Explosive Barrels also come under the same category since their explosion near you knocks you down and lose you some cans.

The Last and the most important point, “Keep looking for the green marker on the map.”

The green marker represents the Littering Girl, who will randomly appear running around and dropping cans behind her.

Once you have collected as many cans as you can, return to the starting area to finish the round.