Yakuza: Like a Dragon Chapter 7 Spider’s Nest Walkthrough

This guide will help you get through Chapter 7: Spider’s Nest of Yakuza: Like a Dragon and help you find all the hidden items.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is the latest entry in the beloved Yakuza series. This time, Yakuza has Turn-Based gameplay that brings a refreshing turn to the action game we all love. This guide will help you get through Chapter 7: Spider’s Nest mission of Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Chapter 7 Spider’s Nest

The chapter starts with you meeting Zhao Tianyou, who is the leader of Yokohama Liumang Chinese Mafia.

He will ask you to gather evidence that Geomijul killed Mabuchi, proving that they betrayed Tianyou.

After these interactions, it is recommended to go and complete all your side stories. Once ready, head to the objective marker.

From here, you are to follow a pretty lady with pink hair. As soon as you regain control, talk to the woman and choose the first dialogue option to continue.

Again, follow her, but she’ll lead you into an ambush. The enemies that you’ll face here are weak against fire so use Ichiban’s Mega Swing as your best option.

A quick cutscene after this fight, followed by another battle.

Once both fights are done, head up the stairs and enter through the doors. Another group is waiting to attack you here. Deal with them.

Keep going up and get to the next landing. Head across the makeshift bridge and get to the other side.

At the top, a camera will turn to the other building. From here, you are to drop down onto the cables and make your way across on them.

Head to the objective marker and here you have 3 minutes to spot all the Geomujil members. All of the members are here, in the clockwise direction

1 The first guy can be spotted in a window
2 The second guy can be spotted on top of the wire barrels.
3 The third guy is also in a window, just to the left of the second guy.
4 One of them is standing below, in the direction where you came from.
5 The fifth guy is standing on the upper ledge of the opposite building.
6 The last guy is harder to spot as he is camouflaging. He can be spotted behind the fire barrel.

Climb over the barrels and head upstairs. Here you will have another fight. Once done, keep going up all the way to the roof.

Go across the roof to the other side and drop down. Back outside, take the stairs to get to the door and initiate a dialogue. Choose the second option to proceed.

Here, you will come face to face with Han Joo-gi. He will take you into a room, where the pretty lady with pink hair appears and reveals herself to be Seong-Hui, the leader of Geomijul.

After a long cutscene, you engage in battle with Han Joo-Gi. He is weak to poison, so summon Nancy the Crayfish to help you.

Once you are done with him, he will run away and three other groups will ambush you in succession. Also, Namba will be removed from the party for these three fights.

When you are finally finished, go to the homeless area and then to China Town.

After a scene, you’ll get the Story Clear 7 trophy, marking the end of chapter 7.


The following items can be collected through Chapter 7 Spider’s Nest.

  • Before talking to the pink haired lady, open a silver safe to her east for a Durable Cutter Knife.
  • After the first two fights, get a Healthy Mushroom on the eastern wall.
  • South of the mushroom, you can get a Staminan X.
  • In the hallway from the fight, pick up Throwing Knife.
  • At the dead end on the south, you’ll find a Make-up Pouch.
  • As you head up, you will find Healthy Fruit on a rack.
  • After fighting the group here, pick up Toughness Z and Hand Grenade.
  • In the same room, get s Metal Shin Guard from the safe.
  • On the landing upstairs, you can get a Guardian Water in the dead end hallway.
  • Up on the roof, you’ll find a Sapphire and a Hand Grenade.
  • Just before getting to where you spot Geomujil’s men, pick up a Super Hot Hotdog and a Toughness Z.
  • Once done with spotting, get a First Aid Kit near the banister.
  • The safe in the southeast corner has a Steel Hammer.
  • After the fight, look in the safes to get a Pirate’s Hat and a Protector.
  • On the roof, you can get a Bulletproof Shield and Tungsten.

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