Yakuza: Like a Dragon Chapter 8 The Other Side Walkthrough

This Yakuza Like a Dragon Chapter 8 The Other Side Walkthrough has all the info you need to know to complete this chapter. So, let’s get into it.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Chapter 8 The Other Side

Talk to Joon-gi Han
Once the cutscene has ended, talk to Han Joon-gi and choose the option, “Where is Namba?” to learn where Namba’s gone.

Then head to the northwest side of Yokohama towards the objective marker and confront the Geomijul member there.

Having dealt with the enemies, head inside the building, take the elevator. You’ll meet Ogasawara there, who is the current representative of Bleach Japan.

Mabuchi will also make an appearance here and you must deal with his four goons before you have a boss battle with him.

Mabuchi, Boss Battle
The goons are not quite tough, and you’ll get through them swiftly. For Mabuchi, he is weak to poison and ice.

Once you’re halfway through the battle, his aura will change, making his attacks deal more damage; other than that, there is no major change.

After being defeated, Mabuchi throws the blame for Nonomiya on Ogasawara.

He also claims that Ogasawara has someone big backing him, the Omi Alliance. And tomorrow, their soldiers march on Yokohama.

At the office
After the cutscene, head into the next room and examine the wall. Ichiban will find a picture of Aoki Ryo and then you actually meet Aoki Ryo.

He gets a phone call from Ogasawara, who agrees to send any extra Omi Alliance members over to Yokohama. This will mark the completion of Yakuza: Like a Dragon Chapter 8.

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