Yakuza: Like a Dragon Final Millennium Tower Walkthrough

To help out with the dungeon, we prepared this Yakuza: Like a Dragon Final Millennium Tower Walkthrough for efficient completion.

Final Millennium Tower is one of many extra missions of the dungeon series that you will get after you are done with the main storyline in Yakuza Like a Dragon. To help out with this dungeon, we prepared this Yakuza: Like a Dragon Final Millennium Tower Walkthrough.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Final Millennium Tower

To get to this Final Millennium Tower dungeon, first complete the main story and then go to the Millennium Tower, which is in the Kamurocho area.

When you reach the tower, you will see the dungeon entrance marked as a red sword cross.

This dungeon will have a total of 8 floors, and you will have to clear all the floors, reach the top floor and kill the boss on the top floor to complete it.

Keep in mind that you cannot get any retry for this mission, so be prepared.

When you think you are ready for this challenge, go ahead and enter the tower dungeon.

Ground Floor
At the start of the dungeon, on the ground floor, you will face Chinatsu-Kun in the main lobby and then go to the elevator where you will get 3 options.

You can either stay there, or you can leave the tower and you can further move to the 1st floor. Select the option ‘Move Forward’ to continue your journey.

First Floor
You will get to the first floor of the dungeon tower and here you will face a Dragon in the room towards the north and also a Mister Six and a Death Slugger in the main path.

Then there will be a Scar Face in the other room along with a Chinese Mafia Boss.

The last fight of the floor will be with a level 70 Saejima Taiga. Make sure to pick anything else you see along the way and after every fight.

When you are done on this floor, move to the elevator and it will again give you three options, select the move forward option to get to the second floor.

Second Floor
Right at the start of the second floor, you will face a Master Chef and the Flasher. In the office, you will face Death Clown and a Loan Shark.

Keep looking for materials to pick up in each room as you move forward.

There will be a Scarred Yakuza and an Undertaker on the western side and the room ahead will have two No Names and a Waling Armed Warrior.

Now go to the elevator and it will be the same process to get to the next floor.

Third Floor
At the start of the level, you will face a Banquet God and a Disco Emperor. Go to the next room and fight Clever Hermits and Devilish Edison.

Use knife and fist attacks to get rid of both of them easily.

The last fight on the floor will be with level 75 Majima Goro. Look out for all the pick ups and go to the elevator for the next floor.

Fourth Floor
This will be the longest floor to cover for you on this dungeon challenge. First, you will face two Antique Sandwich Men and one Doctor Black.

Use the electric attacks against all of them to get rid of them easily. You can also use Ichiban’s Ultimate Satellite Laser Technique.

Go to the south side of the floor and you will face Hippy King, Raid Commander and Death Spike.

Fist techniques will be your ultimate trick in facing all three of these. At the end of the floor, you will face the champion of level 69 and Ghillie Man of level 68.

Once you are done with them, make sure to look for pickups and then use the elevator to go further up.

Fifth Floor
As you go out of the elevator, you will face King Health at level 70 and Needle Razor at level 69.

Use poison attack against King Health and then face Thought form in the shape of Tendou at level 80.

Use the Ultimate Satellite Laser attack against it and get the pickups and move to the elevator.

Sixth Floor
When you reach this floor, make sure to put up a recovery spot and also get Saeko and Eri on your team.

After getting ready, go to the hallway and face the thought form in the shape of Kiryu at level 80.

It can be a tough fight, but now you can use the recovery point to your advantage.

This is the only fight on this floor and when you are done, get the pickup items and go to the elevator to get to the top floor to face the Manager.

Top Floor
On the top floor, you will face the Manager right away. He will be at level 80 and will have a burn, stun, and fear effect.

You can also use money on delivery to help to get you through the fight.

When you defeat the Manager, you will get the trophy “Dream Achieved.”

This is basically the end of the dungeon of the Final Millennium Tower in Yakuza: Like a Dragon.